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20fi Main street up staii^ BniFak ;. 

H p«nphl«ta, Cardi, Trip Shorti aad Tlck«^ 



(ifice 3tl 3fctrt streeit Buffalo^ 

Havtf had m^iiy j^ears experience in the pmcti^ of 
DENTISTRY, and their present arrangements are 
sud|i «s will edable them to devote their whole time to 
tfafiir profesnonal duties. Every operation entrusted to 
their skill will receive tlie flK>st careful attention^ from 
ei{hef or both of the partners^ as n^ay be d^red, — 
Their facilities for inserting Artifici<4^ Teeth, from a 
single one to an entire set are peculiar, as they not 
diily manufacture the most t>eautiful Pji^lain Teeth 
thenaelves, hxt keep from eight to teflPihoifsand of 
Stockton's improved Porcelain Teeth, embracing every 
variety of size, shape, color, &c. 

They also haere some improvements of their own in 
the method o^toplyin^ the principle pf atmospheric 
pressure, whefflP" whola sets of teeth can be retained 
in pku^with tHe greatest fkcility. • < 

Operatk>ns for travellers, dr. persons residing out of 
the city, Will be p^rfoiyned wkh as little delay as pos- 

For the benefit ^ strangers, they are permftt^ to 
refer to the following gentlemen: 

Gen. Peter B. Porter, Niagara Falls. 

Hon. Albert H. Tracy, Rev. Mr. Hosmer, 

H. B. Potter, Es^. Rev. Dr. Mfelton, 

Hon. Millard Fillmore, 

Dr. Bryant Burwell, 

Dr. £. Johnso%9 ^ 

t)r. Scott, . ^ 

Dr. Flint, ^''' -' * 

Rev. Mr. Granger. \^' W. Clinton, Mayor, 

Chas. Townsend, %Bq. JR. F. Pratt, Esq. 

Lewis Etiton, Esq. ^T. X Hatch, Esq, 

Stephen Champiin, U> S. Nkvy, 

ibv. A. T. Hopkins^ • Gea Coit, Esq. 


Col. Blossom, 
Rrf Bi Heacock, Esq. 
Hi R. Seymour, Esq. 
JosepR Claiy, Esq. 
Dr. Foibte, 







HATIIf Wi^t'it U-T^l JMPftQVED 

Manufactured, and sold whol sale and retell only bj- 

T. J. DUDLE.Y, , 

NumAr 107 Main stceet, Bafl^o. 


GRAVE STON£g, &c. &c. 
Constantly on hand| and ma^EfW order^ on ^tirt notice. 
At 263 Main' street, Buffalo. , 



TT'8 VATii 

agricultiiriIt's stove and cadlbron. 

^ (6 tizet,from i bbl to 4 hhU.) 


• • T.' J. DUDLEY, 

Number 101 Main street, Buffalo, N. V. 

This article was constructed in consequence of a 
' suggestion f«om the Ameiican Institute, that a simple, 
portable, and low priced Furnace was much wanted by 
Fanners, for boiling or steaming food, preparing maple 
or beet root sugar, and fdr many mechanical purposes. 
U is so formal that a space from one to two inches is 
left between the boiler and the casing that surrounds it, 
causing the heat in its passa^ to the pi^ to encircle 
all parts of the boiler, even to its upper edge. 

Q^ The American Institute awarded a Sflver Medal 
At their late Fair. Also a Premium at the Stale and 
County Pair. _ 4 

'< ■-. 






No, 332 Afain «treM, ^uf «Jairs, J 


N. B. Particular Mention paid to Cat4 Printing. 


And Meaturer of Carpenter and Joiner^t Work. 

Hoitu, AlCbcLnu'street, 3d door south of Seneca street 

Offioo. nt Jm. H. (arafaam'a, Esq. Ten«ce 

Bu3ding>, 3uffitlo. 



Home, Sign, Skip and Steanflioat 



Directly opposite the Banit)^ H0119; of H*. R. ^y- 
mour & Co. ' ' 

^ flirDiahed at sliort notice. All Jtinde of 

WOOD, marble; and ORANITE; 

Accurately imikted 
• 1* 



tn the Post-Office builfting, corner of 8en§ca and 

Wnshingion streets, 

* — • 

Keeps constantly for sale th^ earliest copies of all 
the most popular MAGAZINES and NEV^SPAPERS 
of the day — ttmoiig which may be found the 


Hunt's Merchants' Magazine, 

Graham's Magazine, 

Godey's Lady's Book, .- 

Xiacjies' Companion, - 

Boston Miscellany, 

Lady's Musical Library, - 

Young People's Book, - 

Robert Merty's Museum, .- 
. Parley's Magazine, 
And numerous otho^ Magazines and Bcipers are fur* 
nished by .this Agency at Ae subfcription rates, thus 
affording subscribers an opportunity to save the entire 

All subscriptions will be required strictly in advampe, 
in ourieod moneyr 

The above ^fp also sold by the lingle copy, 


Commissioner to take Acknowledgment of Deeds and 
Mortgages for the States of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, 
Indiana, ^assacdamsetts, donnecticut, &c. 

OFFICE, west corner basement Terrace Market 

85 00 per 


5 00 " 


3 00 " 


3- 00 " 


3 00 " 


. 3 00 " 


3 00 " 


2 00 " 


1' 00 '" 


I 00 " 

• 9i 


206 Main at oter Measra. Feck's llookstore, 





Number 269 Main street, opposite the Churches, 


StiU continues to manufacttire all iiinda of 

which be will aelt either at wholesale or retail, at pricem 
to suit the times. 


Put up in boxes of from 26 to 100 pounds. 

Gronnd Pepper, AUepioe, 

Constantly on bwid. 

• BrtrtMJwII 1S36. 

Tiu!. undersignad, having entirely recovered his 
|i(.'ultl>. will now ucv.ite )»■ atlentia) » 1 t 

L CollEclini Daaiis aEiil his, ieieai tf Mding^ Fqiig dT Tub 

ft aij issGEsments, Miiiniiig ifik ai)d Ik Tiaes, 

I And all busioesG requiting dta atteatioa of na Agent. 

L will lie oltcnded to with piamptaeGa uid fidriity. 

W His chaigcB will, in Bll*ca9es, be as modende u will 

ft ineel the approbation of hB (irieiKis and fonner'patroDs. 


^^^^k 232 Main street, BuffiOo. 

w -^ — 


Doct. C. 0. Haddock, Post Master, Bu^o, 
Hon. F. P. Stevens, Judge Erie co. " 
Henry W. Rogers, Esq. District Att'y " 
N. P. Sprague, Esq. County CfeA, " 
Harry Slade, ) . 

Selah Barnard, V Justices of the Peace, BufiUo, 
C. H. De Forest, ) 

OociOfs Hayes & Harvey, " 

^' C C. Bristol, Droggist, • " 

G. Steele, Esq. " 

WeUs, U ^meroy di Go's Expnsa. 
P. BaikeiV .Wbany. 

wt - 








OF hCe 



On the Itt of JTmie, 



Who steal! my pane steali trub— 
But he who kwMMrit Directory, fliehie me 
oit vinainously." ^ ^ ^ 




•^ ^..-i 

Si>\\ Y-% ^-w 


Entopd according to an Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight 
hundred and forty-two, by 


in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Northern District of Neir- 
York, at Auburn. 

i^i% '•• 

'« «<i*kf, 

n\V W-i "^-l ^\^\<, "^/^ 

,. •.•• *■ 

\t"^ •'^^ "'<V A ^^^ %^ ^ I A \ 




In presenting this edition of the Buffalo Ci'W 
Di&ECTORT to the public, I have no apology to make. 
I have been induced by the great absorbing principles 
of iaction and general stimulus which urges enterprise 
in anticipation of profit, and often leads the philoso- 
pher to follow the ignis fatuus until ruin and despair is 

As our citizens are continually changing their places 
of business and residence, and witfl a floating popula- 
tion of near 2000, who migrate hither by the natural 
and artificial avenues that make Our City the great 
thoroughfare for the western States^ Whose rising ham- 
lets, villages and cities, are contitiually calling from us 
the enterprising merchant, mechanic and-artizan, whose 
"^ place must be filled by others who can only be found 

^ by referring to a work of this description, which ren- 

^ ders it not only useful to alF, but a necessary compan- 

^ ion to the business man, and an indispensable index to 

*) the rise and progress of our 


4 • I have endeavored to give #ny patrons such a publi- 

qpition as they have anticipated, and at the same time it 
has been to me a source of gratification to have met 


with promptness and attention from those to whom I am 
ilidebted for the information requivite in the compilation. 
The gloom that has so long clouded <mr business ^ori- 
Zoiif will soon pass away. The madifess of former 
times must give place to rectitude and honar of the in-' 
tentions of a class in modus operandi of business far 
different from that, when golden dreams were naught 
but anticipation, 

I have assiduously endeavored to refrain from woun- 
ding the keenest sensibilities of any one, in any thing 
that may, by error or omission, have escaped my no- 
tice. Should unfortunately such be the case, " 'Tis 
not for petty pride or paltry popularity.^' I will not 
court the one, or do homage to the other. I have en- 
deavored to do my duty faithfully, to make Walker's 
Directory what it» purports to be, a true history of 
Buffalo, and shall continue to serve my patrons yearly, 
80 long as I have a heart to dictate, a pen to write 
withy a reservoir of Bristol's Sarsaparilla to flee to in 
case of illness, anci a generous public to reward my 





** The * go-ahead' of the hrave and eccentric Crocket, 
kas become the watchword of the age. In every de- 
partment of civilized life — ^in literature, in science, in 
the mechanical arts, and in the labors of the field, all 
seem to listen with delight to this spirit-stirring talis- 
man, and rush onward with redoubled energy to wealth 
and greatness. 

<< The march of mind is onward; our means of educa- 
tion are enlarging and ejctending their enlightening in- 
fluence all over the land ; new discoveries are daily 
adding to the rich legacy of former times ; the power 
of Steam is applied to almost every purpose of public 
enterprise or private utility in which speed is to be ob- 
tained or labor performed. Steamboats, capable of 
contending with obstacles before insurmountable — rail- 
roads, which will soon enable the staid home-bred far- 
mer to make the ^tour of the State in the same time 
which it would take him to traverse his own domain — 
cotton factories, iron foundries, mills, turners of spits, 
and diggers of potatoes, are hurried in their multifari- 
ous vocations as if endowed with life and intelligence. 
'Each, element — each distinct particle of the material 
world seems capable, by some strange combination 
with others, of almost assuming consciousness and 
vitality, when touched by the magic wand of intelkHt. 
Even the man of science is astonished at his own dis- 
coveries, and .the artizan gazes in wonder upon the 
mindless materials which his ingenuity has put in mo- 
tion. The tiller of the soil is proud of his vocation, 
and labosB with a good ^heart, for he knows that peace 
and plenty smile upon |^ — free from domestic want 




and all external oppression, he sits down in the blissftif 
fruition of his hopei, under his own vine and fig tree, and 
feels a security that there id none to make him afraid. 

*< The result of these improvements is a more rapid 
increase of the population and wealth of the country — 
the transmisisidn of articles of commerce by means of 
the variouaf modes of conveyance, by the railroads noW 
in successful operation, the palaces on the lakes, and 
gondolas on (he canals, not forgetting the services of 
that noble arimal whose race has ever been a terror iii 
war and a friend in peace, rendering at once a free in- 
terchange of thoughts, feelings and opinions between 
each distinct community within the continent; and with- 
in the compact' thus keeping alive a consciousness of 
brotherhood which renders, and long may it render our 
country * one and inseparable.' 

" Within the last fifty years, mighty changes have 
been wrought in the relative importance and geographi- 
cal extent of these United' States. New-England, once 
the nucleus around which gathered the hopes of our in- 
fant counfry — ^the centre of strength and power, to 
whose puritan arm the few and feeble branches of this 
great famfly of republics looked for protection. But 
the scene has changed. The western ^drld has been 
explored, and the- enterprise, integrity' and wealth of 
New-England have contributed largeljT ill rendering it 
one of the most opulent and powerful' portions of the 
continent New' Stktes have dtisen, as if by magic; 
and every year adds thousands to the throngs who have 
left their father-land to rear their uprooted altars amld^ 
the charms of the western wilderness, to |ather the 
promised reward to an honest%idustry and enferprisf.^ 


This Citt is situated in the County of Brie, and 
State of New- York, in lat 4^ 60' north, and longitude 
HW^ 22' 37" west from Greenwich, at ^ eastern extrem- 
ity of Lake Erie, at its conflux with the Niagara River. 

The land now occupied by the city, previous to 1801 
was an Indian settlement of a few huts, and called hy 
them Tehoseroron, being included in the purchase 
made by the Holland Land Company. * In 1802, that 
Company sent on an agent and commenced a setde- 
ment. In 1812, it became the military depot for the * 
army, then ordered to rendezvous for the protecticm of >•* ^ 

the frontier. 

On the 30th December, 1813, the British and their | 

allies, the Indians, crossed the Niagara River, at Black * 

Hock, near where the ferry now is, and marched oBy^to 
this place, aild halted on what is now known by the * * 
comer of Main and Niagara streets. The late Stephen 
K. Grosvenor, and others, had a four pound cannon, 
imd with a good supply of grape, mowed a clean swarth 
through the ranks of the enemy, until the piece became < 

heated and dismounted, when Affj retreated. The 
troops had retreated sometime bdEbie. In one short j 

hour the village was in a blaase, and all except two 
buildings, soon reduced to ashes. Part of the militfury \ 

stores were removed to the plains and saved. The 

> t 


enemy did not tarry long. Before daylight they had 
re-cros8ed the river, taking many of the inhabitants 
prisoners, whom they conveyed to Montreal, sufiermg 
from the want of clothing and other necessaries of life^ 
Nor were those much less fortunate who, by flight, es- 
caped captivity. Their little all was gone; and the few 
that letarned had not the means to* ze-build their houses 
<^-^it wfts a calamity to be^iffeaded. 

Shortly after, 4he AizieTican ^Trces retaliated for ^e 
aanuilt ioxly 3^ 1814, the Ameiican army, under 
€^. Btownj captured Fort Ekrie^ ia command of Major 
Btfrk;aiidon the '4th of July, 1814, the eitizens that 
returned to Bufialo, had the proud satisfaction of seeing 
the ' stars and stripes floating upon the ramparts of' the 
Fort on the western baaak of the Niagara. The next 
day Oen^ Brown drove the British regulars from the 
pkfliKi of Chippewa, at the teiariflc order of ♦* charge !'' 
On the 35th July, the enemy having mustered again in 
force. Gen; Brown gatei them battle at the ciitaract, 
where Generals 'Bii^wn' and 3cott were wounded, and 
the British Geo. Riall, taken prisoner. On the 7th Au- 
gust, medsen^rs arrived, bringing intelligence that the 
British and Indians^ 1506 strong, were on the march 
for Buflalo. Major Morgan,' from Kentucky, who had 
just aflrrived with a detachment of <»40j?iflemeny march- 
ed to give them battle. When he arrived at Scajaqua. 
die's Greek, he placed timber for atteoiporary breast- 
work, and destroyed the bridge. The friendly Indians 
and inhabitants marched on a diflfeient route. When 
the^adly flie of 'Morgan's rifles was heard, the vol- 
unteers and Indiana on the ehen^s flank set up such a 



horrid yell that Col. Tucker ordered an instant retreat 
to his boats. Many were * cut off, and the dark blue 
waters of the Niagara closed over their remains for- 
eyer. This was a proud day fbr Morgan ; but, alas ! 
honor is but an empty bubUe. On the 12th, five days 
afterwards, poor Morgan was mortally wonnded near 
Fort Erie* On the 1 5th the Bntish ag;ain made an at- 
tack on Fort Erie, and were repulsed with the loss of 
600 killed and taken prisoners. On the 17th Sept the 
Americans made a sortie from the fort, and completely 
rocited the British, by whom it was invested. Slio4|y 
after the British abandoned all their posts, on the^ Nia- 
gara river except Fort George. The American troc^s 
destroyed Fort Erie, (its remains are now to be seen 
fiom this city,) and retired to winter quarters. Peace 
followed, and those who were driven from their homes> 
reamed to enjoy once more contentment and happi- 
ness. • 

In October, 1807, Jesse Hawley, of Canandaigua, 
h% the instance of Joseph EUicott, surveyor and agent 
fbr"^e Holland Land Company, commenced a series 
of essays, which Were published in ,the Ontario Mes* { 
senger, proposmg to tap Lake Erie and make a canal 
to the Hudson. Although the proposition was scoffed * 
at by a vast majority, the inhabitants of Buffalo foresaw 
the immense advantages to the place resulting from its 
accomplishment, at once took fire from the then. project- 
ed work, and bent their united energies to urge its un- 
dertaking. Few men of that day, who occupied high 
stations, could be found to second their efforts. The gi- 
ant mind of De Wirr Clinton soon foresaw the advanr<> 



tages to thQ country in its accomplishment.; and by his 
exertions and perseverance alone^ was the Grand Canal 
completed. But it cost him dearly. It is unnecessary 
here to point out the embarrassments under which he 
labored, and the persecutions, as the friend of the im- 
pix>vement9 he met with. He succeeded in its accom- 
plishment — and posterity has done him justice. No 
other man could have accomplished it It now remains, 
a^d ever will, a proud monument to his memory. — 
Without the canal, this place would have remained a 
fd^s^ for years longer ; and instead of our being the 
eighteenth city in the Union, with the son of the great 
benefactor as qpr Mayor, Buffalo would have remSti^ed 
a small, unimportant village; and the carrying trade of 
the lakes would have been conducted either through 
Ohio, Pennsylvania, or the Canadas. 

1813. April 2. The Legislature incorporated the 
village «f Buffalo, and appointed Eli Hart, Zenas W. 
Barker, Ebeneaer Walden, Oliver Forward and Cyre- 
nius Chapin, Trustees, from first January — ^the annual 
election to be held on the first Monday in May every 
year thereafter. 

1815. April. The act was revised and new trustees 

1816. April 5. The act was again revised, and new 
trustees appointed as before; under this act the village 
was much improved. 

1822. April 17. All former acts of incorporation 
were repealed, and a new act passed. 

1826. April 11. Act amended, and additional power 
given to the trustees, with certain water grants for 


wharvest pierd^ and other puiposes, oo the north side 
of Buffalo Creek. 

1882. April 20. City of Buffalo incorporated. Ev- 
ery year from that time to the present, some amend- 
ment has been made to the charter, until it has finally 
become a compound mass, not to be understood by the 
fathers of the city, or the expounders of Blackstpne. 

Doct. Ebsnkzjsr Jobnson, was the first Mayor of 
the city. He gave ^(doeral satisfaction in the discharge 
of his duties, and may justly be called one of the fa- 
thers of the city. 

From the annexed statement, it will be seen that the 
increase of transportation has been much DM>re rapid 
than could have been reasonably anticipated. 

Comparative statement of Tonnage on the Lakee^ as 
licensed at the several Districts^ in 1841.. 

Sackett's Harbor, 


3,633 Tons. 



^ 8,346 


Niagara, - 






- 14,991 


Cleveland, - - - 



99 * 



- 2,643 


Detroit, - - - 




Mackinaw, - 




liose enrolled at Buffalo, 

are as 

» follows, viz: 

24 Steamboats, - 


7,642 Tons. 

2 Ships, - - - 


. 644 


9 Brigs, - 




53 Schooners, 


- 5,043 


Total tons, - 14,991 





The following are the dates on which the first Vessel 
has efttered our harbor, at the commefidemeilt of the 
season, for the last twenty-thtee years.' 

1820— May 1. 
1821— May 13. 
1822— April 15. 
1828— May 3. 
1824— April 28. 
1825— Mar'hl2. 
1826— May 23. 
1827— April 21. 
1828— April 1. 
1829— May 13. 
1830— April 11. 
1831— May 8. 

1832— April 28. 
1833— April 24. 
1834— April 6. 
1885— May 8a 
18S6— April 27. 
1837— May 5. 
1838— April 2»* 
1839— April 11. 
1840— April 24. 
1841— April 14* 
1842— March 7. 

Comparative statement of the number of Clearances of 
Boats at the Canal Collector's Office at By^aloj 
with the amount of Tolls received^ for sixteen years* 























































* This yeftr the U. S. Revenue Cutter left the Harbor on a 
cruise, on. the Slst March,, two days previous to any arrival 

tin these three years,, part of the tolls were received at Black 
Rock, a new office esta^shed four miles from, this city, which 
is included in the ^imate. 





Siaiemewi of ike arrmJs und departures of Steam* 
hoiUe And taker YeenU^ t0 and from tke port of 
Bt^alOf for tfDemty^meen yeaa^s* 


iVb. each year. 


Ab. each year. 






































• 286 

















_ \ 


The fbrmation of Temperance Societies, has done 
much for the public good in this city. This cause 
commenced here January 1, 1^38. Among its mem- 
bers and projectors were H. B. Potter, Esq. and Dr. E. 
Johnson. Although the cause lAld many warm sup- 
porters, and continual droppings from the sanctuary 
were lavished in profusion, still drunkenness had the 
ascendancy; and out of a population of 16,158 souls, 
on the first of May, 1839, there ^ras no less than 350 
places in this city, where alcohol was sold to make the 




poor poorer^ the moderale drinker a dninkard^ aodibe 
drunkard a brute. The braver generous and noble 
hearted youth were daily falHng a prey to the destroyer; 
every day added a neiv victim upon the altar of shanie 
and disgmoe. The pulpit, the beneh, the bar, the 
counting-house, the study, the store, the office<-*-each 
furnished their quota, ijntil the 18th February, 1841, 
two or three individuals, feeling the deep depravity in 
which the community then was, conGunenced the forma- 
tion of the "Young Meh^s Temperance Society.'^ The 
first meeting was got up with much difficulty — ^the rum 
sellers sending their runners to put down aii^d bring rid- 
icule upon the undertaking. But they did not succeed. 
The Society now numbers about 800 members. 

Shortly after, in consequence of an invitation from a 
gentleman of this city, the Baltimore Pollard Society 
sent on a deputation, consisting of Messrs. Pollard 
and Wright, which led to the formation of the " Pol-» 
lard Society,'' and several others. Buffalo now fur^ 
nishes several missionaries in this cause. 

It will be impossible, before this sheet goes to press, 
to ascertain the number of tippling houses now in this 
city; but the writer will visit them all in his perambu- 
lations, and the result given in the close of the book. 
Among the Societies will he found the names of the 




Stands foremost in the ranks of Litextiture. Amon^f 
its officers are soine of the most enterprising business 
men among us* The Library is well selected, and con- 
tains many rare and choice works ^ Among them will 
be found Audobon's Ctoitbology-— oost about $800 ; 
Cabinet of Minerals, Curiosities, &c. Annex^ to the 
Library is a public Reading Room — free to strangers. 
During the past season many lectures have been deliv- 
ered before the Association — some of theim scientific, 
and all exceedingly interesting and instructive. 


Under its present organization and condition, is suf* 
ficient to satisfy the most sceptical. Here is an institu- 
tion without the fostering care df a benefactor, rising 
from very nothingness, by the aid of a few boys, al- 
most — aye, even competing with the Young Men's As- 
somation-^having a Library of some 600 volumes. — 
Their regular meetings, and their lectures and debates, 
have continued uninterrupted i^ harmony for nine 
years. Look to this ye fethers of the city. Help — 
ask not why they demand iU— they are deserving, and- 
i^houid be encouraged. 


•7 '•• 




!s an insthtttion of a diciest cIasb. Its objects are 
philanthropic. It was organised in 1985, and incorpo* 
rated in 1887, for the purpose of maintMong orpimi 
children. It now has about fifty childfen in chairgb 
The building is situated on Niagara street, near^ Pros- 
pect HHl. This institution is entirely maintained by 
' private contributions; it has no fund to dmw upon for 
i|s sustenance. It did, indeed, f&t a time, maintain Che 
children from the county Poor House, for the paltry 
pittance of seventy-two cents each per week 5 but they 
are now removed to the county house, on Delaware 
street, under the direction of Mrs. Healy. Although it 
is now in a prosperous condition, and was projected by 
a few benevolent ladies, amon^ whom the late Horn 
Mrs. Wilkeson took a very active and prominent part, 
still, as the institution is not maintained or supported by 
the public, tiie friends of private benevoience will here 
find a rich fidd to aid the orphan and destitute, who 
have no other friend and Ho other protection. Chanty 
to this Society cannot be misapplied. The officers are 
of the first respectability, and their motives cannot be 
misconstrued. It demands from you, my reader, sixk 
encouragement as will make the heart glad to contem- 
plate upon the perfdBnance of so noble an act 

There is also a City Dispensary, and several other 
charitable and benevolent Societies, which aie omitted 
for want of space. 



17 • " 


This city is divided into five Wards, as follows, to 
wit: All that part of the city which lies south and east 
of the following lines, viz: 

Beginning at a point in the said Reservation where a 
line drawn through the centre of Exchange street would 
strike said Reservation ; thence along said line to the 
centre of Exchange street ; thence proceeding west- 
wardly along the centre of said street to Cazenovia 
Terrace ; thence to the centre of Cazenovia Terrace ; 
thence wegtwardly and northerly along the centre of 
said Terrace to the centre of Erie street ; thence alokg 
the centre of Erie street to the centre of the Srit canal ; 
thence along the centre of the canal to the w^st hounds 
of York street ; thence down the west houi^ds of York 
street to Lake Erie ; thence due west to the State 
Line, shall be denominated the First Ward of said city. 

All that part of said city whi6h lies east of the centre 
of Main street, and north of the centre of Exchange 
street, and north of a line drawn through the centre of 
Exchange street to the said Reservation, and south of 
the centre of Eagle street, and south of a line to be 
drawn in continuation of the north line of Eagle street 
lo the Buffalo Creek Reservation, shall be denominated 
the Second Ward of said city. 

All that part of said city lying westerly of the centre 
of Main street and northeasterly of the bounds of the 
First Ward, and southeasterly of the northwesterly 
bounds of said York street, and southwesterly of the 
centre of Niagara street, shall be denominated the 
Third Ward of said city. 

All the residue of said city lying east of the centre 
of Main street, and nofth of the centre of Eagle street, 
shall be denominated the Fourth Ward of said city. 

All the residue of said city lying, west of the centre 
of Main street, and northeasterly of the centre of Nia- 
gara street, shall be denominated the Fifth Ward of 
said city* 


' • 18 




First Ward— E. S. Havens, E. D. Robinson. 
Second Ward— N. H. Gardner, L. H. Pratt 
Third Ward— O. H. Marshall, John Wiikeson. *• 
Fourth Ward— O. G. Steele, N. Randall. 
Fifth Vard— Asahel Camp, H. W. Perce. 


Finwice— Aid. Marshall, Gardner, Steele. 
. Fire and Water— Aid. Gardner, Steele, Wiikeson. 

Streets— Aid. Camp, Pratt, Havens, Wiikeson, Ran- 
dall. ' • 

Wharves and P^blic Grounds— Aid. Robinson, Wii- 
keson, Camp. * 

Claims— Aid. Pratt, Perce, Steele. 

Police— Aid. Rdndall, Perce, Robinson. 

Markets— Aid. Havens, Pratt, Marshall. 

Licences— Aid. Wiikeson, Gardner, Havens. 

Schools— Aid. Steele, Gardner, Marshall, Robinson. 

Assessments — ^Ald. Perce, R^dall and Marshall. 

Clerk — John T. Lacy. 

Attorney — ^Samnel Wilkesftn, Jr. 

Treasttrer — ^John R. Lee. 

Surveyor— Henry Lovejoy. 

Street Commissioner— Abraham Hempstreet. 

Superintendent of Com. Schools— Samuel Caldwell. 

Physician — Austin Flint 

Market Clerk— Foster Young. 

Sergeant-at-Arms— Foster Young. 

Captam of the Watch— Samuel Fursman. 


Upper Stand— A. H. Giddings. 
Lower Stand— Silas Burton. 


Sealer of -Weights and Measaies— Henry Juderine. 
Harbor Master — Samuel Chafp. 
Sexton — ^Lorin Pierce. 


Robert H. Best, PhUip Wilber, 

Cornelius A. Waldron, John Pierce, 

«harles W. Samo, Ormand Butler, Jr. 

ristram Winn, George B. Gates, 

John Kucherson, Marshall W. Bottom. 


George Palmer, Silas A. Fobes, John Ctin^i^ 


Hay Scales Genesee street-^Abram Twichell. 
'^ Ellicott street— Charles F. Miller. 

'' Michigan street — William Harris. 



Lbrin Pierce, William Madison. 


City Local Tax— Silas Sawin. 
City General Tax— Stephen Albro. 

County General Tax — 

First Wardi#-Thomas Bate. 

— ••*"*'••*-• Second Wmi^lL, ^_^ 

Third Ward — Alanson JosselynT 
Fourth Ward— William Rinck, 
Fifth Ward— John D. Berry. 


First Ward— Patrick Milton. 
Second Ward— -Henry Lovejoy. 
Third Ward— Samuel N. Callender. 
Fourth Ward — Isaac Wheeler. 
Fifth Ward— Abram TwicheU. 







Secretary of State — Samuel Young. 

AltoiHey* General — George P» Barker. 

Comptroller — Azariah C. Flagg. 

Treasurer — ^Thomas Farrington. 

Surveyor General — ^Nathaniel Jones. 

Commissary General— Henry Storms. 

Bank Commis^iioners — ^Trumbull Carey, Chandler 
Starr, John G. Forbes, William H, Averill. 

Canal ConHnissioners Jonas Earll, Jr., James 

Hooker, Benjamin Enos, George W. Little, Stephen 
Clark, Daniel P. Bissell. 

Squire S. Case, William A. Bird, Bela H. Colegrove. 
Surrogate — ^Th<Hna8 C. Love# 

Ex-onicio do H. J. Stow, N. K. 

Hall, Frederick P. Stevens. 

Examiners in Chancery — Charles R. Grold, Harlow 
S. Love. 

Masters in Chancery — ^N. K. Hall, James Crocker, 
Jesse Walker, Samuel E. Kip. 

Notaries Public — ^John R. Lee, S. N. Callender, L. 
K. Hadduck, John W. Beals, L. F. Tiffany, Philander 
Hodge, James McKnight, John 8. Stevenson, James H. 


Commissioners of Deeds — Hezekiah A. Salisbury, 
Cyrus Athearn, WiUiam Galligan, Ellas S. Hawley, i. 
M. Havens, Ira Hall, Jr., Manly Colton, William T. 

Commissioners of Loans — ^Benjamin 0. Bivins, Clar- 
ence — Robert Pomeroy, Buffalo. 

Appraisers to Investigate Land Titles ^Horace 

Clark, Jesse Walker. V 

District Attorney — Henry W. Rogers. 

County Clerk — ^Noah P. Sprague. 

Deputy " Manly Colton. 

Coroner — ^Doct F. L. Harris. 

Sheriff — ^Lorenzo Brown. 

Under Sheriff— Lester Brace. » 

Deputies — ^John W. Stewart, S. V. R. Graves, Wm. 
H. Bostwick, James McMillan, L. B. Tousley, George 

Crier of Courts — John M. Crozien 

Inspector of Flour and Meal — J. G. Brainard. 

" Leather— William TuthilL 

" Lumber— John E. Wright. 

" Fish — George McKnight 

• " Pot and Pearl Ashes — Gea McKnight 

" Beef and Pork — Geo. McKnight 

" Spirits — Vacant. 

Collectors of Canal Toll*— H. P. Thayer, Buffalo; 
Elisha H. Burnham, Black Rock. 

Superintendent of Canals^-Wm. A. Sutton. 

Inspecior of Canal Boats— Patrk^k Milton. 

Deputy Superintendent of Common Schools for Erie 

county — Charles C. Severance, of Concord. 

Keeper of the Poor House— Martin Taber. 

Superintendent of the Poor<~^John W. Beais. 




Member of Congress — Millaad Fillmoke. 

Inspector of Steamboat Boilers — John Hibbard, Peter 

Indian Agent — ^Stephen OripDm, of Clarence. 

George W. Clinton, Collector Port of Bufialo. 
A. Q. Stebbins, Deputy Collector and Inspector '' 

Robert H. Best, > rfl^r««^«.«r l«ar.r^*^,.c ?? 

Isaac W. Newkirk, 5 Temporary Inspectors 
He^ry P. Wilcox, Dep, Coll. and Ins. Catt Creek. 

Ernest MuUett, '^ '' Dunkirk. 

JarvisFoot, '' '' Portland Harbor. 

Timothy C. Dwight, " " Black Rock. 

Oscar F. Crary, " '' BlackRock Dam. 

.Joseph T. Bush, *' '' Tonawanda. 

Clark Robinson, U. S. Marshal. 

Assignees under the U. S. Bankrupt Law-^Benoni 
, Thompson, Charles E. Clark. 

Commissioners under the U. S. Bankrupt Law— > 
Seth C. Hawley, S. K, Kip. 


Stephen Champlin, Com'g U. S. NaVal Rendezvous. 
Thomas T. Craven, Commanding U. S. Naval Re- 
ceiving Vessel Monroe. 
Peter Christie, U. S. Naval Surgeon. 
J. U. Swift, Lieutenant U. S. Navy. 
George Hurst, Lieutenant U. S. Navy. 
Thomas Brownell, Master, U. S. Navy. 
Sev. Anson^Tucker, Instructor of Naval SchooL 



Names of the Towns, Fost-Oices and Postmasters ia Erie County, 





Harvey liitchfield. 

do . 


Dexter Ewell. 



Joseph Hutchinson. 


Harris Hill. 

Nathaniel F. Porter. 



Joseph Riley. 


Griffiall Mills. 

Dutee J. Williams. 



William Andre. 


North Boston. 

Ira Fuller. 

Black Rock. 

Black Rock. 

Morgan G. Lewis. 


lUeysville, (on Plains.) 

Samuel E. Eley. 



Buffalo City. 


Charles C. Haddock. 



Harlow Case, Dep'y. 



Otis R. Hopkins. 


North Clarenee. 

Ornnge Mfinsfield. 






John Sherman. 


Collins Centre. 

Chauncey Bigelow. 



Jehial HiU. 



Caleb Taytor. 



Samuel Tiflke. 



Elnathan Bennett. 


East Evans, 

Robert S. Ingersoll. 

V do 


Aaron Atwood. 



Lyman Pratt. . 


Hamburgh on the Lake. 

Amansel D. Jackson. 



John S. Weld. 


Water Valley. 

John F. Lathrop. 



PhiUp D. Riley. 


Town Line. 

Cyrenius Wilbur. 



John S. Ball. 



C. H. Russell. 



ZacheuB W. Fuller. 



Jacob Kibler. 



John M. Joslin. 


South Wales. 

David S. Warner. 

* This office has not been opened— the Postmaster not having 
given the required bond or taken the oath of office. 



CHARLES C. HADDOCK, Poatmaster. 

Harlow Case, 1st Assistant do 

John Lay, Jr., 2d do do 

Cyrus P. Lee, do do 

John Saxton, do do' 

James J. Fay, do ^ do 

Joseph £. Haddock, do do 

Darius O. Baker, . do do 

James Eaton, do do 

Jacob Krettner, do do 

Lewis Filner, Porter. 

There are 142 mails per week made up and sent off 
at this office ; and the same number received for distri- 
bution — making in all 284 mail bags to be locked, un- 
locked and despatched, without including many bags 
containing papers and periodicals, giving an average 
of over 40 mails daily. 

The amount of postages collected for the year ending 
April 1, 1842, was ... $25,388 32 

Amount of postage on letters received at 
this office for distribution during the 
same time, ----- 139,840 15 

Amount received for postage paid at this 
place in advance on letters mailed here 
during the same time, - - - 5,913 37 

Amount of postage on unclaimed letters 
sent to the dead letter office at Wash- 
ington, for the same time, - - 1,017 46 

From accurate calculation, it appears that the enor- 
mous number of 2,210,230 letters annually pass to and 
from this office. 


The followmg rates of postage are charged, confor- 
mably to' an Act of Congress: 













For any distance not exceeding 30 miles, 
Over 30 and not over 80 miles, 
Over 80 and not over 150 miles, - 
Over 15t) and not over 400 miles, - 
Over 400 miles, - - - - 

Double letters, or those composed of two 
pieces of paper, double those rates, and so on 
in proportion. 

Ship letters, not carried by mail, are charged 
the same as letter postage, by order of the P. 
M. General. 

Newsfafsrs. — Each paper not carried over 
100 miles, or within the State where printed, 1 
Over 100 miles, and out of the State, li 

Periodical Magazines and Pamphlets are ra- 
ted by the sheet Carried not over 100 miles, 
per sheet, ---.-- ij 
Over 100 miles, - - - - 2i '' 

Not PeriMioal, not over 100 miles, per 
sheet, - - - -- - . 4 

Over 100 miles, - - - . 6 '' 

N. B. By the law regulating the collection of posta- 
ges, all newspapers and periodicals having any *< mem- 
orandum in writing'^ on them, are subject to letter pos* 
tage. The Postmaster Grenerai has instructed Doct 
Haddock to charge letter postage on newspapers having 
the name on the same, of any other person, except the 
person to whom the paper is addressed. Should a per- 
son in Chicago, after receiving a newspaper from Spring- 
ville, with his name upon the margin, enclose the same 
in a wrapper, it would be charged as letter postage.<-«- 
The law never contemplated to enforce letter postage 
in 9uch a case, and the Postmaster General's construc- 
tion of the word *' memorandum," is a high handed 
stretch of arrogance and power. Most clearly any 
memorandum written on a newspaper with intention to 





avoid the payment of letter postage, should in all cases 
be charged, and the offender prosecuted to the full ex- 
tent of the law (a fine of #5.) By the same law the 
wrapper is not considered any part of the paper, and 
any thing may be written on it, as it is the duty of the 
Postmaster to destroy it This arrogant assumption of 
the Postmaster Greneral has put our citizens to much 
trouble, and our Postmaster to unjust censure, as he is 
bound to obey the P. M. Greneral, right or wrong. 

The Post Office is removed to the new fire proof buil- 
ding, comer of Seneca and Washington streets, just 
completed by Wells & Hart, builders, under the immedi- 
ate superintendence of Dr. C. C. Haddock ; which build- 
ing was completed in two months from its projection, 
and will challenge comparison with any other Post Of- 
fice in the country for safety, convenience, durability* 
economy and beauty. 

Jostiees of the Peace in the County of Erie* 

Residences* Names* 

Alden Moses Case, Cyrenius Litchfield, Horace 

Stanley, Samuel S. Dodge. 

Amherst — Timothy S. Hopkins, Timothy A. Hop- 
kins, John Smarliz, Emanuel Herr. 

AuaoBA — Joseph W. Phelps, De La Fayette Carver, 
James H. Ward, Judson Prentice. 

Boston — Peres Cobb,* John Kester, Hiintoi Yaw, Alan« 
son Smith. 

Black Rock — Benjamin Hodge, Daniel Hibbard, Ro*. 
bert Holmes, Jr. 

Brant*— Jonathan Hascall, Jr. Harrison Mayhue. 

' 27 r 

BcFFALO City — Selah Barnard, Harry Siade, Cyrus 
H. De Forest 

Cla&bncs — Robert McKelip, David Van Tine, Amos 
Wright, Archibald Thompson. 

CoLDKN — Reuben Baker, Randolph Beaumont. 

Collins — Humphrey Smith, Zimri Howe, John Shei> 
man, Warren Tanner. 

CoNcOBD-^harles C. Severance, Seth W. Goddard, 
Emery Sampson, Jonathan Griffith* 

Chsektawaoa — John Lintz, Darius Eingsley. 

Evans — Isaac Potter, Aaron Rowley, Amos Avery, 
James McClaghorn. 

Eden* — ^Nelson Welch, Asa Warren, Lewis Gifford, 
Samuel B. Bamum. 

Hamburgh — Horace B. Camp, David Lake, Richard 
Smith, Isaac Duall, William Hambleton. 

Holland— Abner Orr, David Cutler, Ezra Farrington, 
Moses McArthur^ 

Lancaster — Milton McNeal, Henry Johnson, Robert 
U. Wheelock, Joseph Willieuns. 

Newstead— Marcus McNeal^ Hezekiah Cummings, 
William Pratt, James Sexton. 

Sardinia — David Stickney, Jr., Obediah J. Green, 
Frederick Craney, Elias Rodgers. 

ToNAWANDA-7-Theron W. Woolson, A. W. Boughton, 
Jacob Kibler, Benjamin Long. 

Wales — Abner F. Nutting, Isa&c Gail, Samuel Cal- 
kins, Elon Virgil. 


Sttperrison and Tewn GleAi la the County of Erie. 








Black Rock, 


Buffalo— Ist Ward, 
2d Ward, 
3d Ward, 
4th Ward, 
5th Ward, 















I Dexter Ewell. 
Timothy A. Hopkins. 
Thomas Thurston, 
Ezra Chaffee. 
Alvin Dodge. 
Jonathan Hascall, Jr. 
Charles S. Pierce,^ 
Jacob A. Barker. I 
Harry Daw. > 

Edwards. Warren* j 
S. G. Haven. J 

Archibald Thompson. 
P. J. Barker. 
Ralph Plumb. 
E. N. Frye. 
Darius Kiftpsley. 
Sayles Aldnch. 
James Tefft. . 
Isaac Duall. 
Moses McArthur< 
Milton McNeaL 
Almon Ford. 
Frederick Rxchmond. 
'Jacob Wire. 
Elon Virgil. 

Homer H6ndee< 
John Hershey. 
Benjamin Clark. 
John Anthony. 
Thomas Thornton. 
Moses White. 

John T. jLacy. 

Harry H. Matteson* 
8. B. Love. 
Leman H. Pitcher. 
Ch»i. C. Severance. 
Manly Brown. 
Aaron Atwood. 
Titus D. Gail. 
Levi Lawrence. 
N. Morey, Jr. 
M. H. Barker. 
John S. Ball. 
Z. W. Fuller. 
Lorenzo Huntley. 
Lyman Wood. 



City Bank, 
Commercial Bank, 
Bank of Buffalo, 
Merchant's Exchange Bank, 
Erie County Bank, 
United States Bank, * 
Mechanics' Bank, 
Bank of Commerce, 
Bank of America, 
Phc&nix Bank, 
Union Bank, 
State Bank New-York^ 


George W, Newell. 
Stephen G. Austin. 
Ira A. Blossom. 
S* G. Haven* 
none. . 
— **- Gibbs, New-York. 
S. G. Haven* 
S. G. Haven. 




Chartered 1936. Capital 9100,000. 

Horatio Shumway, Preset Lucius Storrs, 8ec*y. 


Ebenezer Walden, Horatio Shumway, 

Charles Townsend, Ira A. Blossom, 

George Palmer, Joseph Dart, Jr. 

R. H. Heyi^oodf Edward Roc4, , 

William Hollisteif John L. £imbeiiy» 

Peter Curtiss, Stephen 6. Au3tin, 

R. B. Heacock. 

Benjamin H. Austin, Ageni^ Buffalo. 


HARTFORD, (Conic.) 
John W. Beaky Agevi^ BvffdlQ^ 

■ ■ M »*i 


COLUMBUS, (Ohio.) 
Joy ^ Webster, Agents^ Bnffalo* 


George B» Webster, Agents Bw/Wo. 

JoUh W« Beala, Agtni, Buffato. 








CAFITALy $150,000. 

Peter B. Porter, President. 

Geo. P. Stevenfiion,* Sec% Agent and Treas^r. 

Wm. A. Bird, Superintendent, 


Augustus H. Porter, David Burt,* 

William H. Bird, John Sweeney, 

I, T. Hatch,* Charles Davis. 


Capital 9350,000. 

Henry Hawkins, President, 
Philander Bennett,* Vice President, 
liowell Hall, Secretary. 
V. R. Hawkins, Treasurer. 
William F. P. Taylor,* Agent. 
Tracy M'Cracken, Chief Engineer. 
David Scott, Commissioner. 


Henry Hawkins, R. B. Heacock,* 

Lowell Hall, A. P. Curtiss, 

Philander Bennett,* W. F. P. Tayter,* 

Noah Wells, Lewis Newton, 

Daniel Lockwood,* David M'Wethy, 

Oliver Lee, Taylor G. Goodwill^ 
Daniel 0. Holbrook. 

* iThofe marked with a atar rende in BuffiJ^ 



Cartal $100,000. 


Ebenezer Johnflon, Pre^t. 

Judah Bliisei Vice Pre/U 

James Haggart, S(Bcreikary and AgenU 

Absalom BiQl, Treasurer, 

Wells Lecmardy Driver. 


Absalom Bull, Ebenezer Johnson, 

Judah Bliss, Harry Thompson, 

James Haggart 



Joseph Clary, President. 
John T. Lacy, Secretary. 
Greorge Palmer, Treasurer. 


Henry W. Rogers^ E. Hathaway, 

Joseph Dart, Jr. Joseph Clary, 

Greorge Palmer. 



Thaddeus Weed, President. 

John R. Lee, Skatetari^ and Dreasurer. 


Thaddeus Weed, H. B. Potter, 

Horace Clark, . WiUiam T. Miller, 

L. K. Plimpton, William Hodge, Jr. 

Benjamin Hershey. 


Ol'irtOERaarTMtt firc dspartmcnt. 

GEORGE JONES, Chief Engineer. 
Elms Greeiii Attiflant do. 

Wsrren Bryant, 2d Attittant do. 
siroiNS eoarpAjaEB. 

C&laract, No. 1, 

Ea^e, No. 3, 

Pulton, No. 3, 

Ba&la, No. 4, 

WuhingloD, No. I 

R«i J&ckei, No.i;^J.W.Be*lB,Jr. 

Otis Vaughn H. T. Oillect. 

B- WheeUr. J. S. Pnlnam, 
J, O. WeiverJGet>.E.Kibb«. 
Philip Bver. iC-L, Johnson. 
John Griffith. John Lylle, 
J.&M'KBi^t C E. Yowg. 
N.W.Doughtj J-B-M-GiniiiB. 
Jno. T, Hoye.|J. S. Farr. 

tt, Ho. I , |& BwJMt. jD. Cooyir, |W. Oreporr. 

Finnei'i ItMnInt Aiml^ of tlit dt; of liffUo. 


This AssociKtion, composed of ^ FiremeB of the 
City of BulfEkla, were constituted & body corporate, for 
the purpooe of Bccumulating a fund for the rehef of in- 
digent and disabled Ptremen and their families, and for 


that purpose have power to pttrehase, hold or transfer 
real or personal property, to an amount not exceeding 
twenty thousand dollars. 

According to a report made hy the Asfiodation, on 
the 11th of December last, the amount of funds then 
on hand and invested, amounted to $2,875. 


JACOB A. BARKER, President. * 
Charles Taylor, 1*/ Vice do. 

Pearl L. Sternberg, 2d Vice do. 

Nicholas W. Doughty, Secretary. 
James Hollister, Treasurer. 
Edwin Hurlbart, Collector. 


George Howard, E. B. Smith, 

Harlow French, John M. Smith, 

Wm. B. Peck, Ora L. Holbrook, 

Almon M. Clapp, John Ashley, 

William F. Tucker. 


Lewis F. Allen, President. 
Warren Bryant, *^cording Secretary. 
Harlow Case, Corresponding Secretary. 
Benjamin Hodge, Treasurer. 


' Josiah Barnes,* President. 
J. B. Pride, Vice do. 
J. P. White,* Secretary. 
H. N. Loomis,* Treasurer. 
C. H. Raymond,* Librarian. 
H. H. BisseU,* B. Burwell,* C. Emmons, F. L. Har- 
ris,* E. Wallis, Censors. 

* Thote marked thus, rende in Buffalo. 





IN€ORPO&AT£0 MARCH, 1837. 

The object of this Association is for the purpose of 
establishing and maintaining a Library, Reading Kooms, 
Literary and Scientific Lectures, and other means of 
promoting moral and intellectual improvement The 
Library consists of 4000 volumes, has 410 contributing 
and 71 honorary and life members. The reading room 
is open at all hours. The library is open from 9 to 12, 
A. M., from 2 to 5 and from 6^ to 9, P. M. It is loca- 
ted on South Division, near Main street. 

Phinshab Baroent, Librarian^ 

or Fl C ERS. 
WILLIAM L. 6. SMITH, Premdent. 
John T. Lacy, 1st Vice President. 
John W. Davock, 2d Vice President. 
Samuel Wilkeson, Jr., 3d Vice Ptesidefnu 
Thomas J. Sizer,* JIecor(/2Vig Secretary. 
Theodotus Burwell, Corresponding Secretary^ 
James H. Rochester, treasurer* 


William R. L. Ward, Winfield S. Levake, 

Harmon S. Cuttmg, Frederick W. Newbould, 

Guy H. Salisbury, Thomas S« Lord, 

Charles R. Gold, Charles L. Emerson, 

A. S. Sterling, John 8. Putnam. 


Ways and Mean^ — Messrs. Xiord, Sterling and New- 

Library — Messrs. Salisbury, Wilkeson, Emerson^ 
Lord and Cutting. 


Lictures-^MeMTB* Gold^ Rochester, Levake, Sizer 
and Lacy. 

Donations and Subscriptions — Mesarg* Wilkeson, 
Salisbury, Sterlings Levake and Lord. 

Rwmis and Fixtures^^MetaTa Davock, Putnam and 

Law — Messrs. Wilkeson, Lord and BnrweU. 

Newspapers and P^ffodttia/*— Messrs. Lacy, Ward 
and Rochester. 

Printing — Messrs. Salisbury, Emerson and Davock. 

Bt^Laws — Messrs. Gutting, Putnam and Ward. # 

Auditing — Messrs. Sizei, Levake and Sterling. 

Collecting — Messrs. Rochester, Emerson and Lord. 


FOUNDED 23d vebruart, 1883. 

The aSaIrs of this Society are coii^ucted entirely by 
apprentices, who, by their perseverance and industry 
have set an exan^Ie whi(di other Societies, long since 
prostrate, might have followed to their advantage. 

They hold weekly meetings, at their Hall, No. 175 
Main street, [4th story,] formerly occupied as a lecture 
room by the Yoi^.JNbn's Assoeiation-^and as their 
object is, as their motto declares, <* To get wisdom,'' it 
is hoped that every apprentice will give them his sup- 

They have a Library containing 800 vohiines, and 
the Society is in a very flourishing condition. Initia-* 
tion fee, 50 cents; regular fee, one dollar a year, paya- 
ble monthly. 


J. G. Guenther, PrtsH. S. M. Welch, Vice Pretft. 
G. S. Brown, Cor. Sec. S. G. Bailey, JJec. Sec. 
J. M. Newman, Tfeas'r. W.H.NewmaH, Librarian. 


f -^ 



This Society is composed of Journeymen Printers 
of the city of BufliJo, and was formed for benevolent 
objects, and for the purpose of establishing and main- 
taining an uniform scale of prices. 

Meetings are held on the first Saturday evening in 
in each month, t&i the transaction of business — and an 
annual meeting on the first Saturday in June, for the 
eligtion of officers. ^ 


FRANCIS B. WARD, Presidrnt. 

Christopher M. Baldy, Vice President 
B. Franklin Salisbury, Secretary* 
QuARTus Gra¥£9, Treasurer. 


OLIVER G. STEELE, President. 

John Newman, 1st Vice President. 
Winfield S. Levake, 2d Vice President, 
George Jones, Treasurer* 
Charles L. Emerson, ttecof^ng Sec^y. 
Jesse Peck, Corresponding Sec^y. 


FOUNDED 4th MARCH, 1840. 

Wm. Ruxton, Preset. John Cameron, 1st V.JPresH* 
David Walker, Treas^r. Thos. Adams, 2d do. 
A.Mackenzie Ro8S,fifccy Alex. McKay, As^t 8edy. 


John Murray, Donald Murray, 

James Mcl^ish, Hugh McMillan, 

Alexander Thorn. 



This Insthatioii was est&blished Mard^ 1841, f^ 
I the purpose of reiieYiDg such sick, poor and indigent 

persons as are unable to procure medical aid. 


Wiiiiam HolUstey, Jr., Pre*«wir. 
George Palmer, Treasurer, 
7oki W. Beals^ 8eeretarf. 


Daniel Bowen, > 

Thomas, J. Dudley, 3 

George E. Hayes, 
Jason Sexton, 
N.H.Gardner, Censor f 

Greorge Coit, 1 

Saml. K. Callendfer, 5 

Horatio Warren, 

Joseph Clary, 
Pet^r Curtiss, 

Poets. Trowbridge and Sprague, Can$ulii% Physicians. 

Samuel J. Hinsdale, ^otft^ary to dispense Medi- 
oines, at No. 159 Maii «t]^. T 

Any person wishing to oecon^ an associate, may be- 

' acme so by making application to either of the officers, 

and paying the sum of one dollar annually, in advance. 



Dr. J. Barnes. 

2d " 

Dr. Raymond. 

9d »^ 

Dr. F. L. Harris, 

4th '' 

Dr. A. Flint. 

54h " 

Dr^ H. N.Loomis. 

! ■ < i n ■* n » 


Ebenezer Johnson, Preset. Dy»e Tillinghast, fifee'y* 
Wm. Ketchura, Treas^r. Cywis M, Fay, Principah 



^ Th6r&- ate three Lodges of this Ordet in this city. 
The first and oldest is Niagara Lodge, Na 25, which 
was instituted November 6, 1830. Regular meetings, 
Monday evening, of each week. 

The next is Buffalo Lodge, No. 37, instituted Mav 
6, 1840. Reg|||^ meetings, Tuesday evenings of each 

' The third is TeboseroroA'Lodgei No* 4Sy Instituted 
Janui^ry, 1841. Regular meetings, Thursday evenings 
of each week. 

Lodge Rooms South Diwsion street, over the Toung 
Men's Association Rooms. 

Noah H. Warnhh, D. D. G. M. 


pOBMED NOV. 15, 1835— INCORPORATED APRiI«, 1887* 

The object of this Institution is to provide an Asylum 
for orohan and destitute children. It was established 
by a few of our charitable and benevolent ladies. It is 
supported by voluntary contribnlions. The number of 
children now%t the Asylum is 50. It is situated on 
Niagara street, in the building known as the ** Day 
House,'' and has been fitted up in a suitable and 
convenient manner, and is well located for prospect and 
the health pf the inmates. 


Cyrus Atheam, Vice President^ 
Henry Hamilton, Secretary^ 
Henry R. Seymour, Treawrerf 
William Ma(^a, Steward and Collector^ 



£. N. Callender, 
Rev. C. S. Hawks, 
tlussell S. Heywoody 
Thomas Famham, 
D. M. Vanderpooly 

Nathan Lymt0# 
George Coit, 
Greorge Davis, 
Samuel Pratt, 
N. H. Gardner, 

Elisha Ha3rward. 


Mrs. A. T. Hopkins, 
Bavid Burt, 
James Crocker, 
Joseph Clary, 
R. Sears, 
George Colt, 
Charfes Mil|Br, 
John B. Macy, 
Wm. Levering, 
S. N. Calender, 

Mrs. Jane Wickes, 
" J.P.White, 
H. Hamilton, 
Robert Hollister^ 

C. Atheam, 
B. Caryl, 
P. Barton, 
Wm. Madison, 

D. Lathrop, 
George Davisy 



Charies Coleman, 

Mrs. D. M. Day. 

Mrs. J. E. Marshall, 1st DireetresSf 
«* Cyrus Atheam, Secretary t 

Miss A. B. Edwards, 9vperintend$fUr 
" Hill, Teacher^ 

Doct Charles H. Raymond, Phifiician^ 



SAIKTEL CAiiDWELL, aarxisnmmtsai> 

There has beea in operation during the past yeai** 
l3 principal Schools, and 10 primary departments—^ 
^hree of the latter has been temporary. 

Amount paid for teachers' ^aia.r«eS| - $8,035 62 
D( this amount there has been paid out of the 

State school fund, - - - - 1,642 82 
The balance has been paid by local ta^ation^ 

from the City Treasury, ... 6,392 80 

Number of visits by the late Superinteudeut 

at the different schools during the past yeari 174 

Number of children taught during the year, 4,489 

«< " attending schools 31st Dec. '41, 3,915 

Amount received from State Treae^ry aiid(»* 

pended for boobs, - * - . $410 70 

Volumes in the city school library,. - 2,574 

Average number of books taken out of the 
Library weekly, • -, . ^ 800 

The public School L%rftry is kept in the Terrace 
Market, up staira. 

All the school houses now built are ih good repair, 
and the teachers are selected with a due regard to their 
capacity and laoral dMiiaoters, and as such are recom- 
mended to the favorable consideration of paints and 
guardians. Further information relative to the regular 
tions of the (schools, may be obtained of the Superinten- 


Number of Select and Private Schools, 21 

«« Pupils, ... 890 

Amount paid for tuition in these Schools, f 12,194 

{These estimates are independent of the public schools.] 


Names if f eacJieB and Locati«B if tile Serenl ' PibJic Sclmk 




Perry BtneU 

Mf. Kngfaam, 


Mifli Carter. 


Lommum. •treet. 

Horatio Gates. 


Seneca street, Hydnuil- 1 
icks, i 

Seth G. Heacock, 

Jfiss Gilfanan. 


South DiiiitM fUeet. 

Philo G. Cook, 



Mrs. Prescott. 


Waahington street. 

£. S. Ely, 




Church street. 

Mr. Danforth, 


Miss Pttrmelee. 

South «Bd Staata' boil- > 


ding, between Court &, > 
Mohawk^ near liiagaia y 

Mr. Webster. 


Mohkwk street. 

A. Bean, 


Miss H. Ajrres. 


Vme atiaat. 

H. Cbainbers, 


Miss Hosford. 


> Spmoe street. 

J. H. Zahm. 


Micott street. . 

D. Galusha, 


Miss Paine. . 


Main st. above Chippewa. 

Mr. Torrence. 


Goodell street. 

Wesley Brown. 


In Moha^ Market. 

U. S. Davis. 



Have been discontinued. 


Officera liave all been expelled for cofmmitting the 

crinie of matnuMMiy^ 




" Then haste to the rescue — 

The banner is seen; 
'Tis as bright as the halo 

Of night's beaming qneen: 
On, on to the battley 

Bold hearted and brave, 
And this is the n^atchfwortl,-^ 

* We eonquer to save I' 

It *» 


ProMbUs all irUoxUating Uquors, inehtdrng ttme, beer and dder* 

' GEORGE W. CLINTON,. PreridwK, 

Charles W. Harvey, Vice President, 
Almon M. Clapp, Seereiary. 


J. V. Vanderpool, Henry Lamb, 

C. C. Bristol, A. Studwell, 

Guy H. Salisbury, P. A. Child, 

Robert D. Foy, Thomas H. Wrighty 

Henry S. Seymour, Otis Vaughn. 

'^ We come, we come, that have been held 

In burning chains so long; 
We're up! and on we come, a host 

Full ifty thousand strong:. 
The chains we've snap'd that held us bound' 

The wine-vat and the still: 
Snap'd by a blow — ^nay, by a word. 

That mighty word, I will I" 


JOHN COLSTON, President. 


Clark Bartlett, Alexander Ramsdell, 

Edward Kelly, O. H. Weirinihn, 


William Russell, 
Pieter A. Brewer, 
Thomas J. Reader, 

Randall King, 
William Harraan, 
Robert Howell. 

B. G. Irish, Secretary. 


Doct Chas. W. Harvey, Nicholas Britten, 
Samuel iPulfer, C. G. Haddock, 

John Bush, George W. Van Tine, 

Aaron Rumsey. 

" We eosM from Belial's palaces, 

The tippling shop and bar; 
And as we march, those gates of hell 

Feel their foundations jar; 
The very ground, that oft has held; 

All nig^t our throbbing head, 
Knows that we're up— no more to fidl, 

And trembles at our tread.*' 

Temperance Society of the Bar and Officers of Justice of Erie Gomitf > 

OrgaoiMd tlie letb. day of Februazy, 1843. 

Nathan K. Hall, ? -rr* n • j ^ 
a B. Hyde. 5 ^'"^ Prendente. 

O, H. Marshall, Secretary. 



Seth C. Hawley, 
Frederick P. Stevens, 
Lorenzo Brown, 
Stephen G. AustiHt 
T. J. Dudley, 



P. M. Vosburgh. 


Welw Brooks, 



*' A]i4/Oiir-»aiid oilp-^ swelling host 

XMr temperance men we come; 
' Contennti&g and defying all 

The^yowenr and priests •£. mm: 
A host redeem'di who've drawn the sword 

And siuffpea'd op it* edge, 
And hewn our way through hostile ranks, 

To ^ tee««to(aL pledge." 

Pttien Totali JAitbttiefl foeioty of tke 'Citfof JtaMi. 

WlLLrAKf W. BROWER, PrmidMU , 

William Walker, lat Vice PresiienU 
Eli Holden, 2(2 do. do. 

George Wier, Jr., Secording Secretary^ 
John A. Ward, Corresponding Secretary. 

George Woer, > William Downs, 

Charles Anderson, » <>BoiqaininiHoghes, 

*'R«ndftll €esar. 

*' To God be thanks, who pours us out 

• Cold water irom his hills, 
In"cryi^td springs and feUibbfittg brooks, 

In lakes and sparkling rills 1 
From these to quench our thirst we come, 

With ireameaVshoiit and song/ 




Abel M. Groo^nor^ Vite Pr^sidentj 
Comfort F. Butler, Secretary pro tern. 
Seth G. Heacock, Corresponding Secretary f 
Simeon Fox, Treasurer. 


Clark Robinson, Seth Gw Heaoock, 

Abel M. Grosvenor, Simeon Fox. 


E. D. RobinsQp, Se)ah Barnard, 




Judge — ^Hon. Alfred Conkling, of Auburn. 
Clekk — ^Anson Little, of Utica. 
Marshal — Clark Robinson, of Bufl&lo. 
Crier — ^Horatio Gates, *' 

Term — Second Tuesday in October. 


This Court will be holden each day until further no- 
tice, at Auburn, except from 9th to 22d of May; from 
19th June to 5th of July ; from 10th July to 17th July; 
and from the 8th to 24th of October, each day inclu- 
sve — Judge Conkling being absent on business. 


VICE CHANCELLOR'S COURT-^rn Judicial Circuit. 
Hon. Frederick Whittlesey, Vice Chancellor. 

Appointments until 1st June, 1843, — ^At the Court 
House in the city of Roohester, on the 4th Tuesday of 
August, November, February and May. 

Special Terms — 2d and 4th Tuesdays of each month, 
at the office of the Vice Chancellor, in Rochester. 


Hon. Samuel Nelson, C kief Justice. 

Denio, Paige, \ p, , 

Hallett, Sutherland, ^ ^'«'^*'- 
General Terms — First Monday of January, May 
find July; and third Monday of October, 




Hon. Nathan Dayton, Circuit Judge. 

Noah P, Sprague, Clerk. 
John M. Crozier, Crier. 

MINER FOR 1842, 

Will be holden as follows, viz: 

Erie — Si Monday in Feb^ry July and November, and- 

\ 3d Tuesday in April, 
Monroe — <•■ 1st Monday in February and April. 

2d " July, 

3d '^ October. 

Orleans— 2d " February and October. 

Ghautauque— 4th " February, 

2d '' November. 

Livingston — 2d " March, 

3d Tuesday in September. 
Genesee— 8d Monday in March, 

4th " September. 

Niagara— 4th " March, 

1st ^^ October. 

N. B. At the February and July terms in Erie and 
Monroe, there will be no Court of Oyer and Terminer. 
Motions for new trials must be made on the first 
Thursdays in January, May, August and November, 
at the Court House, in Lockport. 


Hon. Nathan K. Hall, First Judge. 
Frederick P. Stevens, 1 

Aaron Salisbury, \ 

Noah P. Sprague, Clerk. 
John M. Crozier, Crier. 
Terms — ^First Monday in June, October and Feb'y. 



Hon. Horatio J. Stow, Recorder. 
M. Cadwallader, Clerk. 
John M. Crozier, Crier. 
Terms — Second Mondity in March, May, July, Sep- 
tember and December. 


Horace Clark, Esq., Justice. 

This ofRce, for the transaction of criminal business, 
is located on the comer of Terrace and Pearl streets, 
directly over the west end of the Market 

Justices of the Peace — Selah Barnard, Cyrus H. De 
Forest, Harry Slade. 



(daily and tri-webkly.) 
Doct T. M. Foote, Editor— Elam R. Jewett, Publisher. 

Office, Exchange Buildings. 


T. M. Foote, Editor — ^Jewett & Manchester, Publishers. 

Office, Exchange Buildings. 

Hi White, Esq., Editor— C. F. S. Thomas, .Printer, 

Henry Burwell, Proprietor. 
Office, 148 Main st 

By the same, at the same office. 




Foster & Butler, Printers and Publishera— J. C. Bunner, 
Editor. Office, 268 Main st 



George Zahm, Editor an^ Proprietor. 
Office, Main street, near Mohawk street 


R. W. Haskins, A. M. Editor— A. W. Wilgus, Printer. 
• Office, 203 Main street. 



Wm. Prescott, Editor and Proprietor— Charles Faxon, 
Printer. Office, 4 Birckhead Block, Commercial st. 



By C. C, Bristol— C. F. S. Thomas, Printer. 

Office, 207 Main street. 



A. M. Glapp, l^itor — Salisbury & Clapp, Printers. 
Office, Exchange Buildings, Main st 



J. S. Cbadboume, Editor — ^Faxon & Read, Publishers^ 

Office, 113 Main street 




On the Triangle^ bounded by Erie, Peari & Church sts. 

Rev. William Shiltok, D. D. Rector. 

Henry Hawkins, Sexton. 

George B. Webster, 1st Warden, 
Henry Hamilton, 2d '' 


William W^liamsy Lester Brace, 

Walter Joy, RusseH H. Heywood, 

Joseph 6KJifastoD, Stephen Walker, 

Elijah Ford, Edward S. Warren. 


Church Batavia street,, between Main and Washington, /^ 

opposite the Park. 

Rev. Luther H. Angier, Pastor, 
John Newland, Sexton. 


Noah H. Gardner, Aaron Rumsey, 

Nelson Randall, Theodora D. Billings, 

Charles E. Clark, Greorge Howard. 


Church, Hickory street, between Bataria and Williami 

Rev. Francis H. Guentker, Pastor, 

Christiiin Heinz, Sexton. 


WilliannDuthe, Peter Reichert, • 

Nicolas Weber, Jacob Bom, 

Philip Mueller, Daniel Backer* 



Meeting House, Niagara street, below Pearl. 

Rev. Philo Woodworth, Pas^r, 

" Daniel M. Vanderpool, Local Preacher, 

'» WilUam Spell, " " 

'^ Isaac Dobson, '^ '^ 

'' Charles M. Woodward, " " 

— — Jones, Sexton. 

Alanson Josselyn, William Madison, 

3amuel Taff, George Eeech, 

Charles Wormwopd, Hiram W. Perce, 
Moses Stoddard, Benjamin Gorham« 

Daniel M. Vanderpool, and Clerk. 


Meeting Room, Niagara street, near Pearl, 
Rev. Stephen Dutton, Pastor, 
Gieen Givens, Sexton. 


James Thomas, Henry Fields, 

Carr Johnscm, Nathan Steward. 


Chfirch, con^r of Eagle and Niagam streets^ 

Rev. George W. Hosmer, Pastor, V 

William F. Tucker, Sexton. 


John W. Reals, Noah P. Sprague« 

Oliver G, Steele, Nathan K. Hall, 

James HolHster. 


Washington street reformed prcp 

testant dutch church. 

Washinj^n street, near Eagle. 

Rev. John Beattie, Pastor. 

Nathan Lyman, ^ 

Wm. W. Brodhead, > Consistory. 

Josiah C. Payne, ) 

Nathan L3rniui, Treasurer. 


Church, Washington street, near Swan. 

Rev. James N. Granger, Pastor. 
Moses B. Fifield, Sexton. 


I)aniel Bowen, George Jones, 

Elisha Hay\V^ard, John Bush, 

Joshua P. Morgan, Cyrus K. Anderson^ 


Ipomer Chutch and Niagara streets. 
Rev. A. T. Hopkins, Pastor. 

George Coit, President 

Heman B. Potter, William Ketchum, 

Joseph Dart, Jr^ Stephen G. Austin, 

Peter Curtiss, Joseph Clary, 

Samuel F. Pratt, Thomas R. Stocking, 

Henry Hoot, SedH^tary and Treasurer. 

Wheeler Hotchkiss, Sexton-^residencef in basement 

' '' ■}/ 


Meeting house ftt Concert Hall, on Pearl st. 
Rev. Zenas Covel, Pastor. 


Jesse Merrett, Rdfoert Bigelow^ 

Stephen Bettis, E. T. Bond, 

John P. Shaw, Jo^hn Oreenwood, 

Ira C.Stone. 


Meeting house on Vine street 
Rev. George Weir, Pastor, 


William Downs, Charles Andersoii, 

William Hall, John Simpson, 

Wesley Berry. 


Washington stteet* between Swan aad South Division. 
Rev. Cioero S« Hawks, Rector. 


Harry Daw, J. Radcliff. 

Robert Hdlister, Cyrus Atheam, 

James De Long, E^ Tilliflrimst, 

Henry M. Kinne, Henry P. Tflayet, 

ftushmore Poole, nR. C. Palmer. 

Ralph WtHiamsf Sexton j 


Rev. William Whelan, Pastor. 

Martin Rowan, Lackey Y. Conway, ^ 

Patrick Short, Anthony McComwell, /\ 

John Vaughn, Patrick Higgins, 

James MaBen« James Sullivan,' 

Patrick Conolly. 


Church, (Genesee street, corner bf Pear]. N/ 
Rev. John C Lord, Pastor," 


Reuhen B. Heacock, Greorge Stow, 

Mn Mann, Mr. Foster, 

A. S. Sprague. 


Rev. J. J. Shipherd, Pastor. 


WiUiam Cozdukes, Peter Gowaas. 

In addition^ to the foregoing, there are the Bethel So- 
ciety— « Society of PerfectioBista — German Methodists 
— ^German Catholic Church, under the pastoral charge 
of Rev. Alexander Paxn-and also several otbevs. 




This Society, originally formed on the 4th of July, 
1834, was re-organised November 30, 1841, and the • 
following gentlemen appointed officers for the year en- 

SAMUEL WILKESON, Jr., President, 

Abner Bryant, 1st Vice President, 
E. Cruttenden, 2d '^ " 

C. K. Anderson, 3d " '' 

D. W. Williams, Treasurer, 

Georee W. ^Jonson, Corresponding Secretary, 
D. W. Williams, Recording ^ 

Joel A^ins, Librarian. 


Ira C. Stone, Daniel P. Lee, 

William Kinsley, . R. W. Paddleford, 

Bdwin A. Marsh. 

Whereas, our natipnjal existence is based on the 
principles laid down in the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, *^ that all mankind are created equal, and that 
they are endowed by th^ir Creator with certain inalien- 
able rights, among which are life, liberty and the pur- 
suit of happiness;" and whereas, a Aer the lapse of. more 
than sixty years since the faith and honor of the Ame- 
rican people were pledged to this, before Almighty God 
and the world, onensixth part of the nation are held . in 
bondage by their fellow-citizens ; and whereas, slavery 
is contrary to the principles of natural justice, of our 
republican form of government, and of the Christian re- 
ligion, and is greatly hindering the prosperity of the 
country, while it is endangering the peace, union and 
liberties of the states; and whereas, we believe no serine 
of expatriation, either voluntary or by compulsion, can 
remove this great and increasing evil; and whereas, we 
believe that it is pmcticabk, by appeals to the oon- ^ 


acience, hearts and interests of the people, to awaken 
a public sentiment throi^houl the nation, that will be 
opposed to the contimtanc^ of slavery in any part of the 
republic, and by effecting the speedy abolition of slave- 
ry, prevent a general convulsion ; and whereas, we 
believe that we owe it to the oppressed, and to our fel- 
low-citizens who hold slaves, to posterity, and to God, 
t^ do all that is lawfully in our power to bring about 
the extinction of rfavery, we do hereby agree— (with a 
prayerful reliance on that Being who^'has made of one 
blood all nations of men to dwell on all the face of the 
earth,^^) — to form ourselves into a society to be govern- 
ed by fte following 


A&TiCLB 1. — This Society shall be styled the "Buf- 
falo City Anti-Slavbrt Socixtt — Auxiliary to the 
New- York State Anti-Slavery Society.'' 

A»T. 3. — ^The objects of this Society shall be to col- 
lect and diffuse information on the true character of 
slavery; to convince our countrymen of its heinous 
criminality in the sight of God ; to show that the duty, 
safety and interest of all concerned, require its aban- 
donment; and to take all moral, religious and other law- 
ful means to effect a total and immediate abolition of 
slavery in the United States, * 

Abt. 3. — ^This Society shall aim to elevate the char- 
acter and condition of the people of color, by encoura- 
fpjig their intellectual, moral and religious improve- 
ment, by correcting the prejudices of public opinion, 
and by endeavoring to obtain for our colored fellow-citi- 
zens an equality with the whites of civil, religious and 
political privileges* 

Abt. 4. — This Society distinctly recognizes and cor- 
dially approves the plan of political organization in be- 
half of the slave ; it believes that the time has come 
when the ballot box — ^that powerful engine in a repub- 
lican government — should be brought to bear upon the 


mementous question of human liberty; and it coniidentiy 
asserts that no consistent al|jj|itionist can sanction or 
support any ticket which may emanate from any party 
that, either directly or indirectly, connives at the exis- 
tence of slavery. In order the more speedily and effec- 
tually to abolish this tremendous evil, it shall be the 
duty of all the members of this Society to endeavor, by 
" speaking the truth in love,^' to convert their neighboii^ 
and the citizens generally, to the great principles of hu- 
man rights, and such of them as vote, earnestly urged 
to give their suffrages and influence, at every election, 
in favor of the liberty ticket, unless they believe the 
candidate or candidates are wanting in ability, iKegrity 
or devotion to the cause. 

Art. 5. — Any person who agrees with the principles 
of this Constitution, may, on signing the same, be a 
member of the Society, and shall be entitled to vote at 
its meetings. 

Art. 6. — The officers of the Society shall be a Pres- 
ident, three Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, a^Coriespon^ 
ding and a Recording Secretary, a Librarian, and five 
Managers — all of whom shall constitute the Executive 
Committee of the Society, to whom shall be entrusted 
the disposition of the Society^s funds, and the general 
management of its afi^rs. Five shall constitute a quo- 

Art. 7.— a meeting of the Society shall be held an- 
nually, on the last Monday in November, at which time 
an annual report shall be made by the Executive Coti% 
mittee, and the officers be elected, who are to serve one 
year. Other meetings of the Society shall be called 
whenever the Executive Committee shall authortoe the 
same, or on written application of ten members of the 

J^OTE.—- The Preamble and Constitution of this Society ia 
giveiL to my readers that the document, may be preserved, aii4 
the NOTiYxs of the institution uojCieratooid. 




There are at present four Companies of the 4th Re- 

Siment U. S. Artillery, consisting of Companies I., H., 
L and P., quartered at Poinsett Barracks, Buffalo, 
comprising 300 men, who for deportment, order, dis- 
cipline, and gentlemanly conduct, are not surpassed 
by any detachment in the American or any other army. 


I. B. Crane, Colonel. 

R. C. Wood, Surgeon. 

Lieut J. P. J. O'Brian, Ass't Com. of Subsistence. 

Capt Stokes, Assistant Quarter Master. 

Lieut Miller, Adjutant 

J. L. Gardner, Major. 
J. B. Scott, Captain. 

J. M. Washington, S. C. Ridgley, J. P. Phelps, Lieu- 

J. C. Pemberton, — • Bradford, — McCown, 
Soley, •^— Wooster, 2d Lieutenants. 


W. G. Williams, Captain. 

J. C. Woodrufi^ 2d Lieutenant 

H. A. Ogdeui Sutler. 





i)avid Burt, Brigadier General, 

George P. Stevenson, Aid-de-canap, 
Isaac V. Vanderpoel, Brig. Major and Inspector, 
Jason Sexton, Quarter Master, > 

Charles H. Allen, Paymaster, 
William L. G. Smith, Judge Advocate, • 
Henry R. Stagg, Surgeon. 


William TtothiU, Colonel, 

James Faxon, Lieutenant Colonel, 

Alfred Clemons, Major, 

p. H. P. Champlin, Quarter Masiet', 

William Galligan, Paymaster, 

James P. White, Surgedn. 


A. H. Ayer, Captain, 

E. H. Bowman, Lieutenant 


Ira Hall, Captain. 

A. L. Clark, Lieutenant, 

— ^ Pierson, Ensign. 


Gfeorge Zahm, Major, 

Daniel Becker, Adjutant. 
Peter Scfamitt, Quarter Master. 
George Voltz, Paymaster. 



Jacob Domedion, Captain; N. Hellreigell, Lieutenant; 
M. Kolb, Ensign. 


Daniel Deving, Captain; Samuel Oberist, Lieuten- 
ant; Peter Pfanner, Ensign. 


J. Hellreigell, Captain ; M. Doll, Lieutenant; Philip 
Miller, Ensign. 


F. Mochell, Captain ; . M. Friday, Lieutsnant; 

Jikurbruch, Ensign. 



George P. Barker, Brigadier General. 

Harlow S. Love, Brigade Major and Inspector. 
William Vandervoort, Quarter Master. 
Philip Dorsheimer, Paymaster. 
Henry K. Viele, Judge Advocate. 
Isaac S. Youngs, Surgeon. 


William F. P. Taylor, Colonel. 

M. L. Faulkner, Lieutenant Colonel. 
John J. Fay, Major. 
James W. Brown, Adjutant. 
Loomis Lyman, Quarter Master* 
John S. Stevenson, Paymaster* 
Charles Wiaoe, Surg^n* 



Carl Hornung, Captain; J. Krettner, Lieutenant; Q» 
P. Ricardy Ensign. 


John R» Lee, Captain; A. McArthur, Lieutenant; H« 
D. Huff, Ensign. 


S. Daniels, Captain ; Otis Vaughn, Lieutenant ; E« 
Vanderventer, Ensign. 



A. A. Evstaphieve, Captain; S. T. Atwater, Licuten^j^ 
ant; C. L. Harrington, Ensign. 



Lackey Y. Conway, Captain; J. £. R. Abbott, 
Lieutenant; J. McKinney, Eni^ign. 


P&OHiBiTSD — Arms, anununitiont books, base coin^, 
fish [except fresh] oil, blubber or skins of creatures liv.* 
ing in the sea; tea. 

Free — ^Ashes, bullion, beef, bread, bacon, biscuit, 
com, cocoa nuts, cord«wood, cabinet maker^s wood, 
diamonds, drugs^ [unmanufactured] dye-woods, fruit8» 
meal and fresh fish, flour, flax, grain [unground] gums 
of all kinds, hay, horses, hams, hemp, live stock, lath- 


woody lumber, Iogs> pork, rice, rosin, raw hides, staves, 
shingles, Iprtoise shell, tow, tallow, timber, wood hoops, 
and wood. 

7 J PER CENT DUTY— Alabaster, anchovies, argot, 
annis-^ed, amber, almonds, brimstone, currants, ca- 
pers, coral, cork, dates, essences, preserved fruits, ho- 
ney, iron in bars, and unwroaght pig iron, juniper ber- 
ries, lava,^ marble or stone, medals, nu)ts, essential or 
vegetable oils, feathers, olives, pickles, pitch, paintings, 
pumice stone, punk, cheese, pearls, precious stones^ 
prints, raisins, sponge, sausages, turpentine, tar, verme- 
. Jelli, whetstones, wine. 

* 20 PEK CENT DUTY — Caudy, cotton manufactures of, 
glass, manufactures of, tobacco manufactures of, refin- 
41 sugar, soap. 

30 PER CENT DUT — ^Books Specially imported, paper, 
clocks, watches, leather manufacturers ofH^Q^n or silk 
manufacturers of, musical instruments, and all sorts of 
Wire. ' 

15 PER CENT DUTY — ^AU Other articles not enumera- 
ted above, except 

Salt, 6d per bushel; spirits, Is per gallon; sugar, raw, 
5s per 112 pounds; coffee, 5s per 112 pounds; cocoa do. 
molasses, 3s per 112 pounds ; wine in bottles, 7d per 
gallon; and 7} per cent, ad valorem, and' Is each doz. 
quart bottles. 






Bunker Hill, 



Cbas. Townsend, 

Com. Ferry, 






De Witt CUnton, 

Daniel Webster, 


O. W. CUnton, 

Great Western, 

General Wayne, 

General Scott, 

General Harrison 

Jamea Madiaon, 
Julia Palmer, 
North America, 
Robert Pulton, 
Rhode Island, 

Thos. Jeffferson, 
United States, 
N Wisconsin, 














Gllman Appleby. 
Levi Allen. 

D. P. Nickerson. 

E. D. Masters. 
John EJmonds. 
David Wilkinson. 

John ShooJt 

Morrii Hazard. 

D. He we. 

T. J. Titus, 
A. E. Hart. 
A. H. Squier. 
Laid up. 
A. Ed vards. 
Asa R. Swift. 
A. Walker. 
Amos Pratt 
Ira Davis. 

S. F. Atwood. 

E. B. Ward. 
Archibald Allen. 
I. T. Pheast. 
John McFadgen. 
Laid up. 

Van AHen. 

F. N. Jones. 
Thomas Wilkins. 
Laid up at MUwaukie. 
Laid up^ 

Under an Injunction. 

Sunk in Buffalo Creek. 

Laid up at Erie. 

R. Folger. 

R. Hart. 

Laid up— for sale. 

L. Gager. 


G. W. Floyd. 
Laid np. 

C. H. Ludlow. 
Henry Randall. 


Waring. Stockton&Co 
Kinne, Davis & Co. 
Joy & Webster. 

M. Kingman ic Co. 
P.L.Parsons Sc Co. Sc 
A. R. Cobb & Co. 
M. Kingman & Co. 
P.L. Parsons &Co.and 
A. R. Cobb Sc Co. 
Hunter, Palmer & Co. 
Coit, Kimberly & Co. 

P. L. Panons Sc Go.4 

Gdston A Evans. 
M. Kingman fit. Co. 
Joy to Webster. 
P.L.Parsons &, Co.and 
A, R. Cobb St Co. 
P. L. Parsons & Co. 
Hunter, Palmer Sc Go. 
A. R. Cobb St Co. 
Kinne, Davis & Co. 
P. L. Parsons & Co. 
A. R. Cobb Sc Co. 

Kinne, Davis to Co. 

Hunter, Pahner to Co. 
Coit, Kimberly to Co. 

P. L. Parsons to Co. 
on exploring ezpedit*n. 
M. Kingman to Co. 

GelrtoB to Evans, 

* This is the only British steamboat trading at this port. 

•><&:. #^' I 






/-« *^'i ^Western Trans- 
Commercial, > „^,#„,:^ r>« 

Rail Road « 

Hudson and Oixio. • • » 

Troy and Michigan. 

New-Tork and SufTalo Lake Boat • . 

Erie Canal. v • * • • 



' American Transporta- 
tion Co. 




New-Tork . . 

New-Tork and Ohio 

Albany and Miehigfan 

#V^estern Navigation Company 


Whitehall and fiaifalo 


Troy and Erie 

Troy and Ohio 

United States. 

Troy and Western 

Utica and Bafialo •• •-• 

Ithaca and Bufiido. 

Express ,.... 

Commercial Transportation Co * • • . 

New-Tork and I>etroit 

Eckford :.. 


New-Tork and Buffalo 

Erie Transportation Co 

Merchants' and MtUers' 


Merchants • 


New-Tork and Chicago. 

Merchants' Transportation Co 

Clinton.... » 


Buffalo Lake Boat • 

yRome and Buffalo 

Gelston 6c Evans. 

J. Nottingham & Co. 

Kinne, Davis &, Co. 

P. L. Parsons & Co. 

A. R. Cobb & Co. 



M. Kingman & Co. 

Joy & Webster. 
Coit, Kimberly & Co. 


Sears & Saltar. 
William Ruzton & Co. 


Henry H. Treat. 

Colson & Brace. 
H. H. Fish & Co. 
Beecher &> Johnson. 

' do 

Hunter, Palmer &. Co. 




Wftiingr Stockton &. Co» 

L. D. Allen, 




































* Those nmrked with a star, are laid oat by individiiala, aad 
not yet regularly admitted by the Corporation. 







Abell* . 



































Franklin Place* 























Le CkHiteulx 














Maiden Lane 























North Division 





Orange ' 
















Red Jacket 














Sbuth Dri^ision 




St Clair 


St Joseph 













Van Rensselaer 

Van Buren* 








Waverly Place 


*Tho8e marked with a 8tar» are laid out by iaclividiial% sad 
not yet regnhrlj admitted bjr tiie CoipeiatioA. 





VAriealUd and UntqiudUd II ! I 

Celebrated for curing Pains or weakness in the 
BreaBt, Siiie, Back, or Limbs; also for Gout, Rbeutna- 
tism, Liver Complaint and Dyspepsia. In Coughs, 
Colds, Asthmas, difficulty of breathing, oppression of 
the stomach, &.C. they will give immediate and soothinx 
relief; and for neatness, pleasantness, safety, ease ana 
certainty, are decidedly superior to other ramedies. — 


Persons Ti^liose business or avocations require tfiat tHey 
should sit or stand much, or thode of sedentary habits 
generally, who may be troubled with paints in the sidb 
or breast, are advised to try one of these beautiful and 
unrivalled plasters. They are difibrent from others, 
and free from objections which are generally made 
against plasters. Perhaps there is no medical observa- 
tion better established than that of ** Consumption ori- 
ginates in neglected Colds.'' In a climate so variable 
as ours, it requires more care and attention to guard 
against the attacks of this too often fatal disease, than 
most persons are able and willing to bestow. It cannot 
therefore but be a gratification to the subscriber to be 
enabled to offer to all of consumptive habits, or those 
afflicted with distressing pains in the side or breast, or 
any afiection of the breast or lungs, a reasonahle pros- 
pect of relief by using his ** Universal Strengthening 

In the course of more than twenty years professional 
practice, of the many who have used them he has not 
heard one solitary complaint; on the Contrary so nume- 
rous are the cures they have effected, so abundant are 
the most positive and conclusive proofs of their efficacy 
be is daily receiving, so ardent, s^cere and grateful is 
the language of those who have used them, that he is 
induced to oifer them as decidedly superior to any thing 
of the kind^ and unrivalled hy any in the whole world f 

The Ladies are respectfully informed that they are 
prepared with inference also to a number of delicate 
complaints, peculiar to the sex, that they are spread in 
a scientific manner, on the most beautiful soft and plia- 
ble lamb ^iB, will not soil or stain the whitest linen, 
and may be worn by the most delicate persons, in all 
situations, with ease and comfort, and without removal 
for one montht with pleasure. 

Printed directions signed ** WILLIAM EUEN," in 
my own hand, writing, will be placed upon the back of 
each plaster. Persons wishing to purchase will be par- 


ticiilar to 9ak^ ^'DOCTQR EUBN'S UNIVERSAL 

STRENGTHENING PIASTER/' aad oee that they 
got the dixectioDs thus signed, without which iu»ie caa 
pgsathly be genuine. They are put up in boxes of ooid 
or more dozen each, with large aiid attractive showbills; 
will keep without injury in any climate> and will be for- 
warded promptly as per order. Druggists, Dealeiis Mud 
Country Merchants, will find them a very saleable lurti* 
cle at all times and in all places, and will find it an ob^ 
ject tp become purchasers. 
For nale by 

C. C. Bristol, 1 

S. J. HiNSDALK, > Bu^a 

A. Ramsdell, ) 

Mamtfadureri^ AgetUt 282 Main st. Bufftda* 


Are prepared to furnish, at the shortest notice^ all 

kinds of 

toorder. On hand, VIALS, assorted, from i to 8 oz.x 

Liquid Opodeldoc ; Steers' do.; 

Bateman's; Godfrey^s; British Oils} 

Turlington's; 2 and 9 osu Linaments ; 

Square Varnish Botdes; 

woBf from i to 8 oz.; 

Quart, pint and i pint white Caslor Oils; 

Black quart and pint Bottles; 

Half pint and pint Fiadu, dsc. dse. 
Orders for all kinds of Glass Ware, will leeeive 
prompt attention, and on liberal terms, if addressed to 


282 Main street, Buffaku 



" Mail gentle spring, etheriai mildnett come, 
And from the bosom of yon dropping clond." 

HE mild and lovely spring, with all its 
rosy charms, has come again. Vegeta- 
tion bursts forth afresh, and the delicious 
fragrance of shrubs and flowers, blesses, 
with its holy presence, the abode of man. 

The soft stirring air comes laden with the breath of the 
south, kissing the ringlets that cluster around fair maid- 
ens' cheeks — ^then flitting away on its errand of mercy 
to the chambers of sickness and sorrow. 

Alas ! that pain and iLjLness should dwell on earth ! 
But thus it is; and Instead of repining at the dispensa- 
tions of Providence, we shouldj thank Heaven that, 
along with our ills, an antidote is sent. How many 
hundreds and thousands who have been brought to the 
very verge of the grave, bless the day when that **w(m- 
d,er of wonders^^ in the healing art — CC/** Bristol's 
SAR8ApARiLLA«,£g — was placed within their reach, and 
they induced to test its healing virtues. 

While all the more obstinate diseases, such as Scro- 
fula, Cancer, and Syphilis, (which baffle the skill of 
our best physicians,) invariably yield to the potent ef- 
fects of this — their master medicine — it is also of price- 
less worth in eradicating every lurking disease of the 
human system. How many are constantly dropping 
into the silent grave from a sheer neglect in purifying 
the channels of life, and banishing the presence of ev- 
ery symptcnn of disease ! The countenance assumes a 
cadaverous, sickly hue ; unpleasant blotches disfigure 
that face divine; the eye is languid, and has lost its 
heavenly, winning expression. But behold the change 
in those who have drank the life-giving nectar that 
dwells in <« Bristol's Sarsaparilla !" The smooth noble 
forehead is again stamped with divinity ; the eye beams 
intelligence, and sparkles with health. Sleep once more 
brings real refreshment ; and as we rise and snufl'the 



morning breezesy while tbe free and nnobetrnded blood 
bounds aloiig ita appointed channels, we fei^ that we 
are ** ^om againJ^ 

Permitt gentle reader, another voice from the tomb ! 
to add his tribute ia favor of that matchless remedy 
which aione,aftei: a protracted illness of four long years 
of suffering and sorrow, enabled your humble servant 
to put forth this work as a public convenience, and re- 
stored him to health and usefulness. 

Buffalo, May 29, 1642. 

t " ■ ' , : — r—. ' 


Some of the most unpleasant, revolting and danger- 
ous diseases to whicl) Jhe human race are liable, ai^ 
known to be hereditary, and even to pass through many 
generations. It is oilen remarked that consumption 
seems to run through certain families, and that parents, 
children, and grand children, all successively die with 
it Scrofula passes by descent from generation to gen*" 
eration* The syphili^c toiiK, which m the parent lies 
dormant, becomes often active in the child, on whom 
the sins of the father are thus visited* Insanity |>asees 
from sire to son, as a heritage— apd many other com- 
plaints of the most serious and alarming nature, go 
down as dread heirlo<»ns to posterity, embhlerhig life 
and producing death. 

Of these diseases and complaints, somp are consider- 
ed constitutional and pass by ^nsanguinity, from pam 
entB to their ofi^>fuifi[ 9 ^^^ odiers, in addition to tiieif 
being heritable, are often derived from lactation. Syplb- 
ilis, for instance, may descend to the child W tf^ P^^ 

ally of ili pMemngBv on U nay be dexived fjom a muwe 
iafected with the lekit, Ihoqgh apfiaiently in payfect 
health; and tbua upon the innocent are visited the 
wrongs or the misfortunes of others. 

What to a pai^nt can be mxxe dreadful, than the idea 
of handing down to a beloved child, as an inbentance 
beyond alienation, disease and deatb'^^^disease liogering 
and loathsome, death early and iaevitable ? What to a 
child can be more saddening than a knowledge of the 
fact, that through the carelessness, or folly, or still 
worse, of a parent, his life is clogged with such a curse 
-^that those who gave him being, have also given him 
an existence of pain and su&ring, and a death of an* 
guish and despair? What to a nurse could be more dis- 
tressing, than a consciousness that the smiling cherub 
who draws support and nourishment from her breast, 
draws also from the same fountain, a poison that shall 
corrupt its constitution, destroy its health, and end its 

Parents, have you thought of the awful consequences 
that may be entailed upon your children, and your 
children's children, by the corrupted currents of your 
blood flowing thuf^gh their veins ? Have you reflected 
that the life you give them, may be cursed by your in- 
firmities 1 Have you considered that it were better that 
they had never been born, that they should obtain from 
you an inheritance of agony and wretchednessn and 
evei[i death ? Nurses^ have you reflected that the inno- 
cent and beautiful beings nestling in your boson^s, and 
deriving from you th^r ^usbananqe^ may be also uncon^ 
si9i<»isly imbibing from tha fouMbwas Qf nutursf the 


poison teint of diseaao y<m now have, or may hkve had? 
Have you coBsideied that it were better^ ftir better, to 
deny them the support they need, and suffer them to 
perish in their infancy and purity, than to let them, 
. with the milk they draw, suck the poison of a disease 
that shall make life a curse while it continues^ and 
death a consequence of your fault when it comest 

If you have thought of this, then you must be anx- 
ious to know how the evil may be remedied, and the 
danger be averted. There is but one way in which this 
can be done. The disease must be cured ; the teint 
must be removed. Bvery impurity mfust be cleared 
from the system. It must be purified and renovated. 
An apparent cure is not enough — the teint — ^the ten* 
dency to the complaint must be eradicated. It will not 
do to rely upon the disappearance of the disease. How 
often in cases of consumption, and more particularly of 
Scrofula, and Syphilis, has the patient congratulated 
himself upon a permanent cure, because every symptom 
of the complaint has disappeared, and found by a bitter 
experience, after months and even years had elapsed, 
that the teint was never eradicatecU^that the seeds of 
the disease remained in the system, wtee they festered 
on until the complaint burst out afresh, and with in- 
creased violence and malignity. In the ordinary busi-' 
ness of life it will seldom do to trust to appearances— 
in complaints such as these of which we have been 
speaking, it would be worse than madness to do so* 
The patient should be certain not only that the disease 
was suppressed, but the teint entirely eradicated. 
Upon married people, parentsi and nurses, an awful 


iie^)Qiiii|NUty>Ni t0 h^ ^cerUifn ikmi 41m mm, Sut not 
4mly nay th^in9eli^ miShr if it be not, (but tbej nmy 
also email upon (beir offspring $M mamlmgih aii thr 
batxon of a dvaadful diiteaie, aad maka H ev^i a om- 
stUutiopal malady. 

There is but oae medicine now knonra that ia safe 
and efficacious in xexnoviog entuely every tiace of 
those hereditary diseases from the system, a^ thai ne- 
dieioe is 

It may seen eztravagsat to say aO| but the assertion is 
&Hy borne out by the most irrofragabte proofs. Take 
die oaae af Syphilia. Ha^e there not been numerous 
instattoes where medical art has been exhausted in vain 
to arrest tfie piioi^iess of the disease 1 All know tiiat 
there haTe, that wealth has been lavished, and years 
been spent in seeking relief, and all in vain. Not a 
single case in which this preparation of SarsaparSlla 
has been used perseveringly, however advanced, has 
proved fatal-^-aod in not a single instance where by its 
use a cure has bee% effected, has the disease ever retur- 
ned. Why? Becpiif its aaarehing, and purifying, and 
renovating operation has pervaded and penetrated every 
portioQ of the systsm, eradicated every trace of the dis- 
ease, and ^rooted out every gpnn of the omiplaint. Of 
Scrofula, the same may be asserted with perfect truth. 
Can this be said of any other medicine? No, not of one. 
Where the utmost art of the physicians have failed-— 
where all other remedies have proved worse than vain, 
ihUy and thU alone, has been successful 


Diseasea wkioh are deep seated in the system, re* 
quiie a remedy that shall reach them in their hiding 
places, and destroy Ihem in their dens. Purgation will 
not do this, nor will any preparation that will not per- 
vade the system and purify it This Bristol's Extract 
of Sarsaparilla does, and will do, and in this consists 
the immense advantage it has over every other medical 

The numerous hereditary diseases — ^hereditary be- 
cause they are so deep seated as to teint the very life 
currents, and be, as it were, almost engrafted into the 
system, and form part of the ooostttadon itself— -may 
be entirely cured, and every trace of the teint utterly 
eradicated from the system by the use of Bristol's Sar- 
saparilla; and in every case where such a disease ex- 
ists, parents and nurses owe it to themselves, to their 
little ones, and to posterity, to guard against the conse- 
quences pf the malady, or its teint 

Children of sudi parents should by a timdy use of 
this medicine, avert the fearful destiny, diat the inherit 
tance of such a complaint must otherwise «[itail upon 
th^n. I 

For sale by the proprietor, !'>' 

207 Main street, Buflaio. 
Also by his authorised agents. 






Throughoiil this Directory, the Christian names of 
those where diere are more than one of the same sur- 
name, are alphabetically arranged The firms are 
always placed at the last of those of the same name. 
When females are known to be widows, they are so 
designated, and placed immediately preceding the fiilns, 
in correct arrangement — and a scrupulously strict al- 
phabetical arrangement (carefully conformable to the 
correct spelling of the name,) is observed throughout 
the work. 

In searching for a name, the inqufrer must know the 
proper spelling. For instsuice, if Baley is sought, not 
look for Bailey — for Schneider, not look for Snyder 
— for Schmidt, not look for Smith — ^and vice versa. 

The words street^ siore^ office^ and the prepositions 
of, aif with^ &c. arD not expi^ssed but understood. The 
place of business is placed first 

ABBREviATiONs^p-h. stands for house — c. comer — 
bd. lH>ard or hoards — ab. ahove^-^hh below — ^bt hettoeen 
— e. east — w. teest — n. north — s. south^-op, opposite 
— ^lab. Za^orer— cab. cabinet — ^wid. widoWj &c. 


or Tm 

IN THE crrr of buffalo, 

• €ta tbe First day of Junes 1849* 

Abbott Abram, grocer and com merchant dock and 

prime near main h eeneca near michigan 
Abbott Joseph E. R. att'y enquijce L Y Conway 
Abbott Joseph, tailor h franl^lin n chippewa 
Abbott Samuel, M. D. off swan c Washington 
Abbott Thomas, h seventh near Virginia 
Abbott Mrs. widow of Thatcher, h delaware ab chip- 
Ackley, alias Jeggli Anthony, scissors grinder ^42 

Ackley, alias Jeggli John, grocer 942 main 
Ackroyd Henry, truckman h terrace w pearl 
Ackroyd Henry, Jr. lab h terrace w pearl 
Ackroyd Hiram, lab h terrace w pearl 
Adams Daniel P. printer h huron bl ellicott 
Adams £dmund, bd with Milan ex-c^onstable 
Adams Hiram, grocer 1 east seneca 
Adams James T. confectioner 189 and 360 mam 
Adams John, confectioner at 1^9 main 
Adams Jc^n, lab h 271 main 
Adams Joseph, barber pearl c terrace 
Adams Milan, ex-censtaUe h garmaa .bl ddiawaie 



Adams Milan, h Washington near high 
Adams Nelson, h ellicott bt tupper and goodell 
Adams Nathan W. watchmaker and jeweller 26 com- 
mercial bd J Guild (see adv) 
Adams Orrin, building mover by screws, 6z;c off at W 

Rose's h oak near genesee 
Adams Peter, stone cutter n terrace c mechanic 
Adams Thomas, firm Cameron & Adams bd Mrs Tay- 
Adams Peter Mrs. h genesee near terrate 
Addinffton William H. clerk 66 main 
Adler Jacob, shoemaker pearl c chippewa 
Adler John, lab batavia near michigan 
Adriance John V. S. globe coffee hou^e and vender of 

of poison 290 main 
Aerman Martin, lab h main near high 
Afers John, lab h franklin n chippewa 
Aiken Warren L. tobacconist at 289 main 
Aims Joseph, sash maker main ab chippewa 
Airhart James, lab h lock c railroad 
Aitken Andrew, shoemaker michigan s batavia 
Albery Robert, harness maker h oak n clinton 
Alberger Job, butcher terrace market firm Boorom & 

Alberger F. A. clerk at 3 terrace market 
Albro Stephen, collector city general tax off 140 main 

3d story 
Albro James, with T Foster 
Albro William H. bd with W F Best 
AUard James, porter american hotel h pearl n eagle 
Allen Archibald, captain steamboat Illinois h black 

Allen Carlise T. clothing store long wharf h seneca e 

Allen Charles, shoemaker h mohawk w main 
Allen Charles H. off 234 main bd mrs P HalFs 
Allen Dennis, cab maker north division e oak 
Allen George W. firm G W A & Co h oak n swan 
Allen Hoiley, cooper h mohawk c niagam 


Alien John S* with J Carharth 231 main 
Allen lievi, capt steamboat buffalo h black rock 
Allen Lewis D. forwarder long wharf h eagle e Wash- 
Allen Orlando, office 234 main h swan c pratt 
Allen Rathbun^ clerk 15 Webster block bd M Radibun 
Allen Thomas H. shoemaker 84 main 
Allen Sarah, widow of Stephen, h terrace bl pearl 
Allen George W. & Co. clothing store main c cross 
Allenbrand Alicius, cab maker h elm n genesee 
Allmark Charles J. clerk bd John B Roberts' 
Allshook Francis, lab elm n genesee 
Almy Chauncey C. at seneca st house 
Almy Benjamin D. merchant h swan s oak 
Alvord Philo G. watchmaker and jeweller 161 main bd 

mansion house 
Amand Martin, carpenter h oak s batavia 
Amberg John, shoemaker main opposite high school 
Aroeham George, shoeshop main opposite catholic 

American Hotel, main bt court and eagle 
Anderson Alexander S. book keeper with Hagar 6c co 
Anderson Charles, barber elllcott n huron 
Anderson Cyrus K. dry goods 184 main h gieen e Wash- 
Anderson James, bd Thos Carres 
Anderson James, 2d eng steamboat vermillion 
Anderson John, grocer Washington c swan h north di- 
vision c oak 
Anderson John H. barkeeper theatre recess 
Anderson Otis, boatman bd J L Bates' 
Anderson Robert D. confectioner h main n genesee 
Andrew William, clerk Samuel Strong; & co 
Andrews E. C. grocer genesee c elm 
Andrews Henry, blacksmith seneca e michigan 
Andrews William R. law student h Washington ab court 

Andruws John H. enquire Jo Harris 
Angel John, lab h elm c tupper 



Angier Luther H. Rey. pastor park cliurch hA Mitf 

AjmivDyve^ h carroU near mielngan 
Appleby Gilman, capt steamboat benj. franklin h jack- 

soi^ w eagle 
Arbeur William, piano forte maker b gertnan w delap 

Arcole Iron Co« ware bouse ohio bt washingtim »id in^ 

Arkell G. tailor aeneca e Washington 
Arlain Chriertian A. shoemaker main next to phoenix 

Armbruster Anthony, shoemaker commercial south tfa^ 

Am^mster Joseph, farmer hrckory n eagle 
Armour James, sail maker h oak a batavia 
Armstrong Barthok)mew, shop franklin c tupper 
Armstrong Charles, canal captain enquire R H AnM^d 
Armstrong John, blacksmith van rensselaer hydrautica 
Armstrong Lamberton, saddler h union n eagle 
Armstrong Luzerne, bookbinder at Wilgus's h eagle e 

Arnold John T. exchange broker agency 344 main 
Amo4d Richaid H. cab maker eagle c cedar 
Arust Albert, teamster pearl s huron 
Ash Richard, bd John Lamb 
Ash Nathaniel, on flats rear o( Water stneet 
Ashcrofll Thomas S. retennary surgeon ftaraet^ hotel 

(see adv) 
Ashfiela John, gunsmith genesee e Washington 
Ashley Dorothy wid. nurse exchange c Washington 
Association S. B. office prime at Joy 6s Webster's 
Atheam Cyrus, tobacco factory (see adv) 198 main h 

Washington n seneca 
Atkins Pordyce W. h peari s tupper 
Atkins Joel, merchant h pine s eagle 
Atwater Henry C. firm Atwater, Williams d& Co h sen- 
eca near michigan 
Atwater Albert T. enquiie Coit, Kknberiy ^ Co 


Atwater Samuel P. with A R Cobb U Go h aeneca op 

Atwater, Williama ^ Co. grocers and ship chandlen 

prime c Uoyd 
Atwood S. P. capt steamboat gen harrison 
Atwood Thomas, lab h tupper near franklin 
Auchinvole John, clerk 161 main 
Austin Benjamin, dealer in mill feed and grain main c 

Austin Benjamin H. att'y firm Austin, Love ^ Vedder 

h Washington c eagle 
Austin Perry, boat builder h chippewa w morgan 
Austin Seth, firm Austin & McUullough h pearl c court 
Austin Stephen G. office 240 main h magara square 
Austin, Love ^ Vedder, attorneys 162 main 
Austin & McCuUoughy grocers 68 main 
Averell James capt h jackson w senesee 
Aykroyd ^eorge, firm Heath & Aykroyd 
Aykroyd Henry, h terrace n pearl 
Aykroyd Hiram, h do do 
Ayres Geoirge, on steamboat great western 
Ayies Levi D« firm Bayette, Ayres ^ Co h genesee bl 

Ayres Anna, widow of Sylvanus, h delaware n chip* 

Babcock Alpheus C. blacksmith h terrace ab mechanic 
Babcock Christopher, joiner h tupper near twelfth 
Babcock Greorge R. att'y and sup court commissioner 

268 main 
Bachman Adam, marble cutter with J G Huntington 
Bcu^n Henry, auctioneer h south division c oak 
Bacon Robert C. milkman h Caroline w Virginia 
Backer alias Baker Daniel, h genesee near jefierson 
Badger A. G. musical inst maker 200 main ^ 

Bagtey Abbott G. watchmaker 377 main 
Bailey David C. law student at Fillmore & Haven's 
Bailey Gordon, h swan e hickory 
Bailey Jared, h elk e hamburgh 
Bailey Samuel G. student Doct White 



Baird John, lab h tupper near pMii 

Baker Charles, joiiter h Virginia n franklin 

Baker Chtttries, joiner bd Christian Bidcir 

Baker Christian, alias Bickir, boaxiding house commer^ 

cial south roek 
Baker Daniel, teamster h genetiee near je^rson 
Baker Darius O. clerk post office h Chippewa e dela^ 

Baker Edmund A. with Moses Baker 
Baker Bphraim, cab ilfiaker at Staats' h niagara w Car- 
Baker Gaius^ milkman, batavia c spruoe 
Baker Henry, lab pearl a chippewa 
Baker Joseph, lab h tupper near elm 
Baker John, chair maker bd Christian Bickir ' 
Baker Lewis, mariner h oak s huron 
Baker Moses, grocery store genesee square h main near 

Baker William, joiner h delaware n chippewa 
Baker William H. printer 206 main 
Baker William, keeper cat house rock 
Baker Barbary wid. h german w delaware 
Balcolm Philo A. brick yard elm ab goodell 
Baldinsperger Philip, grocery 296 main 
Baldwin Elihu J. with J J Baldwin 
Baldwm James J. surveyor and agent for houses and 

stores 152 main h genesee e pearl 
Baldwin WilHam, joiner h fulsom e michigan 
Baldwin Eliza, wid. John B h michigan n sycamore 
Baldy Christopher M. printer com and journal oiiioe h 

court c morgan 
Baldy William, city baggage master h chestnut bet n 

and s division * 

Ball Charles, mason h german w dsiaware^ 
Ball Philip, teamster do do 

Baltzli George, shoemaker genesee w jefierson 
Bancasser George, furnace man h tupper w delaware 
Banta Jacob, firm Bidwell ^ Banta h elk w alabama 
Banta Steward, elk near alabama 

Bane]* M. shoe shop eoort namt main 

Banner Charles A« a baakmpt enqutse of the aMigneefl 

Banks Robert, joiner h niagara w oatoline 

Baptist Nicholas, grocer michigan near cypnw 

Barber Asa, 98 main 

Barber Asel, h michigan vine 

Barber Daniel, milkman seneca e michigan 

Barbirood Elizabeth widow, german w delaware 

Barden Orien £. coffin warehouse niagara near pearl h 

huron w franklin 
Barker Gveorge P. attorney general state new york firm 

Barker & Sill 
Barker Jacob A. bd Mrs Kimberiy^s 
Barker Jason, h mohawk near ellicott 
Barker William, mason michigan near aeneca 
Barker & Co. recess court aear canal • « 
Barker & Sill, attys ^72 main 
Barmore Nat, h elk e michigan -^ t* 

Barnard Albert, book keeper A R Cobb & Co b s divis^ 

ion c elm 
Barnard George, clerk A Abbott 
Barnard George, tinner at Cameron & Adams' 
Barnard F. S. with Selah Barnard 
Barnard James,, tailor h seneca n miAiigan 
Barnard Selah, justice peace office west comer terrace 

market h franklin bt seneca and erie 
Barnes John, butcher h seneca e michigan 
Barnes Ephraim, butcher with John Barnes 
Barnes Joshua, h swan near spring 
Barnes Josiah, M. D. exchange bt main and washing^ 

Barnes Morris 0» clerk J G Dodge's h swan w elm 
Barnes Maria widow, h seneca e ellicott 
Barnet James, tailor s^ieca e dilicott 
Bamet Joel, blacksmith s division e michigan 
Barney Charles A. boat builder h railroad ab mechanic 
Bamum Austin, comb maker h exchange e Washington 
Bamum E. P. ship carpenter do do 

Banron George G. book keeper Bayette, Ayves & Co 

bd pollard house 


fiarnum W. B. med dtadent Doct M W Hill 

Barve Williatn, capt schr kniiikerbocker 

Barrett George, 968 main 

Barrett Oeorge, 235 main 

Barrett Henry L. clerk 162 main 

Barrett James, lab bd Wm Flanhagan's 

Barrett William, Uoyd near prime 

Barrows Ira F. coach maker seneea street Lockwood^s 

Bartell John P. cabinet ware rooms main .op high school 

Bartell Victory h main n chippewa 

Barthel Joseph, lab genesee w jefierson 

Bartlett Clark, exchange office c oanal and commei^ial 
h seneea e Washington 

Bartholomew Chauncey, elk near hamburgh 

Bartholomew Peter, shoemaker 313 main 

Barthauer Charles, tailor michigan n sycamore 

Barthawer Cl||f les F. barber commercial near dock 

Bartley Casper, h swan e michigan 

Barton Benjamin, Jr. clerk steamboat falton bd Jas L 

Barton Hiram, atty at law 161 main h charch near tdr^ 

Barton Jam^s H. fterk L H Pratt bd Jas L Barton 
Barton James L.> sec'y s b combination h delaware c 

Barton John, tailor firm Barton <& Dubois bd J Guild 
Barton P. F. machinist steam engine works h eagle near 

Barton Phineas^ treasurer theatre h franklin s court 
Barton W. J. W. joiner with P F Barton 
Barton &; Dubois, drapers and tailors 165 main 
Barwise Mathew, tailor oak s sycamore 
Bassett Deforest, mariner h Washington a seneea 
Bassett Gustavus, hat and cap store 181 main h s divis^ 

ione oak 
Bassett Thomas, clerk 161 main 
Bastian Charles T. main n chippewa 
Bastian Robert C. joiner boaxding housb niagata one 
door wmain 


Batchelder Amost paiater h nicliigiiii n emf^ 

Batchelder David, cab maker clintoa elHcott 

Bate Thomas, grocer and coRector of taxes Ist ward 
24 pratt block oommercial 

Bates Henry, bridcnalcex eim n ^poodril 

Bates Jofan. briekiaaker oak n giDodell 

Bates Joaatnan L. boarding and victualiing bocwe com- 
mercial e canal 

Bates Solomon, h morgan near mohawk 

Bath Richard, topm maker niagara near Stajats^ cabinet 

Bath Thomas, painter h fi-ankiin a tupper * 

Battey David S. merchant taik>r 308 main h 356 nuun 

Battey Horace, firm Wibert and Battey bd franklin 

Bayette Joseph, firm Bayette, Ayres d& Co h terrace 
ab genesee 

Bayette, Ayres & Co. tobacco snuff and^^gar maanfao 
239 main 

Baxter C. grocery seneca e Washington 

Bayiis Charles, buteher 2 terraoe market 

Baytoinger John, blacksmith elm near vine 

Beach Ruth A. widow of Charles G k chippewaw main 

Beach Charles G. with Ruth ^ 

Beal Richard, lab h eagle n franklin 

Beal GreorgB W. joiner h oak s huron 

Beal John, lab with Joy & Webster h eagle n franklin 

Beals Edward, clerk S F Pratt & Co 

Beals John W. agent prot ins and setna ins companies 
notary pub and sup of the poor 103 main h ea- 
gle e ellicott (see adv) 

Beals John W. Jr. clerk Kinnie, Davis 6c Co 

Beak Joseph R. book keeper Kinnie, Davis & Co 

Beals Samuel, clerk 5 websfer block 

Beamsley John, shoemaker at Sutton's h swan near 

Bean Aaron, teacher h delawaro n tupper 

Bean Moses H. auction stoie 18d> main 

Bean Luke, painter enquire Kemp ^ Bhadrake's 

Bean Milot man m^ner 201 main 

Bean Milo Mis. millinert &c 201 main 

Beard Daniel C; firm Newell & Baird 

Beard William, resides at the five points 

Beard Eliza, widow of David B kswan e michigan 

Beardsley Josiah, chair maker h pearl near terrace 

Beardsley David, capt schr constitution 

Beardsley Ann E. widow of Erastus* h Washington near 

Beasenger Qeorge, butcher genesee near jefieraon 
Beaser Margaret, wid. of John, h niagara c court 
Bebee Harriet, at Erastus Loomis's 
Beckworth Ezekiel, ship joiner fulton near elk 
Bedford John, truckman h gay e michigan 
Bedford Maria Mrs. enquire of J H Graham esq 
Beebe Erastus, boarding house and s b mail carrier h 

mechanic near railroad 
Beebuse GreorjBd W. weaver elm n genesee 
Beecher Hirem S. forwarder firm Beecher & Johnson 

h erie w main 
Beecher Samuel P. firm Potter & Beecher h mohawk 
ab delaware 

Beecher 6d Johnson, forwarders and com merchants 
4ock w mpn (see adv) 

Behringer Adam, lab cherry n hickory 

Beier George, tailor at H G Stambach's h goodell near 

Beier Michael, joiner h cherry near michigan 

Beil Jacob, carpenter michigan s genesee 

Beilman Charles, lab elm c tupper 

Beilman Jacob, lab elm c tupper 

Bell John, shoemaker michigan near vine 

Belden Dexter, marble yard firm D M Vanderpool ds 
Go erie west railroad h terrace c genesee 

Belden John W. clerk G W AUen <& Co 

Bemis Asaph S. capt. with A Bemis 

Bemis Aurelia, widow of Asaph, at Mrs St. John's 

Bench Patrick, h court w morgan 

Benedict Joel, engineer south 9ide buffalo creek 

Benjamin Henry L*, M. D. firm B & Flint office c ftwan 

and main bd J Guild 
Benjamin & FHnt, physicians and surgeons ofiioe main 

c swan up stairs 
Benjamin Elizabeth, widow of Daniel, h jaekson w gen* 

Bennett Alvin, h^illinois nearohio 

Bennett Edward, clerk at Marvin & Bennett's 

Bennett Edwin W. h oak n genesee 

Bennett James, keeper temperance house seneca c ham* 

burgh, lumber dealer &c 
Bennett James E. cigar and tobacco factory 196 main h 

tert^ace n genesee 
Bennett James H. pedier for L Hancock 
Bennett Nathaniel P. att'y fiisi Cook & Bennett bd 

Mrs Reese 
Bennett Philander, firm Marvin & ^Bennett h eagle bt 

prime lUid cedar 
Bennett R. S. blacksmith franklin e seneea 
Bennett Thomas H. cab maker 115 main 
Bennett Margaret, widow of Jeremiah, chippewa c 

Bensler Harman, cab maker genesee e ^Im 
Benson John, firm Heth & Benson 
Benson John, shoemaker at N Randall's bd J Wilson 
Benson John, h genesee c church 
Benson Michael, brewer h on canal c church 
Benson Samuel, h pearl c chippeWa 
Benson Silas, sadler h pearl c chippewa 
Bensonham Michael, blacksmith bd Matland White 
Bentley George W. last maker with G F Wing 
Benyard Richard, waiter american hotel 
Berry John D. builder and collector taxes 5th ward h 

pearl s tupper 
Berry John, tailor h court w morgan 
Berry Homer, bd Ann Clemens' 
Bergtold Jacob, grocer 380 main 
Bersch Peter, porter s b dewitt clinton h chippewa w 


Berg Alymf joiiier {xmch i)lock elm 
Bergants Peter W. clock maker genesee e elm 

Berber William, blacksmith bd Matland White 

Best Robert H. inspector u s customs, constable h mo- 
hawk w franklin 

Best William F. grocery 7 e seneca h mohawk w dela* 

Best William, wilh Robert H 

Bested Bime, lab h franklin 9 huron 

Bethel Church, perry e w^hingtoa 

Betts Albert, forwarding mercbAnt with J Loring long 

Betts Hiram, clothing store commercial c big buff creek 
h pearl n seneca 

Betts Richard, Jr. h fukom e miohigan 

Betts William, mason h pine bt n and s division 

Bettis John, with Stephen 

Bettis Stephen, builder h eagle « delaware 

Bettis William, joiner h franklin n huron 

Bettinger Stephen, clerk at P J Handel's 

Bets Jacob, porter forRumaey 6^ Howard 

Beverly Daniel, teamster enquire at Harris's main c 

Bewley Robert, plane maker h delaware c huron 

Beyer George, grocery 389 main 

Beyer Jacob, clerk with Philip 

Beyer Philip, grocery main c chippewa 

Bickir Christian, grocer baker and boarding house com- 
mercial south canal 

Bidknell Willard, carpenter h lock c terrace 

Bidwell Benjamin, £rm Bidwells Jk Banta h black rock 

Bidwell Benjamin 8. grocery 5 ohio h elk ab miohigan 

Bidwell Daniel D. law student with Hiram Barton 

Bidwell John, ship joiner h elk ab michigan 

BidweU Vincent, firm Bidwells ^ Baata h elk near 

Bidwells & Banta, ship builders marine railway eUc 
junction ohio 

Bienstiel John N. basket maker court near main 

fiigden Robert, grocery imun ab chi{>p»w» 

Bigelow Elijah A. dentist b pratt near lutheran church 

Bigelow Samuel A. offioe ohio near main h ttiagaia ab 

Billings Abel M. enquire of widow Blake 
Billings Francis P. mate ship supenor h franklin s 

Billings Jabez, joiner bd widow Blake 
Billings Lewisy at 16 raasn 
Billings Theodore D. merchant 216 main 
Billings Sarahy widow of Parker, bd Jos Piddington 
Binder Jacob, cab maker at Greenwood 4& Ckrk^s bd 

eagle tavern 
Bingham Alonzo, teacher public school distno8 bd capt 

Bird George Mrs. h pearl s seneca 
Birge Daniel O. clerk 234 main bd Mis HalHs 
Bilge Martin H. dry goods 284 main h niagara w mo- 
Bisch Henry, grogefy genesee w main 
Bishop T. B. veterinary surgeon seneca e Washington 
Bissell Henry H., M.*D. offioe main o s division h main 

ab huron 
Bitz John, lab genesee near oak 

Bivins Frederick A« enquire phcsniz hotel ' 

Bivins William, keeper phcenix hotel 857 main 
Blair Alexander, h bt franklin and delaware ab tupper 
Black Braddock, keeper seaman's home 17 main 
Blake George, at eagle furnace h genesee near eilicott 
Blake George W. carriage maker h s division near 

Blake Electa, wid of Adams D h ellioott near genesee 
Blakely Robert, stone cutter h gernubA w delawaie 
Blakeley William, bd with Wm Kellogg 
Blakeslee Orville L» steward s b ben| franklin 
Blaschke Joseph, locksmith mohawk e main 
Bleiler Casper, shoe shop prime e canal h main opposite 

catholic church 
Judah, M. D. w swan bl main and pearl 


Blodgett Bmcvy, fvoeer kmg wimrf near Mp eatmi h 

LijakwtMKi'0 biaek seneea 
Blodgett Stephen^ bd wvtk i B Roie 
Blodgett Abigail, widow over 235 main 
Bloker Martin, lab h palmer -near carolilie 
BkMilMr Ibsepk^ hysknnilili at Tajloi^iB 
Blossom Ira A. agent holland land companj, n s bank 

and receivet bank buffalo office dintoti c wasbi- 

ington h franklin c erie and terrace 
Blossom Thomas, Mrith Ira A 
Bludafaaw John* cook s b tie witt tsitnton 
Blumeatkal Charim Ew teacher high school 
Boardman Francis D. clerk 184 main k a division e 

Bodemar Frederick, blacksmith Washington n chip- 

Bodemar Jahti, talibr thippewa n jgeiws^ 
Bttdge Haaiyf chair nftltjer d81 main h midhlgan a 

Bogardus Samuel, oleik 6 webster Mock h niehigan n 

Balm Peter, iai> h baitavia adar hickory 

Bolen P. commercial near water 

Bonar William, lab h dabnrare* n mohaiwk 

Bonersfield Bdward, shoemaker h michigaa n dintoB 

Bond Ephrahn T. wfav^esale and retail grocer 1128 main 

c swan (see adv) h eagie w delawase 
Bonnef Z* fifm D dc E h seneca e dlioOtt 
BoBlMy Dw dc Z* wiiolesaie grooeis 17 webatsr bhiak 
Boocher John, with J S Miller 
Booram Cornelius 6c Co. butchers 8 terraee nuuket 
Boofe Lewis, liib h franidiR s hifton 
Bootii lannea^ lab h fidsoaae michigaa 
Boothroy Geoi^ traoknian gay e tniohiMm 
Boohide Gedrge, tafnner w>ifeh Runaey <& Mowatd 
Boohide JacwAs do do 

Bern Philip, brewery genesee c jeflenon 
Borst John, painter main c genesee h yadoU ^c elm 
Boat Nichctai^ Ub h AaakMn a;b tapper 


Botsford -*^-<»*^ G^upowlQr k fOOM Q VMhiMglQiL 
Bottom Marshall W. oomtobfe h wctiigaa ft ongie 
Botholomy P. sbaemaj^ef 913 joma 
Boweji DweU ooaeh inakear terf ao^ iiea<r nubrood h 

franklin n seneca 
Bowen Dennis, atty firm Hall £s Bowqd bd Wm Cul* 

3owexr Frederick F. h bariwigton court t^r ^i^io 

Bowen Frederick, b geoeae^ w miehig^n 
Bowers JobHf lab k washiiftgtOA near scsott 
Boyoe Isaac, tailor h s division c pine 
Boyce Martha wid. with Isaac 
Boyd David, potash maa h delikwai« bl h^ron 
Boyd James, witb Pnvid 
Boyd James, truckmim h delawave s buron 
Boyd Robert, lab b delaware a buron 
Boyd Tbomaa, lab do do 
Boyd Jane widow, h perry e indiaoA 
Boyer Jacob, lab Coit, Kimberly ds Co 
Boyle Jacob, 5 eagle block main up stairp 
Boyle £lkn widow, k ningarc^ n maryland 
Brace Lester, under sbariS* k batavii^ c wAsbipgtpii 
Brace Curtisa L. firm Colson & Brace bd lister 
Bradley Andrew, clerk bd Ge(»ge Fok'9 
Btadley Eliaa A. h eaglp bl fFanklin 
Brady WUliMc^ at Jokn Wilber's toveiu 
Brainard H. 8. bttker at J Mugridge's 
Biwnard Joaeph, sbip joiner H D Watermao^s 
Brainard Joabna G. flmir inspector bd with Con^lifi 
Brainard Ck>rnelia, boarding hoiui^ m^rgi^n c court 
BrBfli James, firm Dorabeimer <fe Bnysa kaopomnwHi" 

sion house . 
Brass William, shoemaker witb John JIell)<eigel 
Biayman lyftnaing H* olevk H Hov^^im ^ Co 
Brazil Micbaelt maaon h catfoU w bamburgb 
Breehial John, b hickory^ nwr church 
Breininffer Joseph, carpenter h court e morgjip 
Biener Mercy widow, tarfta o mdAg^ 



Brent Benjamin, blackBiK^th seneca e michigan 

Brettsel Moses, lab syoamore near elm 

Brewer Mercy wid. h swan e Washington 

Brick Nieholas, tamier at Rumsey & HowarcFs h tup^ 
per e elm 

Brick Peter, shoe shop goodell near cherry 

Brick Philip, lab niagara c morgan 

Bridcett Irad, clerk 185 main 

Brideson Thomas, lab green op beak 

Bridges H. H. at Teller & Femald's 

Bridges William H. card and job prii^r 282 main (see 

Briggs Ray, seneca e michigan 

Bright Lewis, blacksmith 83 main 

Brigham Plerpont, boarding house Carroll e Washington 

Brindle Josef^, shoemaker court w main 

Bristol Cyrenius C. druggist and chemical laboratory, 
manufacturer of Bristol's sarsaparilla, Bristol's 
hoarhound, &c. &c. 207 main h delaware next 
corner mohawk ' 

Bristol Dan, h mohawk c delaware 

Bristol Erasmus D. clerk C C Bristol bd Dan Bristol 

Bristol Edward, clerk at S F Pratt 6d Co 

Bristol Harrison, agent and clerk C C Bristol 

Bristol Moses, M. D. w swan c pearl 

Britton Nicholas, tin, copper and sheet iron worker (see 
adv) commercial near canal h seneca e pine 

Brobent Nelson, blacksmith at C Delaney's 

Brodback George, sausage maker genesee e Washington 

Brodhead William W. clerk Masten & Dudley h Wash- 
ington near huron 

Brokenborough Alexander, tailor 2 e seneca k waeAiing^ 
ton near swan 

Broker Peter, wifli Thomas 

Broker Thomas, wood clealer h peari ah court 

Bronard Jamea, ship joiner at D Waterman's 

Bronner Christian, cabinet maker at Staats' h oak near 

Bronner Lewis, h oak e sycamMe 


Broceoer P)i3ip L. grocer sycamore near elm 
Brower A. V. npholsterer 205 main h BWan e midbigan 
Brown Alexander H. printer at FotiM & Sutlei's 
Brown Amster, whitewasher 9 vine 
Brown Benjamin, book keeper Beecher & Johnson's bd 

Mrs Hayward^s 
Brown Caleb W. dry goods 190 main bd BT L Niles 
Brown C. W. cab maker 281 main 
Brown David, mariner bt main and Washington 
Brown Derrick S. grocery green e Washington % 
Brown Edmund, M. D. h eagle e^ashington 
Brown Elisha, shoemaker at M Camp's 
Brown Elisha L. do do if 

Brown Greorge, firm Hollister & Brown ( Washington e 

Brown George S. book keepet h s diyision e chestnut 
Brown Greorge S. book keeper eagle furnace h batavia c 

Brown George V. printer oak c batavia 
Brown Harry F. clerk J Sexton 
Brown Jacob W. clerk 100 main 
Brown James, shoemaker with D Hancock 
Brown James W. firm[M Kingman &; co bd M Kingman 
Brown John Q. firm J'G & Co bdu s hotel 
Brown John S. select school swan near ellicatt h eagle 

e michigan 
Brown John F. kw student Talcott 4i Houghton 
Brown J. B. ladt turner hydraulick mill bd wid Clark 
Brown Joseph W. starch factory jersey near niagara h 

franklin near chippewa 
Brown Leonard W. brick maker oak c goodell 
Brown Lorenzo, shenfT county erie h Washington near 

Clinton, Darrow cottage 
Brown Mathew, firm Coit, Kimberly ^ Co 
Brown Michael, jmner oak near genesee 
Brown Moses, a bankrupt enquire of the assignees 
Brown Neal, vietnaHlng house main near barracks 
Brown Philip, tanner at Ruifisey dc Howard h exchange 

e beak 



AlK *^ 




Brown Robert, lab h pearl oea^ court 

Brown Russell S. firm Starkweather 6e Brown office 102 

main bd american hotel 
Brown Samuel, h eagle w michigan 
Brown Samuel C bd Samuel 
Brown Wesley, teacher bd Lucy Hill 
Brown William, bd Samuel 
Brown William, cook h n division e micbigaa 
Brown William, <)fLpt at 6 Appleby^s 
Brfwn — , foreman for Roberts bd Pollard house 
Brown John G. & C% forwarding and com merchant* 

long wharf 
Brown PhoBba P. h eagle w delaware 
Brown MinlRra^ milliner 197 main 
Browney Michael, h oak near genesee 
Browning Potter, keeper Lovejoy house terrace opposite 

terrace market 
Bruce Harlow, foreman D S Battey h main n court 
Brunck Francis C, M. D. 352 main h niagara ab Vir- 
Brunt William, potter, h genesee e wabaut 
Brush Lewis, tanner at Hydraulic tannery 
Brush Jane, teacher bd rev A T Hopkins 
Bruster Anthony, shoe shop foot commercial 
Brya Patrick, h court w morgan 
Bryant Abner, garden and i&irsery man main near high 
Bryant George H. firm W, ^^ G Bryant bd Miss Cut^ 

ler's v 

Bryant John, 8 vine /| 

Bryant Joseph, lab ellicott c lagle 
Bryant Warren, firm W i^ G Bryant bd manaioD 

Bryant W. & 6. grocery, si^d and fancy goods store 

166 main 
Bryson William, ashery iii||pra near Caroline h nintb 

c Caroline 
Bubach Joseph, lab genesee near jefbrson 
Bubel Michael, lab tupper ab elm 
Buchamp Samael, jeweller h clinton e ellicott 

Bucbanan John, clerk with N B Palmer 

Buchheit FmnciSf painter h tupper e elm 

Buchheit George, tanner h tupper e elm 

Buchheit Jacohf do do . 

Buck Frederick, cordwainer c pearl and chippews 

Buell Cb^ W. with HaU <k Mooney 

Biiell Hca|», firm Smith <&; Buell 

Buell SaiSh widow, h swan near elBoott 

Buffalo Steam Engine Wori^, waahington c ohio 

Bugbee Oliver, lumber yard ohio junction elk h sepca 

e ellicott c 

Bull George B. clerk T J Dudley 
Bull George W. enquire W F P Taylor 
Bull Jabez B. firm J B Bull & Co h ddlawase n church 
Bull John M. clerk O Bugbee h niagara w mohawk 
Bull J. B. <k Co. hide and leather dealers 64 main 
Bullard Ira S. joiner bd B Dumont 
Bullock Sawyer, at cottage garden with W A Hart 
Bullymore Joseph, clerk for Thomas 
Bullymore Richard, sausage and provision store under 

mansion house h franklin n huron 
Bullymore Thoxnas, sausage and provision store no 2 

eagle block main 
Bulson Peter, baker with John T Gilpatrick h c court 

and morgan 
Bundschuh Bailies, lab Cyprus e michigan 
Bunker Albert, grocer bd wid Roath 
Bunner J. C. editor bufialo american bd pollard house 
Burchard Edward, merchant tailor 211 main bd ameri^ 

can hotel 
Burchard Nathaniel, baker genesee near eUicott 
Burdett Benjamin, firm Utley d? Burdett bd J Guild 
Burg M ichaely tailor h chippewa c pearl 
Burg Philip, cordwainer h chippewa c pearl 
Burgatt Peter, clerk no 8 terrace market 
Burger Moiets, rev. pastor lutheran church h genesee e 

Burgstahler Conrad, lab michigan near sycamore 
Burhauns John, plater at Taylor's b franklin n chip^ 



Burley J. h franklin n ehippewa 

Burk George, at eagle furnaee h elk near miefaigatt 

Burk Lorin, sadler at QeoTge Kolb's 

Burke William, law student with Rogers & Smith 

Burker John, tailor genesee e oak 

Burkheart David, tanner at Rumsey &; Holrards 

Burkheart Simeon, at G Husteds 

Burkheart John, jotnet Vith R Dunlap 

Burnet William, engineer h elk e miohigan 

Burf ham Samuel J. butcher h exchange c beak 

Burnham William S. furrier at Rumsej and Howards 

house Carroll e Washington 
Bums David, teb at Bidwells 6c Banta's 
Bums George, painter 15 webster bk>ck bd Gage^s 
Bums James, wti^rehouse man Kinne, Davis & Co 
Bum Jacob, tailor genesee n miehigan 
Burr John, barber 183 main 

Burr Sidney, firm Burr & Waters h ellioott, ri seiieca 
Burr 6z; Waters, cider and porter vaults, vine|;ar yard 

&c seneca e Washington (see adv) 
Burritt Henry J. bd J Guild 
Burroughs Ezra, bar keeper mansion house 
Burroughs Nelson, exchange broker firm Perry & B h 

niagara ab Virginia 
Burroughs Mary, with Nelson 
Burt David, merchant main op phoenix hotel h niagara 

Burt Henry B. butcher no 8 terrace market 
Burt Mary, widow of George, h pearl bC seneca and 

Burton Darius, locofoco, terrace bl church 
Burton Joel W. stable keeper rear mansion house on 

Washington h green near miehigan 
Burton Lauren, wood dealer oak s genesee 
Burton Moses, cook cherry near hickory 
Burton S^as, wood measurer h 897 main 
Burwell Bryant, M. D., office 1 e seneca h pearl rear 

episcopal church 
Burwell BQion, M. D., prof daguerreotype 996 main c 

kremlin 8d story (see adv) 

Burweli George N. med student B Burwell 

Burwell Heniy, publisher mercantile courier 148 main 

Burwell Theodotaa, atty at law 148 main h genetee c 

Buser Tobias, shoemaker macbigan s gienesee 
Bosh Baron S. elerk 332 main ^ 

Bush Eli, baksr indiana near illinois 
Bush George T. 86 main 
Bush George W. h seneca bl ellicott 
Bush John, h seneca e michigan 
Bush Myron P. leather shop 131 main h seneca e mieh- 

Bush William T. atty at law bd farmers' hotel 
Bussemer John, blacksmith genesee c ellicott 
Butcher John, lab fa pearl n court 
Butcher John, lab b niagara near Pennsylvania 
Butcher Mark, chippewa near pearl 
Butter Chrii^opher, lab h franklin s huron 
Butler Ck^mfort F. printer firm Foster <k Butler 
Butler Hiram, clerk 62 main 

Butler James, mate brig iUinois h swan near michigah 
Butler James L. clerk 62 main bd J B Bull 
Butler J. H. bookseller and stationer 159 main (see 

Butler Morris, elerk 159 main h franklin s church 
Butler Ormond, builder h fraiydm n chippewa 
Butler Orm<Nid, Jr. constable h delaware n tupper 
Butler Theodore, clerk 159 main h franklin n church 
Butfeerfield B^ijamin F. bar keeper s b b^ franklin 
Buttrick John B. h fnuiklin c church 
Bye WiUiamy truckman h genesee e pearl ' 
Cable Jacob, tobacconist bd Jas Bayette 
Cable Felrdinand, lab pratt n eagle 
Cable Stephen, lab h jersey near niagara 
Cable Thomas, on steamboat bd Ferdinand 
Cadby John, bd S S Case 
Cadwallader Michener, clerk recorders court office 278 

mam h 7th w Caroline 
Cady Elias, clerk J B Rose 



Calanan John« nmaonnrhito hwae U pfbclsert dock 

Ciadwell Ebeo, at Noah Fobom'fl 

Caldwell Samuel, sup eom schods* alty at iB:w offioe 

over terrace market h s divison e cbe^taut 
Callard Abraham, grocer evaiw e rock 
Callender Samuel N. notary public asaessor 3d ward 

firm Hawes & Co h erie near peasi 
Cameron John, firm Cameron d; Adams bd M Ral^- 

Cameron John, firm Cameron ki McKay h Washington 

s Carroll 
Cameron & Adams, tin, copper and sheet iron store 127 

Cameron & McKay, upholsterers 125 main 
• Cameron J. ^ Co. dry goods 196 main 
Camp Asahel, grocer firm Hall &; Camp alderman &th 

Camp Merlin, shoe dealer and manufacturer no 2 birck'- 

head building commercial near terrace h 2 green 

e Washington 
Camp Thomas, lab seneca e hick^s tavern 
Campbell Andrew, rum shop &;c lock near canal 
Campbell Benjamin, auctieoeer miMn o terrace bd sene- 
ca St house 
Campbell David, mason n division w oak 
Campbell William^ blacfaunith J B Hill 
Campbell William^ lab h c jersey and canal 
Canada Alexander, lab h delaware s huron 
Canada James, canal capt at B H Trowbridge's 
Canada Thomas, delaware n mohawk 
Canal Collector's Office, pratt's building conmereial 
Candee Fernando C. grocer firm Oaiidee dr Jacobs bd 

Susan Palmer's 
Candee & Jacobs^ grocers c main and ehippewa 
Canfield Davids with Isaac T Hathaway 
Canfield Sylvester, clerk Woloott & Manston bd Ann 

Cannon Patrick, boot store 7 eagle bkick mauii 
Cannough A. at Rumsey dc Howard's 

Car AhrtJmm J. tm plate woA&r at T J Dudley's h 

pearl 8 seneca 
Card Jamea^ with L H Pratt 

Card Willlaoi, grocery Washington iit awan aad seneca 
Carey Charlea H* looking glass stxHre 147 main h swan 

e nncbigaa 
Carey H. C. hatter at A A HaM's 
Camy Samuel, h waskiagton s -eagle 
Carey William J. kk washii^on near mohawk 
Carhart Jeremiah, turner Washington- n swan bd Ann 

Carhart Nekemiah D. oarpet stooeltli main kd J Guild 
Garaer Ambrose, watchman h n dirision e ellicott 
Gamer Ambrose S. clerk Efner & Kennett 
Camer Hosea B. teadnr o ckippewa and franklin bd 

witk AmkiooB 
Camer Joseph, batcher elm s batavia 
Carp Sarah widow, h ellioott n eagle 
Carpenter A. S. agent tvoy and au^ line eaaal boats 

at Kinne, l^vis d£ Co's bd C A Van filyke 
Carpenter Benjamin, canal contnMAor bd Hanrey Den- 


Carpenter Oamot, poitrait painteiiDTar !274 main 

Carpenter Joka, lab Coit, KMbei^y dt Co k harrii^gtons 
court.rear eagle tavern 

Cacpenter Jokn H. s«dler 398 main k oak c batavia 

Carpenter Joseph* lab h church w mechanic 

Carpenter William^ mason ohardh w idelawase 

Carpenter William A. h oak c batavia 

Oarr Caleb, with John Oar r 

Carr George, Washington s swan 

Canr Jamea, watdman, enquire wnteh houso, don'4 atey 

Carr John, truckman south side creek 

Carr Philip, lab v do 

Can Thomas, poison desleor ^rm Qmnt*6i Kinyon k aoi- 
•ckigan ki^bntaTia 

CaiT le Kinyon, poiaon daaleiB tkentm reeess aad sa- 

CairiQk John, aUpbHUsvelk^ 


Carrick William, ship cai^ntor elk near tMbttma 

Carroll Thomas, beak s exchange 

Carskoddan Harvey, shoe shop swan e main h wash** 

ington c carroll 
Carth John, recess commercial near water 
Caryl A. H. firm B. C. & Co h s division near elm 
Caryl Benjamin, B C d&Co h s division c elm 
Caryl Benjamin C. clerk Oliver Lee^s banking office 
Caryl B. & Ca produce and commission merchants 8 

Case Harlow, deputy post master h seneoa e centre 
CJase Henry J. clerk at Rumsey 6d Howard's 
Case Nehfliiniah, clerk do do h swan op 

> pratt 
Case Squire S. h exchange e Washington 
Castle Dan B. firm Castle & Morrell h oak c n division 
Castle George, coidwainer h pearl s tupper 
Castle Joseph, cordwainer with Greorge 
Cabtle Isaac, h franklin n chippewa 
Castle 6d Morrell, wholesale and retail jewellers 191 

main fsee adv) 
Caswell William ^, elk near michigan 
Caulfield Peter, lab |i c niaga«i and moif^an 
Cavally Patrick, lab h niagara near Pennsylvania 
Cezar Randall, scientific barber 165 maia 
Chaddock David S. musician enquire at Lovejoy house 

on terrace 
Chamberlain Akmso J. ateagle furnace h swan e chest- 
Chamberlain Ansel, clerk 184 main h ellicott c. s di- 
Chamberlain Hunting S. firm H S & J h sycamore U 

Chamberlain John, elk e michigan 
Chamberlain Jonathan, firm H S As J h pearl s mohawk 
Chamberlain Joseph, mason h c niagara and mohawk 
Chamberiain Luther, mato.8 b vermillion h pearl s hu« 

ChamberlaiB SylvesftBr, Uacknaith h peari a mohawk 


Chandieriaiii WiUkm H. blMskmidi at T 8 Raney^s 
Chamberlain H. S dc J. iilackainiths' pearl near court 
Chambera Bbeaeaofy felect school baaement unitarian 

Chambera Hiram, teacher h oak near tupper 
Chambera William, law stud Rogers ds Bmith 
Cbamplin O. H. P. clerk naval rendevous bd capt C 
Champlin Stepheiiy cnpt a a navy, commodore u a naval 

forces on lake erie office 6 webster block h sen- 

eca op ellicott 
Chancey Jeremiah, shoemaker chippewa e Washington 
Chandler Alvah, joiner michigan e elm 
Chandler Daniel D. T. h seneca Lockwood block 
Chapin Cooley S. h s division e chesmut 
Chapin George, clerk 170 main 
Chapin HoUis, clerk J O'Brien jr 
Chapin Roswell, atty office 1 Sidway block commercial 

h batavia near ellicott 
Chapin Sidney, lab h lock hi terrace 
Chapin Theodore, produce dealer agent canal lines at J 

Nottingham & Go's 
Chapin Sylvia, wid. col Cyrenius with T Weed 
Chapman John, stone cutter h nUgara c pearl 
Chapman Sylvester, h chestnut bt n and s division 
Chapman Sarah, miss bd miss C Webber 
Chappel Mark, dyer h morgan near genesee 
Chappei Matthew, dyer h seneca e Washington 
Chard Williami ^im W Chard & Co h Washington s 

Chard W. & Co. forwarders and com merchants dock 

and prime (see adv) 
Charles Gilbert, barber with Chew & Quails 
Chase B. C. book keeper 172 main 
Chase Jerome J. shop long wharf near GelsUm &c Ev- 
ans' bd CUrissa Chase 
Chase R<^rt S. plater at Taylor's 
Chase Rufus, auctk>neer 185 main 
Chase Samuel, harbor master office prime c lloyd h a 

division e elMoolC 



Chase Thoniias B. firm Cbase ds Vaughn bd J Guild 

Chase Wesley, joiner h ohippewa w franklin 

Chas^ William H. steward s b gen wayae h seventh ab 

Chase Clarissa, wid of James, h seventh c mobawk 

Chase & Vaughn, manufacturera and dealers in^ jew- 
elry 183 main 

Cbeeney Daniel, fisherman h Washington bl pevry 

Cheeney Eleazer, do do 

Cheeseman William, livery stable 300 main bd eagle 
tavern (see adv) 

Cherevey Edmund B. maohlnist eagle furnAOe 

Cherry Moses,, ex^grocer rock 8t 

Chesley Lafayette, joiner h Washington, a chippewa 

Chester John, dyer 313 main m rear 

Chester Samuel W. B, desk Hunter, Palmer & co h 
beak c green 

Chew Francis W. firm Chew <Si; QuaUs bd Henry Haw- 

Cbew &; Quails, .barbers hair workers and perfumery 
5 and 6 mansion house block and: western hotel 

Chidsey Charles H. clerk S F Pratt 6o co 

Chietian Charles, packer elm n tupper 

Chietien John, shoemaker commercial s rock 

Child Pearly A. clerk canal superintendent office h elli-* 
cott n genesee 

Chinley Patrick, bd with Patrick Gay 

Chittenden Linus, milkman hamburgh s seaeoa 

Chively John, cordwainer with Nicholas Lower 

Chrelien Charles, painter elm n tupper. 

Christ Daniel, tailor ellicott c tupper 

Christey Joseph^ eUicott n oiigle 

Christie Peter, surgeon u 8 navy on board u s rec'g ship 

Christoph Eugene, clerk 166 main 

Christpph Frederick W. pamter with widow C 

Christoph C. wid. of Henry, h geneaee square up stairs 

Church £. S. looking glass maker at C H Cavey's 

Church John, carpenter with 


Church Maitm, carpenter niagara c north 

Church Ralph, watchmaker swan c Washington h eagle 

e ellicolt 
Churchill Charles P. gtocer firm Churchill & Parker 

main c court- 
Churchill P-utnam, hoot shop seneea c Washington h ea- 
gle e Washington 
Churchill & Parker, grocers c main and court 
Chwap Moses, pedler h ellicott s genesee 
Cimer^^acob, lab h spruce near bataria 
Cimer Jacob, Jr. mason do • 
City Bank Receiver's Office, 146 main 
Clancy William B painter shop 7 niagara 
Clapp Almon M. firm Salisbury & Clapp, pnnter and 

editor temperance standard h michigan n eagle 
Clapp Julius, firm Clapp «& Humason bd J Guild 
Clapp dz; Humason, boot and shoe store 175 main 
Clapper Abram, with Elizabeth Benjamin 
Clark Alexander L. firm Greenwood 6c Clark cabinet 

Clark Alfred, ship joiner h perry ab hayward 
Clark Almon, milkman h ninth w Caroline 
Clark A, T. blacksmith at T S Raney's 
Clark Charles V. lab h pearl s chippewa 
Clark David, rope maker h seneea near michigan 
Clark David, milkman seventh near Caroline 
Clark David N. cooper quay h tupper bl delaware 
Qaric Eiisha, builder office terraoe c court h jackson w 

Clark Erastus W. mate s h benj franklin h elk e mich- 

Clark Ewing M. tailor at Dodsworth's 
Clark Francis, clerk 28 main 
Clark George, joiner h oak n cHnton 
Clark Grosvenor, firm Clark, Coit & Merrill h pearl c 

Clark Heman, tinner bd capt Kyle 
Clark Horace, poHoe justice h hofon near dcilawmfe 
Clark James, waggoft maker bd Matiand White | 


Clark James, cordwainer h court w morgan 

Clark John, morocco dresser house chestnut near n di« 

Clark John W., M. D. bd with Doct Burwell 

Clark Joseph, bd with Matland White 

Clark Joseph W. ink and blacking manufaoturer wa^- 
ington c clinton (see adv) 

Clark Patrick, lab h terrace near genesee 

Clark Samuel, sailor h pearl s tupper 

Clark Stephen, h pearl n terrace 

Clark Stephen C. manager buffalo steam engine works 
h perry near Washington 

Clark Thomas, lab south side creek 

Clark William, joiner seneca e Washington 

Clark William F. cooper enquire Samuel Caldwell, esq 

Clark Amelia miss, with Matthew Crooker 

Clark M. miss, dressmaker 2091 main 

Clark Sarah, widow of Samuel, seneca w tannery 

Clarke Charles £. atty at law assignee of bankrupts 238 
main h ellicott s clinton 

Clarke Catharine, dressmaker bd Ann demons 

Clearkin Torrence, prime near main 

Clary Joseph, atty offiee 306 main h franklin c mo- 

Class Jacob, barber eagle tavern 

Clay Henry, barber with Parker on dock w main 

Clear John, h Washington n cbippewa 

Clemen Charles, tobacconist 196 main bd with Levi D 

Clomens Edwin, machinist eagle street theatre bd Elys- 
ian saloon 

Clemens John M. musiciali bd elysian saloon 

Clements Hale, h seneca Lockwood block 

demons Alfred, h Hodges' block c main and chip* 

demons Ann, boarding house c Washington and s di- 

Cleveland Palmer, h main n chipfiewa 

Cleves William, h elk near alabama 

Citotoii George W. attorney At !aw« nmyoir Of tte dty, 
collector u s revenue^ firm Clinioik 6t Nichols, 
offioe termoe inmritet up nMt^f h mohawk bt 
Washington and ellicott north sicto 
Clinton & Nichols, attys and counselloMi at law 8 Bid- 
way block commer<^ial 
Clor Michael, foreman at Vaughn's 84 main 
Clor M. grocer 32 main h franklin near erie 
Clyde Abraham S. truckman prime neiir main 
Coan Rhoda, wid of Jacob H. h franklin s chippewa 
Coates Giles E. firm Hunter, Palmer & co h 11 har- 

rington block pearl 
Ooatsworth Caleb, farmer dk w hamburgh 
Coatsworth Joseph, joiner gay near michigah 
Coatsworth John, farmer h elk w hamburgh 
Coatsworth Jane, widow of Thomas, with Caleb 
Coatsworth Mary» widow of William, with Joseph 
Cobb Ansel R. firm A R Cobb 6^ co bd mansimi house 
Cobb A. R. 6z; Co. forwarders and com produce dealers 

long wharf near commercial (see ady) 
Cobum Theodore, h elk near hamburgh 
Cochrane A. G. C. book keeper Kinne, Davis <k co h 

mohawk bt main and Washington 
Cbohrane Martin, lab h niagara near hudton 
Coday Jacob, h pearl near tupper 
Codd Robert, agent Canada banks 242 main^bd u s 

Codde Jacob, lab h pearl n chippewa 
Coe Bela D., gent h 297 main 
Coffiiy Patrick) oooper lloyd near prime 
Coger Philip, lab h mohaWk W main 
Coggins Michael, lab bd Martin Plytm 
Doit Charles T. derk Co^t, Kimberly dc co 
Coit Greorge, firm Ooit» Kimberiy & Oo h pearl c swad 
Coit George^ Jr. with George 
Coit Gurdon C. firm Coit» Clark 6t Merrill h pearl ab 

Colt» Glaik « Merrill, wholesale dry goods 178 main 



.Coit,Kimberly.(Ss Co. forwarders and com merchants 

lloyd c dock (see adv) 
Cole Andrew, lumber yard seneca n michigan h seneca 

e michigan 
Cole James, public porter all about town 
Cole Seymour, at R J Howell 

Coleman Charles, firm C dc co 268 main bd mrs Reese 
Coleman Charles H. clerk 220 main h elm ab clinton 
Coleman Christian, at Rumsey & Howard's h elm c 

Coleman John, grocer ^c rock fctreet 
Coleman John, tanner at Rumsey &; Howard's 
Coleman John H. clerk 220 main at L S Reynolds' h 8 

division e ellicott 
Coleman William, firm Coletnan & co 268 main 
Coleman & Co. druggists and apothecaries 268 main 
Colie Daniel G. tailor with Samuel Colie 
Colie Isaac W. builder clinton w michigan 
Colie Oliver S. hatter hydraulics 
Colie Samuel, farmer h rear Isaac W Colic's 
Collamore Thomas, ship carpenter h chippewa w mor- 
Collard John, grocer rock street 
Collector Canal ToUsy office 24 pratt block commercial 
Collector U. S. Revenue, ofHce sidway block commer- 
Collette Lambert, silversmith and grocer niagara n 

Collette Mrs. seamstress niagara n pearl 
CoUignan Frank, at Good's brass foundry 
Collins Dennis, lab h niagara near hudson 
Collins Jeremiah, lab h black rock railroad ab hudson 
Collins John P. waggon maker junction seneca and swan 
Collins P. tobacco factory 239 main 
Colson Augustus, firm Colson & Brace h swan op elm 
Colson & Brace, commission merchants and provision 

dealers dock and prime 
Colton Henry, grocer tnain c genesee h huiw e Mmah- 



Golton Manly, dep clerk erie eo. commissioner of deeds 
at CO, clerk's office h main c tupper 

Colston John, firm Weybum & Colston keepers pollard 
house, president pollard temperance society no 9 

Colwell Samuel, lab bd with J L Bates 

Commercial Advertiser and Jonrnal Office, 156 main 
exchange building 

Compart Peter F. locksmith h genesee w Jefferson 

Compton Ann, widow of John, h n division e chestnut 

Comstock Charles A. bd J Lindsay 

Congdon Harriet M. h pearl n eagle 

Conk Frances, widow of Henry, boarding house frank- 
lin s court 

Connell W. keeper rob roy house 11 main 

Conner Timothy, at J C Peterson's 

Connolly Patrick, goldsmith 161 main h ellicott near 

Conway Lackey Y. grocer commercial and rock 

Cook Charles L. butcher h green e beak 

Cook David, Washington n chippewa 

Cook E. F. teacher district no 6 h oak ab genesee 

Cook Eli, atty and counsellor at law firm Cook & Ben- 
nett h pearl s court 

Cook John, lab elm s tupper 

Cook Lewis, confectioner 5 eagle block main 

Cook Peter, grocer genesee square 

Cook William, mason h franklin s chippewa 

Cook & Bennett, attys and counsellors office 138 main 

Cooke John, firm Yosburgh <Sz; Cooke saddlers h oak s 

Cooke P. G. teacher bd S Kingsley 

Cooley Alanson, firm Cooley & Russell, h carroU near 

Cooley Harlow, steersman s b ben franklin h rock near 

•Cooley Harlow, mariner over 850 main 

Cooley & Russell, cabinet ware rooms 115 main 

Coombs Rober^'^gioeer c church and genesee 


Cooipef Ashley S. J. elk c alabatna 

Cooper Charles M. atty at Selah Bartiard's office 

Cooper Charles^ keeper la fayette coflfee house ^ 
main ' 

Cooper David, joiner bd StilwelPs 

Cooper George D. brickmaker genesee neat spruoe 

Cooper Joseph, joiner h olinton e oak 

Cooper Nathaniel, harness maker 298 main h ellicott 
bt eagle and dinton 

Cooper Thomas, h seventh n Caroline 

Cooper William, farmer north o eleventh 

Cooper William, constable erie co h main bl batMCks 

Copp Nathaniel P. grower seneca c Washington bd miss 

Copper John, tanner at Rumsey & Howard's 

Coppock William R« professor of music h seventh w 

Corbett Philip, moulder eagle furnace 

Corbin Peter, watchman and capt chain gang h n divis- 
ion e michigan 

Corcoran Michael, shoemaker 86 main 

Cordukes William, new york bakery dl5 main 

Cornish J. C* american star water st 

Cornish Orlando J. M. union cofl^ house long wharf 

Cornish O. J. M. mrs. boarding house beak s exchange 

Correll George, firm Correll 6c Merritt h elm s batavut 

Correll & Merritt, painters seneca e Washington 

Cosmer Peter, lab h pearl n court 

Coots William A. tailor 211 main h Wftsh near swan 

Cotter Thomas^ clerk J L Bates 

Cotton Charles C. enquire W F Best 

Cotton. George W. farmer oak n genesee 

Oourter Ralphs h niagara ab molmwk 

Coudery William, joiner h first st 

Covel Zenas> rev. pastot math prot chui^h bd Qmrfft 

Covelle Peter, lab flulsom o mkhlgaii 

Coveney Robert, auctioneer tdrraes railAMd depot 

Cowing EsiM H. olork 0«nlBS» Root 6§ Cowing 

Ck>wiiig Harriflon O. firm CurtM, Root ds Cowing h ea- 
gle bl detaware 
Cowles John, clerk at Isaac Woodhams 
Cox Samuely shoemaker h franklin a Virginia 
Coyne JmneB, lab h pearl s mohawk 
Crista Francis, cordwainer c chippewa and franklin 
Craig AJexander^ joiner bd A Ray 
Craig J. D. firm J Cameion 6c co 
Crain John, painter h palmer w Caroline 
Cramer John A. maaon b Washington n chippewa 
Cramer Peter, mason builder h ellicott n chippewa 
Crandell George B. h franklin n mohawk 
Crane I. B. col com u s forces at poinsett barracks 
Crane Thomas, firm Horton & Cramer bd wid Crane 
Crane Ruth, wid of Thomas h s division e elm 
Crary Charles, typo at 263 main 
Crate Aiki^i, lab white house block bl packet dock 
Craven Thomas T. capt u s steam ship monroe 
Crawford Peter, builder h franklin n chippewa 
Crawford William, h chippewa bt main and pearl 
Crawford Maria, dress maker 212 main 
Crisben Joseph, lab sycamore e michigan 
Crisben Jacob, lab do do 

Cristie Edward, h roek st 

Crittenden Edward, sash and blind maker oak n eagle 
Crocker James, atty and counsellor master in chancery 

office 146 main h swan e ellicott 
Crocker N* M. miss milliner and dress maker 807 main 
Cronk John R. firm Cronk 6c Leonard hydraulics 
Cronk 6c Leonard, friction match and bitters factory 
seneca near junction swan and SMieca (see adv) 
Crooker Erastus, tavern keeper seneca c kinney's alley 
Crooker Greorge, with Erastus 

Crooker Matthew A. ship carpenter h delaware s huron 
Crooker Moses, teamster h n division near pine 
Crooker William, with Moses 
Crooker William, Jr. boarding house clinton c melh 
Crosby John, lab h delaware s huron 
Crosby Letitia, mrs. indiana near perry 


Gross Daniel^ h seiieca.iiear Wilber^s tavern 
Crothers Thomas S. h s division e michigan 
Cronyn Edward F. clerk Hunter, Palmer 6z co 
Cronyn Abraham P. clerk Einite, Davis & co bd mrs 

Crozier John M. crier of all the courts 316 main 
Crozier Joseph, clerk 318 bd E S Elkins 
Crudden J. commercial near water 
Culbertson James J. joiner h c deiaware and mohawk 
Gulp Simon, blacksmith bai&lo steam engine works h n 

division e ellicott 
Gummings Haifield, mason collector 2d ward h swan c 

Gummings James, blacksmith 15 main 
Gummings John, blacksmith 15 main 
Gummings Widow, nurse h franklin j)i chippewa 
Guming Robert, clerk 230 main bd mrs Hay ward's 
Gunningham James, lab h railroad near prospect hill 
Gunningham Samuel, well borer michigan n clinton 
Gurley David, bd Wm Dickerson 
Gurson Josiah, waterman h pearl n court 
Gurtis Anthony, barber u s hotel block 
Gurtis Gornelius A. with J D Stedman 
Gurtis Edmund, elk near hamburgh 
Gurtiss, mother, Gillett's block* huron cor koontz alley 
Gurtiss Peter, firm Gurtiss, Root &c Gowing h main ab 

Gurtiss, Root & Gowing, wholesale grocers 70 main 
Gutler Abner, cab maker 231 main h s division c ellicott 
Gutier Hector, turner 231 main h Matthews' aUey b 

pearl and franklin 
Gutler Timothy, joiner elm s eiagle 
Gutler Glarinda, boarding house s division bi waahiogton 

and ellicott 
Gutler & Hudson, boardfg house s division bt waabing* 

ton and ellicott 
Guttfhg Hawncm S. painter 118 main bd H O White 
Gutting Thomas S. cab maker front s huron 
Dale Grossley, opppersmith 107 main bd franklin coiiee 



Dale Creorge, at Rumsey 6c Howard's 

Daley Martin, h pearl bt seneca and terrace 

Daley Timothy, at eagle furnao«» h Washington near 

Dana William K. office eagle c Washington 
Dandridge John, clothing store basement no 6 hirckhead 

Danforth Loren, teacher dist no 8 bd W S Van Duzee 
Daniels Charles, oordwainer 34 main ' 

Daniels Warren, Jr. clerk P L Parsons & co bd ameri- 
« can hotel 

Banner Michael, truckraaii walnnt n sycamore 
Darling E. A. clerk E P Needham 
Darling Nathan, bd £ P Needham 
Dairow Edward S. li 
Darrow Noyds,| 

Dart Joseph, Jr.iTswan e ellioott 
Daughei^y John, fa seneca c dau^^ierCy's alley 
Daugherty Patrick, lab h c niagara and morgan 
Dayenport Ira, painter h michigan s batftvia 
Davis Barron, clerk S Davis 
Davis George, firm Kinne, Davis & co h niagara bl 

Davis Horace, clerk J G Dodge bd* swan c oak 
Davis H. S. teacher african public school mohawk mar- 
Davis Jacob, tailor h spruce near batavia 
Davis Jacob, Jr. tailor h pine n s division 
Davis Jarvis, gunsmith with Pat Smith 
Davis Noah, s b bunker hill bd Nathaniel Ransford 
Davis Peter, tailor genesee n eliicott 
Davis Robert, mate s b illinois 
Davis Saul, auction ond commissicm meiehant 10 and 

11 eliicott square (see adv) 
Davis Thomas, mariner h elk e michigan 
Daris William, tin plate worker h n divisk>n nearmich* 

Davis Laura, wid of Lutber boarding house swan coak 
Davis Prudence, wid of L D goodell c oak 


DaviBon Benjamin F. bd Samuel F TafF 

Davison ■■ > mason h clinton e ellicott 

Dayison John, capt «2hr panama bd William Davison 

Davison Williami capt schr buckner h terrace n eagle 

Davock John W. brass founder c Washington and swan 

Davouc David, at eagle furnace 

Daw Harry, firm Daw & Delong, assessor 3d ward h 
sixth bl hospital 

Daw & De Long, produce and com merchants dock and 

Day Ebenezer, mason h main n chippewa , 

Day Ebenezer, Jr. med stud with Doct Sprague bd E 

Day John, whitewasher ^c h ninth w Caroline 

Day Jonathan^^|gWMMl||i0MM^ clinton 

Dajf^ligaiptijjiSa^Spd^j^gtb^^ * 

Day David M? widi)oan}ing house mam s chippewa 

Dayton Matthew W. clerk s b constellation h 10 harriag- 
ton block pearl 

Day wald Abraham, blacksmith h bt delawaie and frank- 
lin ab chippewa 

Deal Coonrad, mason h pearl s tupper 

Debson Isaac, joiner h franklin n tupper 

Deckers John, currier at Rumsey & Howard's h carrpll 
e Washington 

Deeves William, plasterer ellicott s huron 

De Forest Cyrus H. justice office terrace op market h s 
division c oak 

Degroat Peter, chair maker bd J L Bates 

Dehl Frederick, lab genesee e walnut 

Delaney Charles D. blacksmith dayton c prime h jack- 
son near genesee 

Delano James, musician and teacher of dancing elyisian 
saloon main 

Delenger Victor, mason elm near tupper 

Dellenbaugh Frederick, M. D. office c main and court'h 
batavia c michigan 

Delong Jamesy firm Daw & Delong h clinton c michi* 


Delson Isaac, joiner h fraDkUa n tapper 

Demareat James, h mohawk c delaware 

Demarest William C. clerk *278 main 

Demmon David W. clerk H H j^K^er 

Deming Brazille, painter h aver 14 ellicott block 

Denham Daniel, mason h c palmer and Caroline 

Denio Heman, maaon rear michigan ab clinton 

Denniaon Ephraim H. clerk T R Stocking 

Dennison Gustavus, h huron c genesee 

Dennison Henry, foreman on canal h hudson near nia- 

Dennison John M. clerk with William 
Dennison William, whiskey dealer 7 ohio 
Denny George, lab 184 main h genesee near Jefferson 
Derher Frederick, h pichigan s genesee 
Dernei:fs Stephoj^ tinsmith h beak c exchange 
Derby Stillman; grocer commercial c long wharf h 

franklin n swan 
Dette Lewis, brass founder J W Davock h elm bt swan 

and s division 
Deuther George A. grocer 279 main 
Devenport George, enquire H Bristol 
Develin Arthur, h chippewa head morgan 
Deveing Daniel, Jr., M. D. with Doct Delienbaugh 
Dick Abraham, joiner bd C Bickir 
Dickie Benjamin, brickmaker hydraulics near tannery 
Dickie James G« at Coleman ds co's bd mansion bouse 
Dickie John H. clerk 172 main 
Dickenson Ann, wid of Henry, bd A T Mackary 
Dickerson David, barber commercial near canal 
Dickerson Luther, blacksmith at C Delaney's 
Dickerson William, lab h court w morgan 
Dickerson Amanda, wid of Alva, wash near chippewa 
Dickinson Constant, mechanic bd Maria Wh&len 
Dickinson J. T. D. prime near canal 
Dickinson Matilda, widow of Ira, h Washington near 

Dickman George, butcher oak c huron 
Dickson William, mariner h pearl n chippewa 
Diebold A. shoe shop commercial near water 



Diendonne Felix, nnsiciaa widi John 
I Diendonne John J. musician h franklin n chur6h 
Dietrich Peter^ waggon maker at Raney's 
Dietrich Daniel, Ife . do 

Dieflfenbaugk Andrew, tanner hydraulics 
Diefl^nbaugh Jacob, tailor main n mohawk 
Dieflfenbaugh Martin, at hydraulic tannery 
DiefTenbaugh Gbestley, engineer s b ben franklin 
Dilla Richard, cooper h pennsylyania near eleventh 
Delle David, board Mrs Durkee 
Dillon Michael, tailor h steuben near hydraulic canal 
Dingens John, grocer 352 main 
Dinwaudie William, clerk ADA Miller 
Dixon Sarah Miss, bd Seth Austin's 
Dobson William mate brig thomas^mills 
Dodd William B. finisher at eagle furnace, h s division 

e chestnut 
Dodds Stephen V. mason h pearl s chippewa 
Dodge Oharles H. clerk 32 main 
Dodge Horace, clerk J G Dodge 
Dodge John, h seneca e pollard 
Dodge John G. grocer and lumber dealer 866 main bd 

widow Davis 
Dodge Ransom C. clerk 32 main 
Dodsworth William, tailor 92 main h Washington near 

Dole Benjamin, store long wharf seneca s pratt 
Dolen James, grocery d4 main 
Dolen Thomas, grocer long wharf h peacock 
Doll Frederick, h main op high school > 

Doll Michael, grocer genesee e ellicott 
Dolton Andrew, lab bd J L Bates 
Domedion Jacob, d^k ADA Miller h sycamore n elm 
Donald Thomas, tailor hydraulics near brewery 
Donaldson James, livery stable pearl near terrace 
Donnally William, machinist h hanover 
Doolittle Charles, joiner h s division e chestnut 
Doolittle Samuel, with Charles 
Doran ThomaSi lab h indiana near ohio 


Dore Michael, lab h miobigiA n sycamore 
Dorr B. P. capt schr indiana bd G I Prince 
Dorrett Benjamin, blackamith with Delaney h jackscm 

w eagle 
Dorsheimer Philip, firm Doraheimer de Braas keepers 

mansion bouse 
Dorsheimer William, with Philip 
Dorsheimer & Brass, keepers mansion house c main 

and exchange (see adv) 
Dorst Jacob, clerk J Sexton h s diyision c elm 
Doty Jacob, tailor with C Scott 
Doty James EL. tailor bd P F Barton 
Doty John T. grocer seneca e Washington 
Doty Russell, joiner h seneca e micbigan 
Doty William, painter genesee o walnut 
Doughty Nichcdas W. grocer 24 main bd pearl ab sen* 

Doughty Simeon A. carver and gilder 213 main 
DovUliers Leopold, professor french and drawing 167 

Downing William, mason h delaware ab tupper 
Doyen Allen, waggon maker ellicott c Koons^ alley 
Doyle Hannah R. mrs. tailoress genesee square c main 
Drake John, grocer 2 commercial h pearl s swan 
Drake Henry J. barber with Chew 6^ Quails 
Draper Jewel, truckman H Havens 6d co 
Drew John, teacher n c pearl and tupper 
Drew William, driver at Miller's livery 
Drewss John, lab german alley s genesee 
Drinan Thomas, stone mason h Caroline -n sixth 
Drive John, h mohawk w main 
Drullard George, clerk J Nottingham & co h exchange 

e Washington 
Drury Robert, clerk 230 main bd Electa Howard 
Dubois James B. firm Barton ^ Dubois, h ellicott 3d 

door ab eagle 
Dubois Philo, silversmith at J S Putnam's 
Dubois Samuel H. firm T C Riley & co h eagle c pine 
Dubesing Henry, printer der weltburger office 


^ 116 

Dudley Charles^ clerk ^6 main bd Electa Howard's 

Dudley Edward, at widow Stocking's 

Dudley John L. grocery seneca e Washington 

Dudley Joseph D. tinner h c court and niagara 

Dudley Stephen, with Squire S Case 

Dudley Thomas J. Jr. att'y firm Masten & Dudley bd 

with H W Rogers 
Dudley Thomas J. dealer in hathaways patent hot air 

and other stoves and hollow ware 107 main (see 

adv) h exchange e Washington 
Duff Archibald, blacksmith h niagara bl mohawk 
Dufie James, joiner h morgan n gencsee 
Duflfee William, h huron c main 
Dumont Rynear, carp and joiner h green c beak 
Dunbar Lyman, h pearl ab chippewa 
Duncan Samuel, painter h n division c oak 
Duncklee William S. cab maker Washington n s division 
Dunkporst William, lab n division near elm 
Dunlap James, joiner h tupper near delaware 
Dunlap Horace, h s division bl cedar 
Dunn John P. joiner oak near huron 
Dunning Uriah H. dentist e seneca c main 
Dunning Cephas P. clerk Webster ^ Holmes 
Dunnivan Dan, lab bd Wm Flannagan's 
Durfee A. C. teamster at Bidwells & Banta's 
Durfee Philo, firm Durfee & Lee h delaware c eagle 
Durfee & Lee, com merchants dock w main 
Durfee Mary A. widow of Abel, h ohio junc elk 
Durick James, manufacturer of oakum at hydraulics h 

seneca e red jacket 
Durkee Levi, joiner h delaware op cottage garden 
Dusenbury Benjamin, keeper toll bridge 
Dusing Frederick, teamster h genesee bl terrace 
Duthie James, joiner h ninth near cardina 
Dyer George, bar keeper huff's hotel 
Eagle Tavern, main by mrs Sigwald 
Earl Deborah, widow of Benjamin, h n division e oak 
Early Henry, lab with Patrick Guy 
Earts Jacob, tailor h mohawk w main 


Eastabrooks E. H. fancy job printer 270 mam (aee adv) 

bd Stillweirs 
Eastman Francis, lab h elm near tupper 
Eastman James, farmer seneca near heacock^s 
Eaton Alexander T. clerk J W Brown dc co bd u s hotel 
Eaton Joseph, board J Wilson 
Eaton Lewis, post office agent h main s blflick rock 
Eaton Myron C. law stuiknt at Barker & Sill's 
Eaton Theodore H. enquire W Williams main c seneca 
Ebenhart Christian, tailor h elm n sycamore 
Eddy Robert M. blacksmith with George Jones 
Eddy Welcome A. joiner h ellicott near seneca 
Edgerton Orrin, plane maker railroad c erie bd D W 

Edmunds Asa, carpenter hydraulics 
Edmonds J. J, carpenter at F Petts' 
Edmonds Thomas, tinsmith 66 main h cross w main 
Edmonson Andrew, painter h morgan near niagara 
Edwards William, agent new york grocery 5 marvin 

block h seneca e Washington 
Edwards Anna B. miss, superintendent orphan asylum 

c niagara and maryland 
Eeles William, comedian eagle st theatre h michigan s 

Efner Edward S, clerk with H Betts 
Efner Elijah D. firm Efner & Kennett h prospect hill 
Efner Joseph H. clerk Efner 6c Kennett bd Cutler <& 

Efner & Kennett, drapers and tailors 18*2 main and 

commercial c pearl 
Eggermen Bernard, eagle furnace h elk e michigan 
Eggert B. F. grocer 372 main 
Eighme Daniel, teamster h fulton n elk 
Eighme Isaac, mason oak n batavia 
Einsel Joseph, carpenter elm e tupper 
Elder Peter, stone cutter h Washington near seneca 
Eldredge Ephraim, lab Washington n ohio 
Eldredge Samuel, clerk Hunter, Palmer d( co h seneca 

w michigan 



BIdiedge Asahel, h oak n eagle 

Eldredge John, enquire of Asahel Eldredge 

Elkins Ephraim S. grocer 318 main h huron near c 

Elebeck Junius H. barber u s hotel block 
Ellas Frances S. law student at Clinton & Nichols' h 

carroU e Washington 
Ellis Godfrey, boat builder h Washington n seneca 

Ellis , comedian eagle st theatre 

Elliott Gilbert, lab ellicott near eagle 

Elliott James, shoemaker 296 main 

Elliott John, livery stable rock h seneca w pearl 

Elliott John, with Joseph 

Elliott Joseph, baker and grocer commercial near canal 

h Washington near seneca 
Eltz Frederick, tailor with Jacob Deiffenbaeh 
Eltz Stephen, warehouse man Root & Lewis's 
Ellsworth Daniel P. machinist chippewa e Washington 
Ely Enoch S. teacher bd Ann Clemens' 
Ely Israel C. joiner h pearl s church 
Elysian Saloon, by Jas Delano main near American 
Emerson Charles L. sec'y bufHtlo steam engine works 

bd Mrs Groefibeck's 
Emigh Michael, cab maker h delaware c german 
Emmons Frederick W, solicitor for canal boats &c 

office on the canal h fulsom e michigan 
Emmons Theodore, tobacconist bd L D Ayres 
Emory Daniel F. Washington n michigan 
Emory Philip, butcher elm s sycamore 
Emrick Frederick, grocer genesee e walnut 
Emrick Jacob, butcher terrace market h s division c 

English James, carpenter white home block bl piacket 

Enos Ammarilla, h michigan near s division 
Enos Erasmus M. capt h michigan near eagle 
Ensign Charles, law student Hall ds Bowen's bd Blisha 

Ensign Elisha, h main near huron 
Epley J. at lovejoy house 


Eply John B. tailor with Barton & Dubois h huron c 

Ernst Gabriel, joiner Washington c genesee 
Ernst Michael, tailor elm s sycamore 
Esslinger Charles, watchmaker main s mohawk 
Esprin John, lab h pearl n court 
Evans Charles W. firm C W & W A Evans h Wash- 
ington s eagle 
Evans James C. firm Gelston & Evan h Washington e 

Evans John R. fifm J R Evans and brother h ellicott c 

n difision 
Evans Richard, glue factory hydraulics w tannery 
Evans Richard F. mate schr Illinois h ellicott e michi" 

Evans Margaret, wid of William, Washington s eagle 
Evans C. W. & W. A. produce merchants ship canal 
Evans John R. & Brother, forwarders, agents new york 

transportation co ship canal 
Pagan Elizabeth, wia of Jam^s Fagan, h c niagara and 

Fair John, cap maker h delaware n chippewa 
Fairchild Caleb, blacksmith c elk and ohio 
Fairchild Jared, joiner h Clinton e oak 
Fairchilds Joseph, Macksmith h franklin n church 
Farley David, turner mechanic st h eagle e michigan 
Farley James, mariner with Thomas 
Farley Thomas, lab h railroad near prospect hill 
Farlin Lathrop, grocer franklin n chippewa 
Farmer John, tailor 97 main 
Farmers' Hall, main c huron (StillwelPs) 
Farmers^ Home, commercial st 
Fanners' Hotel, main st by S D Shaw (see adv) 
Farmers' Inn, main c creek (Harris's) 
Faman Alanson, clerk 350 main 
Farnham John B. joiner fulsom near michigan 
Famham Le Roy, auctioneer 171 main h oak b tapper 
Farnham Thomas, auction and com merchant 171 maio 

(see adv) bd mrs Hall's 


' Farr Josiah S. clerk 804 main 
Farr Rinaldo, com merchant prime and dock bd Ann 

Farwell Elbridge, undertaker niagara near pearl h hu- 

ron w franklin 
Fassett Alonzo D. saddler h genesee bt main and pearl 
Fast Martin, hudson bt niagara and canal 
Faul Godfrey, shoemaker at Camp's h sycamore e oak 
Faulkner Morgan L. firm Faulkner & Plimpton h elli- 

cott c seneca 
Faulkner & Plimpton, auction and commission merch'ts 

164 main (see adv) i 

Faxon Charles, book and fancy job printer' c main and 

terrace (see adv) h church w fi^anklin 
Faxon Charles, 2d, printer firm Faxon & co printers 

bd James Faxon 
Faxon Eben, bookbinder at 113 main 
Faxon Henry, bookbinder with Faxon &; Read 
Faxon James, firm Faxon & Read 113 main h eagle bt 

elm and michigan \ 

Faxon & Co. job printers 'l 94 main 
Faxon & Read, publishers and blank book manufacture 

ers 113 main 
Fay Cyrus M. principal high school main st 
Fay John J . clerk post office bd Cutler & Hudson's 
Fearbrants Godlib, cooper h franklin n chippewa 
Featherstone Thomas, gardner h maryland near elev- 
Fell E. tailor genesee c ash 
Felthouse William, at lovejoy house 
Ferken John, joiner h s division e oak 
Femald Joseph S. firm Teller <& Femald h 24 swan 
Ferris Charles D. h seneca bl michigan south side 
Fessendend Abijah, ware house roan M Kingman & co 

h elk near ohio 
Fickel F, shoemaker ellicott n genesee 
Fields Charles, coach maker h c elk and ohio 
Fields John C. clerk 144 main 
Fields Samuel H. joiner k franklin s tu|^r 


Fifer Frederick, tailor h 8 mobawk w main 
Fifer Frederick, Jr. at Efner^s h tupper bl delaware 
Fifefield Moses B. joiaer h jackson near court 
Filkins GJeorge, ship carpenter bd Joseph Johnson's 
Filkins Isaac, with SaiDuel Cox 
Fillihert Peter, cordwainer h elm c genesee 
Fillmore Millard, M C. firm Fillmore & Ha?en h frank- 
lin ab mohawk 
Fillmore & Haven, attorneys and counsellors oflSce 804 

Filner Eustis, h sycamore c michigan 
Filner Lewis, porter at post office bd with Eustis 
Finley James, h franklin s tupper 
Finlay John, porter Daw & Delong's 
Finley John, grocer prime c hanoyer 
Finn John B. upholsterer bd with Cornelia Brainard 
Fischer Martin, cordwainer h franklin n tupper 
Fischer Michael, tailor n division c elm 
Fischer Nicholas, tailor c prime and caftal h oak n syc- 
Fish H. H. & Co. com merchants dock and prime bd 

mansion house 
Fishbough George, joiner h oak n genesee 
Fisher Francis, joiner michigan ab tupper 
Fisher John, joiner cherry near michigan 
Fisher John G. derk 17 webster block h seneca e elli- 

Fisher Mary, wid of William, h pearl s huron 
Fisher Sarah, cake and beer shantee main near bar- 
Fisk Ebenezer, foot of church and genesee 
Fiske William, grocer 5 webster block h seneca e ell 
Fitch Henry S. painter h michigan. s vine 
Fitch N* Huntington, at western hotel 
Fitch William, dry goods 138 main h pearl 1st ab ter- 
Fitzpatrick Michael, lab h terrace n genesee 
Flagg John B. foreman for Clameron & Adams h sene- 
ca e ellicott 


^^AgS Samuel D. elerk 7 webster block kceneca e el- 

Flagg Thomas, coppersmith bd Joel Houston 
Flaharty Jeremiah, clerk 189 main 
Flannagan William, lab b court w morgan 
Fleming Charles^ with John 
Fleming John, ckrk s b missoi^ri h oak near tupper 
Fleming William H. grocer 8 marrin block 
Fleming Robert* bd with John 

Flersheim L. H. firm F & Reilley h oak near batavia 
Flersheim & Reilley^ clothing store commercial near 

Fletcher Robert, lab h delaware n mohawk 
Flin John, lab h court bl railroad 
Flint Austin, M. D. f^rm Benjamin & Flint h ellicott n 

FJint Francis, at T Rathbun's 
Flint Joseph, Washington near scott 
Floyd George W. capt s b sandusky h c huron and 

Fludder James, joiner h delaware s tupper 
Fl3m Martin, lab h c morgan and niagara 
Fobes Silas A. h junction swan and erie 
Fobes William D. at Silas A. Fobes* 
Foellner Justice, lab sycamore c michigan 
Fogel Christian, lab h genesee w delaware 
Foggin John, clerk 210 main bd P Perkins' 
Foist Coonrad, porter huff's tavern 
Foley Martin, carpenter bd with Alonzo D Fassett 
Folsom Benjamin, joiner h delaware west huron 
Folsom Noah, h swan near cedar 
Folsom William, builder and jobber h franklin s chip- 

Folsom William H. joiner mediianic st h franklin n 

Foot John, lab niagara n eagle 
Foot R. S. clerk canal collector's office h pearl n «agie 
Foote Thomas M. editor com adv and journal h seneca 

e michigan 

Forbes Daniely h elm c clintoii - 

Forbey David, turner mechaaic h eagle e michigan 

Ford Elijah, atty at law 280 main h Washington n eagle 

Ford Loyine G. millwright h delaware n huron 

Ford Nelson, atty at law 290 main 

Fold William W. recess commercial bd W Hayes' 

Ford E. & N. attys 290 main 

Forristall Charles T. foreman for James A 

Forristall Jame^ A. painter gilder and glazier 13 ellicott 

square [seeadv] 
Forristall William A. messenger and clerk for Horatio 

N. Walker 232 main . 
Forster David, cab maker bd R Foster 
Forster Richigrd, cab maker h s division e elm 
Forsyth James# gilder at Teller &; Fernald's bd N In- 

Foster Alonzo, lab white house* block bl packet dock 
Foster Charles, engineer h indiana near Washington 
Foster David, cab maker 113 main 
Foster Jason, at H Havens & co 
Foster Thomas, coffee pepper and spice factory firm 

Foster & Butler printers 263 main [see adv] 
Foster & Butler^ job printers, and publishers bufiklo 

american 263 main 
Fougeron Jacob, grocer genesee e ellicott 
Fougeron John, grocer genesee e ellicott 
Fowler Benjamin, h niagara c franklin 
Fowler Godfrey, shoemaker sycamore c oak 
Fowler Stephen, shoe store east sWan near main h s di- 
vision near chestnut 
Fowler Trueworthy, grocery long wharf h franklin n 

Fox George, mariner h morgan n genesee 
Fox Joseph, milkman h german w delaware 
Fox Peter, lab h peacock w evans 
Fox Simeon capt h eagle c terrace 
Fox Watson A. clerk Daw & Delong bd P Perkins 
Foy Robert D. printer 159 main bd Susan Palmer's 
Francis Ahner H. firm Francis & Ganett h swan 6 




Francis Daniel, brittannia ware factory 4 u s block h s 

division e chestnut 
Francis Isaac, clerk for Francis & Garrett 
Francis Julias E. with Daniel 
Francis Samuel, shoemaker bd N B Johnson^s 
Francis & Garrett, clothing merchants 9 u s blockj[see 

Franklin Edmund, with Provoost sail maker 
Franklin William, baker h alabama a aeneca 
Frazer James, machinist at eagle st theatre h eagle ab 

Frazer John, printer bd widow Frazer 
Frazer Mary wid. h eagle c elm 
Frazine Chaunoey C. clerk s b gen wayne 
Frechette Paul, printer 194 main h elli<Sott c clinton 
Freedman Ignatius, brewery oak near tupper 
Freeman Francis H. firm Hunn dc Freeman bd u s 

Freeman George, brickmaker h niagara c maryland 
Freeman George T. brickmaker high ab goodell 
Freeman Russell M. painter shop commercial [see adv] 

bd pollard house 
Fremy Francis, grocer niagara c morgan 
French Fisher C. carriage smith bd eagle tavern 
French Harlow, blacksmith genesee near main h Wash- 
ington c huron 
Fricken John, hatter h c mohawk and main 
FriJay George, h genesee near Jefferson 
Friday Michael, lab h genesee e morgan 
Frierson Angus, with Wm Kaene 
Frisbe Orville, ship joiner Bidwells & Banta's 
Frolick Francis, tailor h niagara ab georgia 
Frost James, carpenter h fulsom e michigan 
Fuller Samuel, h swan e hickory 
Fulsom Benjamin, building mover franklin near huron 
Fulsom Noah, h swan near cedar 
Fultmuller Philip, sausage maker ellicott c genesee 
Furlong Michael, cordwainer h illinois near ohio 
Fursman Samuel, capt watch h n division e michigan 


Gafian J Thomas, kb h pearl ii oouft 
Grage Ueorge, Jr. coffee rooms main o terrace 
Gage Willam, coffee rooms main c terrace 
Galligan John, fiim William & J bd J Beardsley^s 
Galligan William, firm W & John, h beak s exchange 
GaUigan W. & J. cabinet ware room 111 main (see 

Galloway Alexander* R. boat ^^solicitor" h court c niag- 

ara square 
Galloway Jane, wid of Matthew, while house block bl 

packet dock 
Galusha DaVid, teacher h ellioott s tupper 
Grallup Shubael, auctioneer office 165 main h c church 

and pearl 
Ganger John, tailor on dock near main h pearl n eagle 
Grarber Christian, tanner h ellioott s clinton 
Garber Martus, sausage makcyr genesee e elm 
Garbut P. dry goods 208 Imain 
Gardner Anthony, lab h german w delawaie 
Gardner A. H. bd G Carr 
Gardner Charles, firm Gardner ds Patterson h pearl n 

Gardner Francis B. cooper with Hiram N Sprague bd 

pollard house 
Gardner Henry, clerk T Foster h franklin s church 
Gardner James D. brewer h delaware s tupper 
Gardner Joseph B. clerk G A Moore cs oo h clinton c 

Gardner Noah H. alderman 2d ward, hydraulic tannery 

h seneca near tannery 
Gardner Thomas C. teacher bd Caleb Higgins' 
Gardner & Patterson, crockery dealers 168 main 
Grarland John G. piano forte maker swan e chestnut 
Garland Michael, grocer main op high schoul 
Grarland Samuel, tailor 80 main h seneca e ellicott 
Garrett Cuyler, dry goods 218 main bd Henry Oarrett 
Garrett Henry, dry goods 218 h franklin c church 
Garrett James, firm Francis & Grarrett t 
Garrett Walter, keeper lloyd st house 




Garrick Tbomasy taibr at P McCourt's 

Grates Danielt truckman near german church bl mich- 

Grates Q«orge B. constable h s division e michigan 
Grates Horatio, teacher dist no 4 h fulton c hay ward 
Gates Mary Ann, wid of Nicholas, h german w deiawaio 
Gaynor Thomas, h fulton near elk 
Grebhart Lawrence, teamster h eln; near tupper 
Geib Frederick, lab michigan near genesee 
Gellis Mardock, elk near ohio 

Gelston Samuel F. firm Grelston & Evans h black rock 
Grelston & Evans, forwarders and commission merch'ts 

long wharf [see adv] 
Grenesee House, main c genesee 
Grenoa Francis S. carpenter pratt's alley 
George Henry, turner with J Carhart 
George Michael, lab h g^man near twelfth 
George Michael, Jr. stone cutter h german near twelfth 
George Jonathan W. joiner h ninth c georgia 
Georger Augustus, clerk 178 main bd eagle tavern 
Georger Charles, bd with Matland White 
Germain Rollin, atty office 152 main 
Grerman John, tailor ellicott near genesee 
German Evangelical Church, genesee c hickory 
German Lutheran Church, hickory s batavia 
German Methodist Church, goodell near hickory 
German Catholic Church, main near Virginia 
Germany Philip, porter 8 webster buildings h over 844 

Geumball Ferdinand, lab ab goodell 
Greyer Andrew, lab h Washington near goodell 
Geyer Christian, grocery genesee w michigan 
Geyer Christian, Jr. pedler h german 
Gciaque Julian, joiner h Cyprus near michigan 
Gibbs Anson, M. D. and dentist 286 main 
Gibbs Francis L. at eagle st theatre 
Gibbin William, teacher beak s exchange 
Gibson James, clerk s b de witt clinton h s division w 

Giddings Alfred H. wood inspector h s division e mich 


Giesz Anthony, cooper d^c und^ eagle Uockhpeeriab 

J chippewa 
Gifibrd Caleb W. fulsom near pine 
Gilbert Alvin D. clerk D Burt 
Gilbert Elijah, wheelwright junc swan and aeneca 
Gilbert Eliphalet, blacksmith h c sban and canal 
Gilbert Henry S. engineer bd T Rathbun 
Gilbert John B* station keeper bd E Bebee 
Gilbert William A. clerk 234 main 
Gilder Anthony, tailor h elm near batavia 
Gill Maria, wid of Thomas, h court w morgan 
Gillett Ambrose S. lab h franklin s tupper 
Gillett Caleb, lab huron c ellicott 
Gillett Henrp T. h swan e Washington 
Gillett Israel, h oak s genesee 
Gillespie Robert, h franklin s huion 
Gillman James, butcher hydraulics 
Gillman John T. mason h hydraulics near van rensse* 

Gilpatrick John T. baker terrace w peari h n division e 

Girven Joseph, moulder eagle furnace 
Givens Green, lab h clinton near oak 
Gittery Joseph, morocco dresser h sycaoiofe e oak 
Gittery Joseph, Jr do do 

Gittery Nicholas, mason sycamore near eha 
Glass Dudley, last maker GF Wing 
Glass William, lab eagle near chestnut 
Glassey Daniel, cabinet maker h genesee bl franklin 
Glazier Simeon R. tanner indiana c ohio 
Gleason George B. enquire H R Seymour 
Gleed Thomas, cook pollard house h 1 vine 
Glenn John, nffason bd T B Tildea 
Glenny William H. crockery store 102 main bd J 

Godfrey John, tanner at Rumsey & Howard's h michi- 

gan s batavia 
Goehring Grodfrey, cordwainer c genesee and morgan 
Goethoffer Qaorge, printer's devil 206 main 


GoetzGbaries, shoemaker h genesee e michigan 
Goetz Daniel, truckman h hickory near the church 
Goetz Michael, cordwainer h huron c Washington 
Gold Charles R. atty at law and examiner in chancery 

180 main up stairs bd Mary Granger 
Gongeloff Jacob, clerk for Henry Colton 
Good Adam, sen. baker commercial ab water 
Good Adam, Jr. brass founder ohio c Washington 
Goodell Jabez, farmer h goodell c oak 
Crooding Rodney, jailor h basement court houoe 
Goodrich Ansel, baker h s division e michigan 
Goodrich Charles, h niagara near eagle 
Goodrich Erastus H. jeweller and watchmsJcer 144 

main h- huron e delaware 
Goodrich Guy H. grocer 372 main h main c high 
Goodwell James T. clerk L F Tiffany bd mansicn 
Goodwine Christian, barber commercial c water h gen- 
esee c elm 
Goold Augustus G. coach maker c court and pearl h 

c pearl and genesee 
Goold James, carpenter h ellicott ab huron 
Gore John, cab maker 16 swan h s division bl eim 
Gorham Benjamin L. mason h n division c chestnut 
Gorham Rawson, builder h michigan n eagle 
Gorman Michael, lab h court w morgan 
Gotzinger Joseph, tailor h court n main 
Gould Emerson S. clerk for E Rose 
Gould Jonas, joiner h ellicott n genesee 
Gould Lorenzo D. joiner h senecae Washington 
Gould Sylvanus O. atty at law 280 main h franklui near 

Gonrafid Francis, daugeneotye main op american bd 

eagle tavern 
Gowans Peter, porter Hunter, Palmer & co 
Gowi^ Peter, firm Wheeler & Growans h sev^enth near 

Grabq^us August, rev. lutheran church h goodell near 

the <£urch 
Graham Aniasa, ship joiner at D Waterman^ 


Graham James H. atty at law offioe 5 ternace bdseneea 

St house 
Graham Philip, blacksmith with H D Huff h ehn near 

Graham Samuel, machinist at buffalo steam engine 

Grandison Linsey, brass founder at Davock's h Chippe- 
wa w main * 
Grant John B. engineer s b missouri 
Granger James N. rev. pastor baptist church h pearl s 

Granger Mary, boarding house Washington n s division 
Graves Quartus, ex-printer h pearl ab huion ^ 
Gray D. mason h jackson w genesee 
Gray Joseph, truckman h pearl n genesee 
Gray Milton, cab maker 231 main 
Gray Robert, h Chicago c fulton 
Gray William, clerk Holton ^ Crane 
Gray William, teamster seneca c daugherty's alley 
Grebner John, lab h c Pennsylvania and ninth 
Green Alonzo, law student Talcott & Houghton 
Green Charles, caulkar iodiana c illinois 
Green Charles E. clerk 172 main 
Green Dyer, miller h swan e chestnut 
Green Elias, hpearl n huron 
Green George F. pedler hydraulics 
Green John, hydraulics near hamburgh st 
Greene Joseph, clerk E T Bond 
Greenman William B. warehouse man Ruxton & co 
Gieenshield John, tailor with H G Stambach h swan c 

Greenwood John, cab maker firm Greenwood & Clark 

bd eagle tavern 
Greenwood John, farmer elk near alabama 
Greenwood & Clark, cab makers 311 main 
Greenvault Phebe, widow, huron near oak 
Gregory George, baker at T Payne's 
Gregory William, foreman for Otis Vaughn 
Greiner John, h genesee c jefferaon > 


Gi^BHwr John, J». derk ADA Miller 

Grey Ernest G. grooer 370 main 

Gneebaum Jodepb^ lab h sycamore e michigan 

Griffin Harman M. bd B Sherwood's 

Griffith John, giooer eagle e elm 

Grim John, teamster h delaware n chippewa 

6^itti Phiip, teamster h elm bl tupper 

Grissman John, joiner h jackson w genesee 

Grist Matthias K. cooper h chippewa w fauron 

Griswold Bdmand, )ab fulton near elk 

Griswold Harry, hat and cap store 122 main h 18 east 

Griswold Jedediah, bd with Harry 

Groesbeck Elizabeth, boarding house seneca op ellicott 

Grommon John N. tobacccHiist h 397 main 

Grosvetior Abel M. bd pearl s swan 

Grosvenor Seth H. h pearl ab seneca 

Grosvenor Thomas P. firm Mnllett ds Gzosvenor bd 
mrs S K Grosvenor 

Grosvenor Steplien K. mrs. h pearl ab seneca 

Grops John, h eagle near chestnut 

Grown Samuel, keeper ball alley c commercial ds canal 

Gruse Frederick, grocery commercial st 

Guild Joseph, guildhall boarding house swan c ellicott 

Gumbell Joseph M. pastor germaa evan chufch h good- 
ell e oak 

Guenther Frederick H. rev. pastor german lath churob 
h hickory near the church 

Guenther Henry, mason h cherry nearmichigaii 

Guenther John, lab h genesee e spruce 

Guenther John G. clerk I P Sears 

Giustine Fenner, fulsome micbigan 

Guy Patrick, lab h court w morgan 

Guy Samuel S. student Dr Abbott's 

Haack Greorge, tailor ehn bi tupper 

Haack Joseph, tailor elm bl genesee 

Haas Jacob, h tupper •e elm 

Haas Ludwig, do do 

Haas Nicholas^ h cypras near tetarviii 


Haberkom Georgp, lab cherry near morttraer 
Haberkorn Michael, h main ab chippewa 
Haberstro Francis, gunsmith with Joseph 
Haberstro Joseph, gunsmith shop 145 main (see adv) 
Hackett Peter, at buffalo steam engine works 
Haddock Benjamin F. h mohawk c delawase 
Haddock Charles C, If. D. postmaster h c main and 

Haddock Joseph E. clerk post office bd Matilda Dick- 
Haddock Lorenzo E. law student 190 main bd Benja- 
min F 
H^eld Robert, firm Hadfield <S& Lawson bd Wm A 

Hadfield &; Lawson, dry goods 286 main 
Hagar Henry, firm H Hagar & co h niagara ab dels* 

Hagar Henry, waggon maker ellicott c genesec 
Hagar Henry & Co. wholesale grocers 1 web8(erJ|Iock 
Hagarty John capt brig rocky mountain h sycamore e 

Hagarty Mary, with William Knight 
Hagerman Norman, axe maker swan juncti<»i seneea 
Haidlebork Geoige, Washington c goodell 
Haines Samuel, grocer 01 main h franklin near genesee 
Halbeg John, shoe shop commercial near water 
Hall Andrew A. hat store 156 main h genesee next to 

Lord's church 
Hall Eben B. with Andrew A Hail 
Hall George, truckman h pearl n mohawk 
Hall Ira, Jr. commis'r of deeds h mohawk w elliooti 
Hall John P. firm Hall & Mooney h Washington d mo- 
Hall John W. enquire of Burr ds Waters 
Hall Nathan K. first judge erie ca ocniTts, master in 
chancery, ex-officio sup court commissknier, atty 
and counsellor at law, vice prest iemp soc o{ 4h!e 
bar amd o>flicers of justice of erie co. firm HaH 
ii Bowen 158 main h franklin s hnvon 


Hall Joel, firm Hall 6e Camp h delaware n tuppec 

Hall Orrin, joiner elk near alabama 

Hall Richard H. with Andrew A Hall 

Hall Robert, h s division e michigan 

Hall Robert, bd Wm Borham 

Hall Samuel L. joiner h franklin near tupper 

Hall William, truckman h fulsom e michigan 

Hall Panthea, widow of Noies, boarding house swan bl 

Hall & Bowen, attys at law office 156 main exchange 

Hall & Camp, grocers and lumber dealers c main and 

Hall Sz Mooney, lithograph and copper plate printers 

206 main [see adv] 
Hallenbeck Charles R. ') eat, drink and sleep with Gar- 
Hallenbeck Edward, S ^^ 3* Hallenbeck 
Hallenbeck Garrett S. foreman N Randall's h pearl n 

Haller Frederick, shoemaker h michigan n sycamore 
Haller George, do do 

Haller Jacob do do 

Haller Jacob F. blacksmith bd Matland White 
Haller John, joiner h michigan n sycamore 
Hallnleins Jacob, cab maker h Cyprus near batavia 
Halser Jacob, h green e Washington 
Hamilton Henry, com and forwarding mercht dock and 

prime h court c franklin 
Hamilton Margaret mrs. with John Hosford 
Hamlin Daniel R. h franklin n mohawk 
Hamlin George B. firm Hamlin & Webster 
Hamlin Henry, clerk 9 seneca 
Hamlin &; Webster, grocers 9 seneca 
Hammond Israel V. upholsterer at Stearns & White's 
Hammond John, tailor with A Sl3rter 
Hammond William S. grocery s division e chestnut 
Hammond Julia, wid of Edward ellicott s batavia 
Hana^r Joseph, basket maker geneaee e morgan 
Hancock Dudley* shoemaker 94 main h huron w pearl 
Hancock Levi, dealer wooden ware 231 main [see adv] 


Hancock William T. baker bd Wm Morton's 
Handel Francis J. grooer main s genesee 
Hanes William H. truckman bd J L Bates' 
Hannigan Bernard, tailor south side creek 
Hannigan John, shoemaker h pearl c chippewa 
Hannixmann George, cordwainer with John 
Hannixman Joho, cordwainer h c chippewa and pearl 
Hanschk Joseph, shoe shop main ab phoenix hotel 
Hansel John G. lab michigan near goodeli 
Hansnian Augustus, tobacconist genesee e spruce 
Harr Christian, gaidner h tnpper junc Caroline 
Harbone John, lab h tupper near pearl 
Harbone Nicholas, lab h tup^ Oiar pearl 
Hard Samuel, joiner h michigan s batavia 
Hard William, commercial near water 
Hardiker N. mrs: Washington n swan 
Harmon Christopher, lab oak ab goodeli 
Harmon Ezekiel F. clerk for J Harmon 
Harmon Jacob, cab maker genesee c main 
Harmon Judson, firm Smith & Harmon h pearl n huron 
Harmon William, Uacksmith lloyd ab prime 
Harrington Gardner T. truckman elk ab hamburgh 
Harrington Henry, joiner h clinton e ellicott 
Harrington Isaac R. office no 3 eagle blodc bd eagle 
Harrington Timothy, lab 7 tow path w mechanic 
Harris Albert, engineer s b Chesapeake bd T Kennedy 
Harris Alfred, engineer s b constitution 
Harris Charles, recess on canal dock 
Harris FMncis L., M. D. coroner office and house peari 

8 church 
Harris Joseph W« innkeeper 01 main and stable keeper 

Washington rear farmers' hotel (see adv) 
Harris Joseph, innkeeper main c perry 
Harris Morgan, at J Harris' main c perry 
Harris Peyton, wood dealer h ehn n clinton 
Harris Philip, h dock bl terrace 
Harris Slomanv lab h oak c batavia ^ 
Harris William, Jr. keeper elk at house and city weigh- 
er h elk c michigan 


Harrison Henry G. mason bd wid Braity 
Harrison Isaac, mason h delaware n chippewa 
Harrison James, city crier office commercial bl canal 

Harrison James C. clerk for C M Reed bd u s hotel 
Harrison James F. on delaware n^tapper 
Harrison John E. mason bd with Emily 
Harrison Robert B. cab maker with John Fair 
Harrison Thomas T. mason h franklin n chippewa 
Harrison Emily, wid of Edmund h franklin n chippewa 
Harrold Adam, carpenter h near michigan bt sycamore 

and genesee 
Hart Columbus, hjaojiidll.w eagle 
Hart William A. public garden former residence of Dr 

Johnson delaware ab chippewa 
Hart William B. joiner firm Wells & Hart h s diyision 

e chestnut 
Hart William M. cab maker h oak c batavia 
Barter Henry, firm Tilden ds Harter h c Caroline and 

Hartibiz Clement, painter h blossom near huron 
Hartman J. cigar store foot commercial 
Hartney James* cab maker bd Wm Flannagan's 
Harty widow of John D., ellicott c s division 
Harvey Charles W., M. D. firm Hayes de Harvey 211 

main bd miss Cutler's 
Harvey Thomas, teamster h s division near pine 
Harvey William, lab n division c pine 
Haskell William M. ship joiner Chicago n fulton 
Haskins George W. clerk B Caryl & co 
Haskins Roswell W., A. M. h elm c vine 
Haskins William P. capt brig toledo h huron w pearl 
Hassett Matthew, [resuscitated by Bristol's sarsapartlla] 

shoe shop 263 main h n division near main 
Hastings Barnard, lab h pearl n chippewa 
Hastinn Thomas B. joiner do do 
Hatch Franklin C. clerk at C Howland's h pearl n chip 
Hatch Israel T. office kremlin h west eagle 2 doors 
from main 


Hatoh Jacob, at bufttlo steam engine worka 
Hathaway A. keeper markee south side cieek 
Hathaway Erastus, keeper western hotel 
Hathaway Isaac T. railroad supt h pearl s tupper 
Haunstein John, medical student with Dr Delienbaugh 

Hause Nicholas, at eaglo furnace 
Hausle Matheas, grocery genesee e elm 
Hausler Michael, tailor Washington n goodell 
Haven James M. law student and com'r of deeds with 

Fillmore & Haven 
Haven Solomon G. atty and counsellor at law firm Fill- 
more & Haven h genesee near niag square 
Havens Aurelius, milkman toll bridge 
Havens Ephraim S. firm H Havens &; co, aid 1st ward 
Havens Hiram & Co* wholesale grocers 19 main 
Hawes Samuel W. firm Greo A Moore & co h main ab 

Hawes ds Co. spermaceti oil and candle manufactory 10 

Webster block (see adv) 
Hawkins B. F. clerk Hawes dz; co bd B D Almy swan 

bl oak 
Hawkins George D. C. bd E S Darrow 
Hawkins Homer, clerk bd R L Robertson 
Hawkins Henry, steward for Mrs Benj Rathbmi h s 

division near roichigan 
Hawks Cicero S. rev. rector trinity church h eagle e 

Hawks Thomas S. periodical agent near post office 

[see\ adv] bd farmers' hotel 
Hawley Elias S. law student com of deeds proprietor of 

Hawley & co's express bd park c Washington 
Hawley Elijah J. clerk M S Hawley bd H Betts 
Hawley John, tailor 92 main h green e beak 
Hawley Lucien, law student with Fillmore & Havea 
Hawley M. B. at Jacob S Miller's 
Hawley Merwin S. produce dealer and forwarder office 

at J Nottingham de co's bd mrs Groesbeck's 
Hawley Robert, lab oak s huron 


Hawley Setb C. atfy and coiiii6ell<»r, oominissioiier in 

bankruptcy, office exchange building, h pearl n 

Hawley 6& Co* western package express office exchange 

' building 
Hay John, stone cutter erie near canal h genesee near 

Hayden Albert, firm Walbridge & Hayden bd L Brace 
Hayden Richard N. off^ Sidway buildings hcniohawk 

and franklin 
Hayden Samuel, clerk 28 main bd mrs Geo Bird 
Hayes George £., M. D. firm Hayes & Harvey dentists 

211 main h Washington bt swan and seneca 
Hayes Orange, fruit dealer stand commercial 
Hayes James, with Orange 
Hayes William H. coffee house op eagle tavern 
Hayes Robert, cab maker at Staats' h genesee c elm 
Hayes Elizabeth, wid. exchange e was-hington 
Hayes &; Harvey, surgeon dentists and roanufactl^er8 

of incoriniptible teeth 211 main [see adv] 
Hayw^ard Calvin, mason h oak s huron 
Hayward Elisha, firm Hayward & co 
Hayward Deborah, boarding house for Wm A Coots h 

Washington near swan 
Hayward & Co. burr mill stone manufac 89 main 
Hazard Morris, capt s b constitution h eagle e michigan 
Hazelet William, lab white house block bl packet dock 
Hazen Frederick, lab foot Washington 
Hazelton Leonard, carriage maker Washington n s di- 
vision bd phoenix hotel 
Heacock Abel M. at R B Heacock's 
Heacock Manson B. ship carpenter mich bt ohio and 

Heacock Reuben B. h grosvenor place seneca 
Heacock Reubmi B. Jr. law student with Mullett and 

Heacock Seth G. teacher dist no 5 bd R B Heacock 
Heath Harrison, firm Heath & Aykroyd 
Heath Nathan B. cooper bd with Hiram N Sprague 


Heath d^ .Aykroyd, root beer maoofacturen mfin € 

♦ lioyd 
Heatoa John, perry ab hay ward 
Hebard John, inspector steamboats bd miss Roath 
Hecox William H. alty at law 204 main bd mansion 
Hedge Greorge, walchmaker under mansion house h oak 

n s division 
Heely Patrick W. clerk s b buffalo h michigaa c gen- 

Heely Orissa, widow of Benjamin, keeper county poor 

children h formerly marine hospital 
Hefford John, firm T & J Hefford h n division e oak 
Hefford Thomas, firm T & J Hefford h n division e 

Hefford T. & J. builders ellicott n n division 
Heimerla Henry, lab elm near genesee 
Heimlech Christian, match maker near german church 
Heimlech Philip, Jr. teamster h genesee w Jefferson 
Heinrich Christian, grocer no 4 eagle block 
Hein Sebastian, painter commercial near canal 
Heins John, lab h franklin n chippewa 
Heinz Jacob, lab h elm c tupper 
Heinz John, lab elm bl tupper 
Heiser Godfrey, stone ware manufactory seneca e mich- 

Heitzman Casper, lab h genesee e mortimer 
Heitzman Conrad, milkman genesee c jeiierscm 
Heldt Casper, lab tupper ab micbigan 
Heizan William, cab maker micbigan n sycamore 
Helps Powell, at Rumsey & Howard^s 
Helly P. W. h genesee e micbigan 
Hellreigell Conrad, grocer main op cath church • 

Hellreigell Jacob, grocery 362 main 
Hellreigell John, boot, shoe and grocery store 371 main 
Hellreigell Nicholas, baker apd grocer genesee c oak 
Hellreigell Philip, do do do 

Hemmert John, tailor h genesee e walnut 
Heminway Silas, stage agent 318 main h niag sqjuare c 




Heminway Thomas, soap and candle maker delaware 
near huron 

Hemstreet Abraham, street commissioner h pearl ab ge- 

Heneberger Daniel, cab maker genesee ab oak 

Henderson George, mason h steuben near alabama 

Henderson Henry, waiter american h chippewa w dela- 

Henderson John, lab h Virginia e niagara ^ 

Henn Charles, foreman for Francis & Garrett 

Henenan Jacob, carpenter french block elm 

Henry E. W. clerk 62 main h franklin c seneca 

Hequembourg Charles, watch repairer 3 seneca h gen- 
esee near terrace 

Hequembourg Greorge W. clerk at Sherman's bd Chas 

Hequembourg Theodore, watch repairer 3 seneca bd 

Herlon Jacob, waggon maker h genesee near oak 

Herr Christian, lab main n genesee 

Hersee Thompson, firm Hersee & Timmerman h good- 
ell e Washington 

Hersee & Timmerman, cabinet ware rooms 807 main 

Hersh John, main ab chippewa 

Hersh Nicholas, at Dennis Taylor^s 

Hess George, shoe shop prime near main 

Heth Franklin, firm Heth &; Benson 

Heth & Benson, confectioners 131 main 

Hethonmaur Greorge, cooper h spruce near genesee 

Hetzel William, clerk J Seibold 

Heywood Russel H. proprietor Venice mill h seneca 
bl Washington 

Hibbard Greorge B. law student with S Wilkeson, jr 

Hibbard Lester D. foreman at Bfner & « Kennett's h 
swan c chestnut 

Hibbard William, Jr. carpenter h franklin n mohawk 

Hickcox Elisha C. main ab tupper 

Hickcox Samuel, cab maker at Galligan's 

Hicks Harry, clerk S Lewis 

Hicks John, bd John Miller 


Hicks Connthaf widow of J B with Wajriea I<iniipinan 

Hieler Jacob, butcher h n division e oak 

Higgins Caleb, fish market h f ranldin s chucch - 

Higginff Edward, mill stone mak h seneca near hamburg 

Higgins Patrick, c georgia and sixth 

Higgins Walter, bt Caroline and georgia 

Higgins Zenas, mill stone maker h alabama s seneca 

High School, main bt Virginia and tupper 

Highmes'John, locksmith at Taylor's 

Highmes Thomas, rock st 

Hill Charles F. tinner h swan w main 

Hill Christian, at eagle furnace 

HiU £(^ard R. with N Randall 

Hill Frederick CL tinner h west swan near main 

Hill Henry, com popper h chippewa e Washington 

Hill Henry M. clerk 214 main bd mrs L Hill's 

Hill James, lab n division e elm 

Hill John, ship joiner bd mrs Jackson's 

Hill John B. blacksmith swan e main h genesee c main 

Hill Milo W. botanic doctor store 241 main h n division 
e michigan 

Hill Robert, at J C Peterson's 

Hill Stephen G. dry goods 820 main bd John B Roberts 

Hill William H. grocer eagle c elm 

Hill Lucy, widow of Henry, h pearl s court 

Hiller Jacob, no 3 terrace market 

Hines Philip, baker bd Matland White 

Hines William, mason h 12 towpath bl mechanic 

Hinsdale John, store 100 main h mohawk Sddoor from 

Hinsdale Samuel J. druggist 157 main h ellicott ab ea- 
gle (see adv) 

Hinson George, soap boiler h jackson w genesee 

Hinson Robert, ellicott s clinton 

Hinson William, at Robert Hinson's 

Hoag Jacob V. fisherman h churdi w franklin 

Hoag Joseph do do 

Hodges A. C. at C W Wheelock's 

Hodge Benjamin, nursery main ab high 


Hodges D. M. dry goods 158 main bd u s hotel 

Hodges John T. olerk 158 main 

Hodge Philander, notary public, firm Snyder & co h 

hodges block chippewa w main 
Hodge Valores, builder h main c chippewa 
Hodges Louis L. firm Hodges & Osborne keepers ame- 

rican hotel 
Hodges <&; Osbom, keepei*s american hotel main bt ea- 
gle and court 
Hoffer Frederick, butcher h elm s batavia 
Hoffer Frederick, tin and coppersmith h 394 main 
Hofier John G. grocer 394 main 
Hoffman Augustus, porter huff's hotel h oak n goodell 
Hoffman James, board N D Warren ■ 
Hoffman Nicolas, porter mansion house h oak n goodell 
Hoffman Peter, grocery huron near oak 
Hoffman Samuel, mariner h bl foot genesee 
Hofibrt Jacob, grocer franklin c tupper 
Hogan Charles, lab h court w morgan 
Hogan James, ship builder green op beak 
Hogan Samuel, tobacconist with Bayette, Ayres <&; co h 

c genesee and pearl 
Holbrook Anthony, tanner clinton e main 
Holbrook Ora L. grocer 82 main 
Holcomb Charles, engineer s b great western 
Holland Land Office, Washington c clinton 
Hollidge £. book store 217 main 
Hollinsworth William N. fulsom e michigan 
Hollister James, firm Hollister & Brown h pearl n west 

Hollister John J. clerk 179 main 
Hollister Robert, firm Hollister dc co h Washington s 

Hollister William, Jr. h main c goodell 
Hollister & Brown, dry goods 174 main 
Hollister <&; Co. drugs and groceries 177 and 1T9 main 

c seneca (see adv) 
Holmes James B. clerk Webster ^ Holmes 
Holmes Mary widow, clinton e main 


Holt George W. firm Hunter, Palmer ^ co 

Hood Benjamin L. with Henry O Hood bd D Barber 

Hood George L. derk do do 

Hood Hairy O. jeweller and fancy goods 26 anmner- 

cial (see adv) 
Hook Jacob, joiner oak n genesee 
Hooker Albert, at Rumaey ^ Howard's 
Hooker Azel, agent oanal lines office Coit, Kimberiy 

& CO 

Hooper F. G. h n division e oak 

Hooter Joseph, cab maker h rear Staats' cabinet ware- 

Hopkins A. T« jpastor 1st presbyterian church h 12har- 
rington bbek pearl 

Hopkins Charles M. clerk for receiver commeicial bk 

Hopkins Nathaniel, joiner h delawaie s tapper 

Hopkins Otis B. clerk L H Pratt 

Hopkins R. bd J Guild 

Hopkins William, joiner h oak s eagle 

Hopkins Rebecca, milliner 222 i main 

Horn Henry, saddler at Geo Kolb's 

Horn Jacob, tailor elm s tupper 

Homung Carl, paver h main near genesee 

Homung James, paver do do 

Hombeck James, boiler maker h green op beak 

Hopper James M. mason batayia w osk 

Horton Franklin N. railroad office h terrace w pearl 

Horton Frederick V. D. firm Horton & Crane 

Horton James, south side creek 

Horton — , clerk s b Wisconsin 

Horton Julius, hack driver mansion house 

Horton d^ Crane, hardware 66 main 

Hosford John, cab maker h c chippewa and pearl. 

Hosmer Edward A. shoemaker bd Norman B Johnsons 

Hosmer George W. pastor unitarian church h mohawk 
w delaware 

Hotaling Peter, inspector steamboats h niagara bthuron 
and mohawk 

Hotchkiss John W* clock store 144 main h hunm w peari 




Hotchki^s Wheeler, sexton 1st pres church lives in the 

Hotel United States, kept by J K Tyler pearl c terrace 
Hottinger Joseph, recess foot commercial 
Hough 6. C. firm Hough & Sawyer 
Hough Thomas H. bd with mrs Greo Bird 
Hough & Sawyer, wholesale grocers 4 com'l buildings 
Houghton David, cordwainer fulsom near pine 
Houghton George W. atty firm Taicott & Houghton h 

pearl 2 harrington block 
Houliston A. clerk W Chard & co bd western hotel 
Houston Joel, blacksmith h 3 green st 
Howard Austin A. law student at Potter & Spaulding's 
Howard Ethan H. clerk 138 main bd Wm Fitch 
Howard Eddy, grocer seneca op heacock^s house 
Howard George, firm Rumsey & Howard h carroll e 

Howard Henry, book keeper at William Williams' h 

pearl n court 
Howard Hiram E. with Durkee 74 main bd western 

Howard Lemuel, joiner h pearl s huron 
Howard R. H. at N Fulsom's 
Howard Rufus L. bd J F Williams' 
Howard William, mariner bd Electa Howard's 
Howard Electa miss, boarding house Washington c swan 
Howe Dolphus, capt s b Chesapeake 
Howe Robert, painter bd phoBnix hotel 
Howell James, grocer genesee c oak 
Howell John, at Burr & Waters' 
Howells Thomas, farmer ellicott near batavia 
Ho wells William, with Thomas Howells 
Howland Charles, grocer foot dayton st h niagant c 

Howland Weston, grocer lock bl terrace 
Howser Henry, steersman on s b de witt clinton h pearl 

n Chippewa , 

Howell R. L. engineer shop rock st h ekn near eagle 
Hoyjt Gilbert, wheelwright h c pahner and casoline 


Hoyt Richard joiner terrace st 

Hoyt Richard £. carpenter h lock bl terrace 

Hoyt William C. atty at law 280 main h huron near 

Hoyt Polly, wid of Joseph D Washington s seneca 
Hubhard Elias, bd John Daugherty's 
Habbard Georgt, tin shop main n chippewa h delaware 

n chippewa 
Hubbard George L. clerk L P Hubbard bd mrs Geo 

Hubbard James, lab bd Wm Dickerson 
Hubbard J. M. clerk A R Cobb & co 
Hubbard Justitie, grocer seneca w pollard 
Hubbard Linns R hardware and tin store 219 main h s 

division 6 oak 
Hubbard Silas, medical student with Doct Bissell 
Hubbard Silas, at Justice Hubbard's ' 

Hubbard Solomon, law student with H Shumway 
Hubbard William H. bd globe cofl^ house 
Hubsch Jacob, lab h cherry near hickory 
Hursch John, blacksmith h morgan n genesee 
Hubsch Michael, lab h cherry near hickory 
Hudd Richard, whitewasher h n division e oak [see 

Hudson John T. atty at law 212 main bd c pearl and 

Hudson Sarah, with miss Cutler s division near ellicott 
Huff Faldin, blacksmith h cherry near michigan 
Huff Henry D. keeper huff's hotel 83 main [see adv] 
Huff John G. on a b chautauque 
Huff Mark, with W W Huff 
Huff Silas, at HD Huff's 
Huff William W. farrier an(i horse dealer h Washington 

c scott 
Hughs John, beak near green 
Hughes John, pedler at L Y Conway's 
Hull David B. builder h n division e michigan 
Hull Lucy, wid of Horace, b beak s exchange 
Hulbert Hart, tinner h s division e oak 



Humason Gamaliel, firm Clapp & Hamasoti bd W S 

Van Duzee 
Humberstone John, 278 main 
Humphrey Joseph, firm Piddington & Humphrey bd 

Joseph Piddington 
Hunn Edmund, grocer main c terrace 
Hunn Walter S. firm Hunn 6c Freeman h 113 main 
Hunn & Freeman, grocers 44 main 
Hunt Horace, merchant enquire I P Sears 
Hunt John, tobacconist with C Athearn bd William 

Hunt Nathaniel A. clerk J B Bull &; co bd R Sears 
Hunt Simeon B. firm Terry <&; Hunt bd mansion house 
Hunt William, at buffalo steam enginet woi^s 
Hunt William, blacksmith bd miss Roath 
Hunter John, clerk h c pearl and eagle 
Hunter Robert, firm Hunter, Palmer & co 
Hunter William, clerk 1*27 main bd J Cameron 
Hunter, Palmer dc Co. commission and forwarding mer- 
chants dock and ohio c Washington (see adv) 
Huntington Jacob G. mafble sculptor near phcenix ho- 
tel h franklin n court 
Huntington Warren W. printer com adv and journal off 

bd S S Case 
Huntley John, joiner with Jas J Culbertson 
Hurhene Nicholas, at Rumsey & Howard^s 
Hurlburt Bdwin, buHflerh seneca e ellicott 
Hursch Nicholas, Jr. locKsmith with Taylor 
Huson Jacob, baker oak n batavia 
Huson Sarah, widow of William, h seneca e hick's tav- 
Hussey William C. cordwainer h huron bl pearl 
Hussery Jacob, baker at R Oven's 
Husted Giles, carriage maker ellicott n s division 
Husted J. H. truckman h pine n eagiel 
Husted Stephen, carriage maker ellicott near s divuiion 

h oak ab batavia 
Hutchins David, millwright at e^e furnace h batavia 
near oak 


Hutchins John, boiler maker at Newman's 

Hutchins Noah, with Silas W Hutchins 

Hutchins Silas W. grocery eagle c elm 

Hutchins Mercy, wid of Jonathan, h exchange w mich* 

Hutchinson John M. firm Terry & Hutchinson bd O 

Hyatt Gilberty firm Lampman d? Hyatt 
Hyatt Henry £. clerk 160 main bd wid Beard 
Hyre C. tailor oak near genesee 
Ingalls Albert, carpenter h franklin n chippewa 
Ingrafaam Nathaniel, at Teller <& Pernald's h n division 

e oak 
Ingus Henry, x^lerk s b ben franklin 
Inman Henry, shoe shop e seneca h eagle c oak 
Inman Isaiah, h delaware n chippewa 
Iper George, tailor with Debold Stanch 
Iieson John, book keeper for Atwater, Williams d; co 

h terrace near eagle 
Irish Benjamin G. joiner bd C O Irish 
frish Charles G. pyrotechnist h 4ak n eagle 
Irish Charles G. Jr. joiner bd C G Irish 
Irish William N. baker at J Gilpatrick's bd C G Irish 
Irwin J. S. shoemaker seneca e michigan 
Itsellmiller Henry, brass founder at J W Davock's 
Itsel Henry, lockmaker bd with Matland White 
Ives Edmund, clerk B Dole 
Ives William, clerk 194 main 
Jackson Henry, barber with Joseph H Morrell 
Jackson James, exchange broker junction commercial 

and pearl 
Jackson John, boot maker william s alien 
Jackson Elizabeth mrs. h main M genesee 
Jackson Hannah, wid. boarding house ohio near elk 
Jacobs Adam, at hydraulic saw mill 
Jacobs Frederick, efhoe maker h genesee near gerknan 

Jacobs Frederick, at Rumsey & Howard's 
Jacobs Oliver P. firm Oliver ^ Jacobs bd mrs Lucy 





James James, chandler h fulsom e mfchigan 

James John, grocer genesee e eilicott 

James Nelson, grocer h delaware s mohawk 

Jaques Henry, clerk s b ben franklin 

Jeggli J. & A. grocery 342 main 

Jeggli Anthony, do do 

Jeggli John, do do 

Jemison Polly, wid of Greorge, seneca e cfllicott 

Jennings Lemuel, cooper h terrace c genesee 

Jennings J. H. clothing store commercial c water bd 

capt Kyle 
Jennings widow, bd J D Sawyer 
Jenny Charles A. joiner bd J R Post 
Jewell Osborn, grocer genesee c oak 
Jewett Elam R. printer and proprietor com adv and 

journal firm Jewett & Manchester, office exchg'e 

building h elm near s division 
Jewett^ Sherman, proprietor eagle furnace office and 

warehouse 83 main 
Jewett & Manchester, proprietors patriot and journal 

office exchanged buildings ^ 

John Philip, lab h michigan n sycamore 
Johnson A. engineer s b vermiliion 
Johnson A. R. clerk Gelston &i Evans 
Johnson Alexander, clerk bd John Anderson 
Johnson Carr, h maryland bt niagara and railroad 
Johnson Cortland L. cordwainer at M Camp's 
Johnson David, lumber dealer board elk st house 
Johnson Ebenezer, M. D. delaware ab chippewa 
Johnson Greorge, lab h church hi sixth 
Johnson George N. bd T B Tilden 
Johnson Henry, gunsmith genesee e Washington 
Johnson Hiram, at RcAinson & co's bd mansion 
Johnson H. W. h n division bt oak and elm 
Johnson Jonathan, joiner h genesee c elm 
Johnson Joseph, carpenter front niagara square 
Johnson John J. firm Beecher & Johnson h s division 

w michigan 
Johnson Lemuel, gardner h s division e elm 


Johnson Lewis, barber at american hotel block 
Johnson Nehemiah^ steamboat solicitor bd lovejoy house 
Johnson Norman B. tailor 216 main h court w main 
Johnson Peter, tailor shop swan e main 
Johnson Robert W. lab h court w morgan 
Johnson William, bd elk st house 
' Jones Charles, lab h pearl s mohawk 
Jones D. H. at lovejoy house 

Jones Greorge, blacksmith and machinist, chief engineer 
fiire department, shop ellicott near swan h s divis- 
ion near ellicott 
Jones George B. a bankrupt non est 
Jones Harrison, s b gen harrison 
Jones Humphrey P firm Sutherland & Jones 
Jones Jeremiah, paver h steuben w heacock 
Jones, John, agent for steamboats &c. h swan e wash- 
Jones John, pedler h spring near genesee 
Jones Miles, temperance hotel keeper Uoyd near prime 
Jones Nathaniel, Jr. builder h s division e chestnut 
Jones Samuel, at Utley & Burdett's 
Jones Thomas, soap boiler h oak s huron 
Jones William, cordwainer bd J Wilson 
Jonson Greorge W. firm Jonson & Ross bd E A Marsh 
Jonson & Ross, law ofiUce 306 main 
Jordan Samuel, carp and joiner with R G Prichard 
Joslyn Alanson, grocery col'r taxes dd ward morgan c 

Joslyn Orville, blacksmith junction swan and seneca 
Joslyn Orville, Jr. do do do 

Jourdan John, lab bd Patrick Jourdan 
Jourdan Patrick, lab h court w morgan 
Joy Sydney, cab maker at Cooley & Russell's 
Joy Walter, firm Joy dc Webster h delaware n church 
Joy & Webster, forwarding merchants on dock foot 

lloyd (see adv) 
Juber Anthony, at hydraulic saw mill 
Judd Ashley B. farmer h fulton near elk 
Judevine Henry, city sealer h michigan n eagle 
Judevine Henry, Jr. with his father 




Juno Mark, hydraulics near van rensserlaer 
Kadline Michael, mason goodell e main 
Kaene William, farmer c tenth and Pennsylvania 
Kaggan Patrick, truckman h Virginia ab niagara 
Kane James, lab h c morgan and niagara 
Kane Peter, lab h court w morgan 
, Kane Peter, mariner h exchange near hamburgh 
Kappler Louis, grocer 384 main 
Karar Frederick, carpenter sycamore near oak 
Kas Greorge, basket maker genesee w je^rson 
Kast Jacob, mason h huron e oak 
Kautse Charles, h pearl c chippewa 
Kautse Christian, gardner with Dr Johnson 
Keech Charles C. hat factory seneca e alabama 
Keech George, joiner h seneca op heacock^s 
Keefer George, shoe shop ellicott near huron ^ 
Keefer Greorge, Jr. do do 

Keith Alvarado, di*y goods 12 webster block 
Keel James O. gardner Washington near high 
Keeler A. L. mariner h blossom near batavia 
Kelderhouse Jeremiah, wood dealer h sixth s georgia 
Kellar Charles, tanner at Rumsey & Howard's 
Kellar Christian, shoe shop h mohawk c pearl 
Kelley Sarah, wid green e beak 
Kelly John, gardner prospect hill 
Kelly John, grocer long wharf 
Kelly Hezekiah, firm Kelly & Marcy 
Kelly William, cordwainer hickory n eagle 
Kelly & Marcy, auction and com merchants 150 main 

(see adv) 
Kellogg C. A. law student H Seymour, jr 
Kellogg Elijah, painter h oak ab batavia 
Kellogg Julius C. painter h pearl n chippewa 
Kellogg Warren, painter at lovejoy house 
Kelsey Joseph, tavern keeper enquire 11 main 
Kelso Joseph, plane maker c erie and railroad 
Kemp Harry, painter at W G Murray's 
Kemp Henry, exchange e Washington 
Kemp Thomas, joiner h church w franklin 


Kemp William, firm Kempvdc Shadrake h union 
Kemp & Shadmke, house sign and ornamental painters 

swan c main 
Kend Andrew, tailor ellicott c genesee 
Kendall J. M. clerk hay scales seneca c ellicott 
Kendall Luther F. grocer main c genesee h franklii\ ab 

huron - 
Kendall Warren wid. of, h seneca c ellicott 
Kennagar John, joiner h c tupper and franklin 
Kennedy Greorge, firm Murray & Kennedy 
Kennedy Thomas, capt s b fulton h niagara w mohawk 
Kennedy William, truckman h delaware s huron 
Kenner Joseph, butcher terrace market h elm s syca- 
Kennett Thomas, firm Bfner & Kennett h terrace foot 

Kenny Daniel, tailor main c seneca up stairs h eagle e 

Kenney John, lab h ninth c Caroline 
Kemer Joseph, clerk no 4 terrace market 
Kerr George, h terrace near eagle 
Kerr John, stone cutter h niagara w Caroline 
Kerr Silas H. lab h chippewa c peari 
Kerr William, sawyer h indiana near ohio 
Kester George, bakery main near chippewa 
Ketchum L. A. watchmaker and jeweller bd pollard 

Ketchum William, county treas^r, hat and cap store 202 

main h seneca e ellicott 
Ketchum William F. h huron w pearl 
Ketchum William H. book keeper 174 main 
Ketchum Zebulon, Washington ab goodell 
Keyes Milton, steamboat solicitor h church w franklin 
Kibbe Greorge R. bd mrs Isaac Kibbe 
Kibbe Isaac mrs. h pearl bt seneca and swan 
Kibler Peter, joiner h ellicott n goodell 
Kies Charles H. boot maker bd u s hotel 
Kilgore William, grocer seneca w main 
Kimball Augustine A. bd mrs Reese's 



Kimball B. L. firm Bayette, Ayres & co 

Kimball Daniel F. agent packet boats h pearl c huron 

Kimball Granville, stage prop'r bd mansion house 

Kimball Level, tobacconist h mohawk near niagara 

Kimberly Grorge, printer bd Cornelia Brainard 

Kimberly Horace, printer 203 main 

Kimberly Jacob, Washington n chippewa 

Kimberly John L. firm Goit, Kimberly & co h seneca 

near michigan 
Kimberly Eliza and Susan, milliners and fancy store 

209 main 
Kimberly Mary, wid of Liberty, h Washington c ex- 
Kinder Andrew, clerk J Seibold 
Kinder Henry, at Rumsey & Howard's 
King Christian, lab genesee w je£[erson 
King James, truckman h pearl s huron 
King John, lab h cherry e michigan 
King Nicholas, lab h tupper near twelfth 
King Michael, seaman elk c michigan 
King Peter, tanner with Rumsey & Howard h tupper n 

King Sardius, near elk 
Kingscott William, grocery seneca e michigan 
Kingsky George, mason h franklin n chippewa 
Kingsley A. S. joiner h franklin ab chippewa 
Kingsley L. teamster at Bidwells & Banta's 
Kingsley Silas, clothing merchant main c terrace h ea- 
gle w franklin 
Kingsley William, bd mrs Lucy Hill's 
Kingman Greorge, bd miss Cutler's 
Kingman George G. h main ab chippewa ' 

Kingman Mahlon, firm M Kingman & co h terraoe n 

Kingman M. & Co. forwarders commercial c creek 
Kinnane John, truckman h ellicott near eagle 
Kinne Henry M. firm Kinoe, Davis & co h swan c mi- 
Kinne, Davis &i Co. forwarders and com'n merchant* 
long wharf 


Kinner William, seaman hydraulics 

Kinney £lizal>eth, h chippewa bt franklin and delaware 

Kinsley Alphonzo, type founder at N Lyman's h vine e 

Kinsley William, a bankrupt, enquire of the assignees 
Kinskie Balser, stone cutter h german w delaware 
Kinyon Robert, firm Carr & Kinyon bd Thos Carr 
Kip Henry, Jr. bd A H Caryl 
Kip Samuel K. atty and counsellor, master in chancery, 

commissioner in bankruptcy office 238 main bd 

Mary Granger's 
Kip Thomas, h oak n s dirision 
Kirbeaux Adam, porter huff's hotel 
Kirby Thomas, shoe shop prime near lloyd h illinois 

near ohio 
Kitson Joseph, lab at T R Stocking's 
Klein Charles, painter h sycamore c spruce 
Klein Greorge, tanner at Rumsey & Howard's h michi- 

gann genesee 
Klein Godfrey, shoemaker michigan n genesee 
Klein Henry, at J S Putnam's 
Klein Jacob, tanner at Rumsey & Howard's 
Klein Jacob, Jr. cordwainer bd C Bickir 
Klein John Peter, shoe shop foot main h pearl rear ame- 

rican hotel 
Klein Philip J. shoemaker court w main 
Klein Stephen, at Rumsey 6c Howard's 
Klein Polly, wid of Matthew, h seventh c hospital 
Kleine Ludwick, lab h c pearl and chippewa 
Kless Jacob, lab h Pennsylvania near black rock rail- 
Kless Jacob, Jr. lab hudson bt niagara and canal 
Kless Peter, lab with Jacob 
Knapp Frederick, saddler 128 main 
Knapp Joseph, lab h elm s genesee 
Knapp Lyman, firm B Caryl & co h seneca e ellicott 
Knight John, butcher mohawk market 
Knight Robert, tinner at Cameron & Adams' bd capt 


' 189 

Knight William, auction store commercial c tenace (see 

adv) h seneca w pearl 
Knight William C. at R Bullymore's h franklin s tup- 

Knight William P. hutcher mohawk market 
Knowles Nancy, wid of Enoch, h chippewa w main 
Kock J. blacksmith at T S Raney's 
Kohlor Henry, tailor main op catholic church 
Kolb Anthony, tailor h rear oak n genesee 
Kolb George, saddler at 123 main bd Jacob Kolb 
Kolb Greorge M. saddle and harness maker 128 main h 

Washington n goodell 
Kolb Jacob, saddle trunk and harness maker 123 main 

h Washington n goodell 
Kolb Jacob, Jr. saddler 123 main 
Kollmy Thomas, cordwainer B4 main 
Koon Philip, canal capt h blossom n batavia 
Koons Jacob H. variety store main near genesee 
Kom Karl, shoemaker rock c prime 
Kortz Ann mrs. wid of William, dry goods 278 main bd 

J F Shaw 
Kosmer Peter, tanner at Rumsey & Howard's 
Kosier John F. sail maker with S A Provoost bd mrs 

Koughler Adam, mason h Washington n goodell 
Koughler Michael, do do do 

Kouts Charles, lab h c pearl and chippewa 
Kraig Arnest, cab maker harrington's court rear eagle 

Kraft Francis, boot maker h chippewa e Washington 
Kress Frederick, grocer 390 main 
Krettenner Jacob, clerk post office h rear niagara w 

Krine Christian, lab h franklin n chippewa 
Krous John, tailor h main op high school 
Krous John, Jr. h Washington n goodell 
Krug G. cooper genesee c ash 
Knig John, cooper genesee c ash 
Kruse John F. mason h elm s eagle 

Kuble Andrew^ tailor h Washington n mohawk 
Kuteheson John, water J<^, constaUe h franklin e 

Kyle William, oapt sehr maj oliyer h oarroU e wash* 

Labrook Dabold, lab h franklin n ehippewa 
Lackey Abraham, firm Lackey dc Snow 
Lackey & Snow, keepen temperance hotel 1 marvin 

block c water and maiden lane [see adv] 
Lacock Thomas, butcher no 7 terrace market h yan 

rensselaeryille • 

Lacy John T. city clerk h termoe near genesee 
Lagham Peter, lab h delaware n mohawk 
Laing Abraham, bd J Laing 
Laing Daniel, bd Jacob Laing 
Laing Jacob, keeper dinton bduse 8 main 
Lake James S., Dr GloyeFs man 4 exchange 
Lake Hiram, clerk 282 main 
Lakin AbeJ, cooper quay near main 
Lamb Henry, butcher 1 terrace market h rreen c beak 
Lamb John, butcher stall no 1 terrace market 
Lamb Joseph, teamster h Washington n eagle 
Lamb Salem, paper hanger bd pollard house 
Lamb Thomas, firm T Lamb dc co no 6 terrace market 

h s diyision e michigan 
Lamontagne Amable, clerk S Lewis 
Lampman Warren, firm Lampman & Hyatt h franklin 

n church 
Lampman dz; Hyatt, grocers and com merchants seneca 

e Washington 
Lander James, cordwainer n division e elm 
Landrum Martin, cooper bd Matland Whift 
Langdon John, h niagara 1 door w main 
Langdon Mrs. h tupper c delaware 
Langley L. D. firm Barker 6d Langley h commercial 

near canal 

Laagmayer , tailor h oak ab batayia 

Lapp Christian, atty office and h main n mohawk 
Lapp Jacob, clerk for A D A Miller c clinton and oak 


• I** 

Lapp Martisi pnater bd Chnstian Lapp'a 
Lapp 8. d^ B. miss, dress mfeikers mam ab mohawk 
Lapier Samuel, carpenter h pearl near genesee 
Larkin Johi^ Icokii^ glass maker at 167 main h oak bl 

eagle and clinton 
Larkin John, union n eagle 
Larkin Levi H» blacksmith main c Chippewa 
L&f reaux Andttew N. ship joiner at Bidwells 4c Bantams 
Lathrop Albert, bd mansion house 
Lathrop Albert, baker bd P B Lathrop's 
Lathrog Dennlson, h franklin ab mohawk 
Lathrop Heman, at Utiey ^ Burdett's bd miss Webber 
Lathrop Joseph & atty and counselbr office exchange 

building bd miss Howard's 
Lathrop P. B^ baker h pearl hi court 
Lathrop R. D. W. with Dennisen Lathrop 
Lava Michael, with Thos Farly 
Lavelle Richard, lab bd Wm McGormick 
Laverack William, Jr* firm Hoiiister ds co bd James 

Laverty William, warehoose man Kione^ Davis & oo 
Law Prentiss, agent hot air cooking stove h seneca e 

Lawrence George P. waggon maker genesee w jefieraon 
Lawrence George P. Jr. at Geo P Lawrence's 
Lawrence P. H. do do 

Lawrence James, lab h basement no 4 Trowbri<^ bl'k 
Lawrence Jonathan F. tailor h franklin ab tupper 
Lawaon A. firm Hadfield dc Lawson bd mrs Reese's 
Lawson James, cordwainer h blossom c keon's alley 
Lawson Peter, lab spruce near sycamore 
Xiay Charles^ h swan bl michigan 
Lay John, Jr. cferk post office h c seneca and temee 
Layton Henry, shoemaker 286 main 
Lebeit Christian, machinist at budMo steam engine 

Le Brun T. F. |eadar ovchestia ea(^ st theatre hfnftk*' 

lin s church 
LeditOA David, at eade furnace 
Le Couteulz William B. b fDOdell c Washington 



Lee Andrew F. prtolef oommeiciid adv and^r office 

bd u 8 hotel 
Lee Cyrus P. clerk post a&m bd B A Maxsh 
Lee Daniel, M. D. h huron w pearl 
Lee Daniel P. teacher bd mrs Preicott'a 
Lee Johtt R. notary public firm H R Seymour & co b 

franklin n court 
Lee Joseph, lab swan e pine 
Lee Oliver, banking office 247 main 
Lee Samuel A. express messeiiger Pomeroy's expresn 

bd mansion house 
Leftly Harriet, h franklin s huron 
Legler Frederick, harness maker 308 main 
Legler Valentine, lab h jersey c eleventh 
Leidley James, keeper seneca st house 5 e seneca 
Leiaer Henry, mason h elm s batavia 
Lembell Jacob, at Rumsey & Howard's 
Lempart Michael, sash factory main op high school 
Leng John, joiner n divisioa c elm 
Lenhddrt John, shoe shop foot commercial 
Lennehan Peter, (red peter) h delaware ah huron 
Leonard Harvey, leather dresser and glover no 4 ter-* 

Leonard John, engineer s b buffido 
Leonard John, tavern water at w commercial 
Lepper John, teamster michigaa s batavia 
Leppla Peter, tailor with Del]^ld Stanch 
Le Roch Armstrong, tow path bl mechanic 
Levake Thomas, boarding house sefieca Lockwood 

Levake Winfield S. boiler maker bd T Levake 
Levers James, mason white house block bl packet dock 
Levey Michael, lab h york prospect hill 
Levi Chandler, grocer commercial h fraakliii a tupper 
Lewis Charles, lab e hamburrh 
Lewis Elias A. firm Root & Lewis bd miss Ckitlets 
Lewis Franklin, joiner h virgiria n fnuaklia 
Lewis G. W. clerk S)04 main 
Lewis John, lab bd Michael Fitzpatrick 




Lewis Samuel, girocer basement terraoe market h court 

w main 
Lewis William, h Indiana near ohia 
Lewis William, bd J Laing 
Lewis Mary, wid. oak n genesee 
Lichtenstein Barnard, hat and cap maker h oak n bata«» 

Linch Peter, lab h seventh o hospital 
Lincoln Thomas, mechanic seneca e michigan 
Lindanman Charles, clerk no 6 terrace market 
Lindley Nathaniel, forage master at barracks bd Silas 

Lindsay John A. boot maker eagle e elm 
Linnenger Samuel, h ellicott n genesee 
Linton Archibald, truckman ellicott near batavia 
Linton James, clerk 282 main 
Little John, lab scott e Washington 
Livingston Greorge W» printer bd park house 
Lock John, mason h Washington n chippewa 
Lockwood Daniel, atty and counseibr 161 main h sen** 

eca Lockwood block 
Lockwood Edwin, cab maker h mohawk c hospital 
Lockwood Waters C. harness maker state st 
Lockwood William, boat agent bd lovejoy house 
Logan John, at farmers' home 
Lohhaus William, cardwainer michigan n clinton 
Londy Thomas, traveller and locksmith bd phoenijc 

Long Arnist, lab Steams & White h basement shop, on 

Washington st 
Long Charles W. shoeinaker dock w main 
Long Daniel, cab maker bd C Bickir 
Long Frederick, mason h genesee e ellicott * 
Long Jacob, mason with Frederick Long 
Long John, h chippewa w delaware 
Long Mecall, enquire L H Pratt 
Long Michael, lai> h ellicott n eagle 
Longhurst James, porter amencan hotel h genesee e el* 



Longhurst John» porter american hotel h pearl n eagle 

Longley Peter W. dry goods 232 mala h oak n clinton 

Longstreet Christopher, joiner hd Silas Sawin's 

Lonorgoo Joseph, carpenter h ellicott near eagle 

lioomis Erastus, joiner h court c morgan 

Loomis Harvey, with H N LiOomis 

Loomis Horatio N., M. D. office 292 main c eagle h c 

niagara and franklin 2d door north niethodist 

Lord Charles B. atty enquire T Scott Lord 
Lord James J. was in Sidway block commercial 
Lord John C, D. D. pastor pearl st church h delaware. 

ab north 
Lord Thomas Scott, law stud at Talcott & Houghton's 
Loring James, grocer long wharf h franklin bt court 

and eagle 
Lork John, mason h Washington n chippewa 
Lo?e Harlow S. atty office 148 main firm Austin, Love 

and Vedder bd Lova Spencer's 
Love Thomas C. surrogate office with Thomas J Sizer 

286 main 
Lovejoy Henry, city surveyor h seneca e michigan 
Lovejoy House, by P Browning no 7 terrace 
Lovejoy Sarah, wid of Joshua, h seneca e michigan 
Loveridge Austin A. firm A A & E D Loveridge 
Loveridge Edwin D. firm A A & E D Loveridge 
Loveridge A. A. & E. D. grocers 285 main [ellicott 

Lovering William, h eagle e ellicott 
Lovering William, Jr. clerk holiand land office 
Lowe John, lab h chippewa w delaware 
Lowe Nicholas, cordwainer h pearl c mohawk 
Lowe William, h eagle n chestnut 
Lower Nicholas, shoe shop pearl c mohawk 
Lowrager Oliver, lab h tupper near pearl 
Lowry George, h elk e hamburgh 
Lowry Ira, h elk e hamburgh 
Loyd Gasper, at Mount's livery stable 
Loyd Sarah, wid of Nehemiah, tailoress h church w 




Luder Greorge, cordwainer elm c n division 

Ludtke Frederick, cordwainer harrington's court rear 

eagle tavern 
Ludlom John L. firm Walker dc Ludlom h ellicott n s 

Ludlow Charles H. capt s b vermillion h oak n swan 
Luman Burke, coach maker with Watkins Williams 
Lussey John, clerk R Farr 

Lyman John L. coach maker bd Watkins Williams 
Lyman Loomis, jobber h seneca e Washington 
Lyman Nathan, firm N Lyman & co h ellicott n eagle 
Lyman Nathan R. type founder h eagle e michigan 
Lyman William E. type founder h michigan n eagle 
Lyman N. & Co. type foundry 17 webster block 
Lyon Enos, mason and grocer ohio junc elk 
Lyon Freeman, joiner h huron near niagara 
Lyon Jacob, jpiner Washington near scott 
Lyon Lewis, elk e michigan 
Lyport Tobias, lab h chippewa w morgan 
Lytle John S. firm J 9 Lytle dz; co h seneca e washing- 
Lytle John S. & Co. saddlers and harness makers 149 

M' Adams John, at Elliott's livery stable 
M'AUister William A. with Burr dc Waters 
M' Arthur Arthur and John, confectioners 240 main 
M'Bean Charles, master-at-arms u s navy 
JVf'Bride William, moulder at eagle furnace 
' M'Cabe James, grocer 96 main 
M'Call Ira, grocer dock w main h perry c Washington 
M'Canna Michael, lab h Pennsylvania n canal 
M'Carthna Barna; mason h court w morgan 
M'Carty Cornelius, lab h niagara bl barker's 
M'Carty Hugh J. bd Patridt Guy 
M'Carty John, red jacket recess 
M'Clannan Neil, lab h mohawk c niagara 
M'Cleve James wid of, seneca enquire H Hagar & co 
M'Clevey Owen, bd Smith M'CIevey 
M'Clevey Richard, grocer 7 marvin block water st 


M'Cievey Smith, tinner green e beak 

M'Coilom Patrick T. boarding house commercial near 

M'Connell Anthony, turner h huron e Washington 
M'Cord James, h c chippewa and pearl 
M'Cormick Francis, mariner h chippewa head morgan 
M'Cormick Francis, bd Wm Fiannagan 
M'Cormick Philip, tailor clinton e oak 
M'Court James, joiner h eilicott ab eagle 
M'Court John, boot and shoemaker court w main 
M'Court Michael, joiner h court w main 
M'Court Peter, tailor 194 main 
M'Court Thomas, sen. joiner h harrington's court rear 

eagle tavern 
M'Court Thomas, jr. joiner h c franklin and court ' 
M'Ctackin Joseph, joiner h morgan ab genesee 
M'Creadie Andrew, cooper h main c tuppcr 
M'Credie James, boarding house pearl n terrace 
M'Credie James, Jr. tobacconist 195 main bd C G Irish 
M'Credie William, printer with Salisbury 6k Clapp bd 

James M'Credie 
M'Culloch Alexander, h porter near van rensselaer 
M'CuUoch Alexander, Jr. brewery hydraulics mill st 
M'Culloch James H. carpenter h porter near van rens- 
M'Culloch John H. brewer hydraulics mill st , 

M'Cullough Cephas, firm Austin dz; M'CuUough 
M'Dearman John, medical student M W Hill 
M'Donald Alexander, h chippewa w morgan 
M'Donald F. chair maker h rear 317 main 
M'Donald John, cordwainer h eilicott ab batavia 
M'Donald John, cordwainer h main ab chippewa 
M'Donald Tuson, chair maker Steams dc White h eili- 
cott s huron 
M'Farlan James, tailor 190 main h {i division e oak 
M'Farlan Lawrence, tailor c morgan and niagara 
M'Garry Ann, h court w morgan 
M'Grehan James, truckman near ship canal 
M'Gowan Andrewt teamster h green e Washington 

M^'Grim Donald, lab with Elihu Tyler 
M^Guire John, joiner h franklin n chippewa 
M'Hard John, truckman h franklin s mohawk 
M'Henry James, at Cobb's warehouse h n division e 

M'Hugh Margaret, wid of Farwell, h pearl n court 
M'Intire Duncan, tailor h Washington near park 
M'Kay Alexander, firm Cameron & M'Kay h terrace 

w genesee 
M'Kay James, atty office 150 main up stairs h prospect 

M'Kay John, capt schr wyandott h elk c michigan 
M'Kay William, clerk 230 main 
M'Kendrick John, ash man h morgan n genesee 
M'Ken^ie James R. stone cutter h Washington n sen- 

M'Kenzie Kenneth, clerk 288 main bd mrs Reese 
M'Kenzie William, lab h ninth -near niagara 
M'Kenzie William, truckman bd mrs Potter's 

M'Kenzie , trunk maker bd Ann demons' 

M'Kibben Hugh, merchant seneca e Washington 
M'Kinney Jeremiah, joiner scott near Washington 
M'Knight Frederick A. clerk Gelston & Evans 
M'Knight George, inspector beef pork ashes fish and 

coons warehouse ohio buildings h swan e pine 
^•^Knight James, notary public 148 main h seneca e el- 

M'Knight James E. book keeper Gelston & Evans' h 

seneca e ellicott 
M'Knight T. W. clerk 148 main 
M'Lane Henry, saddler h franklin n mohawk 
M'Laughlin James, lab h church n morgan 
M'Laughlin Patrick, lab bd James M'Laughlin 
M'Lean Alexander, h koon's alley near bloss<A 
M'Masters Hugh L. h blossom near huron 
M'Master James, mason h beak s exchange 
M'Masters James, firtn J dz; J M'Masters bd mrs James 

M'Masters J. & J. dry goods 204 main 


M'Meekin Jamet, at wocrfleii ftetoiy nffl st ' 

M'M illen Hugh, joiner b cki[^wa n fniDklte 

M'Mullen John, mason h scott near wanhiogton 

M'Morray Thottias, tailor aniericaa Mock h peari a 

ITNonnaB Patriek, gieea • wariiiiigton 

MTherson John* butcher aeneca e hick'g tawvn 

M 'Pherson John, Jr. butcher clerk no 2 tervaea market 

M'Veye , lab bd Henry (yBrian 

M'WUliam William, cordwainer h franklin s topper 

Mabbott James, blaoksnulh eagle fumaee 

Mabbott William, h e^k w hamburgh 

Mack James; mason h eilicott near eagle 

Mack William J. h elk e roichigan 

Mack William, clerk 83 main 

Maq|^ry Adam, lock maker at Taylor's h cliiilon c oak 

Manay John H. joiner fulsom e mIckigBii 

Macy Francis 6. bd miss Cutler's 

Macy John B. bd erie c pearl 

Macy Samuel H. h franklin n chippewa 

Madgett Samuel, tunbreUa maker h sandy town hi canal 
and lake 

Madiscm William, keeper ten^nmce hotel 90 main 

Magoner Peter, lab h eexman bl delaware 

Mahanny Daniel, kb h court w morgan 

Maher Martin, blacksmith rock st 

Mailot « , cab maker 111 nmin h michigaa ab din- 
Mallayen Michael, lab h palmer bl Virginia ^ 

Mallo Darid, cab maker Steams ds WhUe 
MaHon Daniel, carpenter h spruce s genesee 
Malton James, etoth store 116 main 
Mallon Ross, waiter with David MaUon 
Midtby^.^ac F. clerk in county clerk'li oflice b oak c 


ManehcMffir Bradlbrd A. firm Jeweit ib Manchester h 

church w pearl 
Mflenn Georgo, mSfast k seaeca e heaeoek'i 
Mann William, miller do do 



Mann Williain B« miller hydraulic miUa 

Manser George H. enquire A Kimball 

Manser Johnt mason h elm s sycamore 

Manser Thcmias, joiner h genesee, c spruce 

Marble Danford, comedian h mohawk e Washington 

Marcy Daniel G. £rm Kelly & . Marcy bd mansion 

house ^ 

Marcy James L. bd J L Bates' 
Marcy Oliver M. clerk 150 main bd M Rathhun 
Marcy ^arah, bd M Rathbun 
Mark John, lab h c Virginia and eleventh 
Marlow Daniel, with Steams ^ White 
Maroney Dennis, rear Staats' cab shop niagara 
Maroney John, lab h court w morgan 
Maroney Patrick, 9 towpath w mechanic 
Marsh Edwin A. h c pearl and niagara ^ 

Marshall Orsamus H. atty main c erie aid Sd wSd k 

pearl c church 
Marston Nelson E. firm Wolcott ds Marston 238 main 

h n division bl michigan 
Martin Elijah M* auction and com merchant 148 main 

^see adv) bd mansion house 
Martin Guy, currier at Rumsey ds Howard's 
Martin John, lab h mohawk c pearl 
Martin Philip, waggon maker at Hazelton's 
Martin William, upholsterer h c niagara and morgan 
M&rtin Zadock, at Rumsey dz; Howard's 
Martindale William, tanner fulton near elk 
Martling John W. mason h c palmer and Caroline 
Martyn William T. clerk W Kuzton's h main ab huron 
Marvin Eurotas, firm Marvin & Bennett hi swan e oak 
Marvin George L. atty and counsellor office 168 main h 

huron n franklin 
Marvin Le Grand, atty dc counsellor office over 168 

main bd D W Williams 
Marvin Sylvanus, clerk Sears & Saltar bd R* Saltars' 
Marvin William, clerk 172 main 
Marvin & Bennett, wholesale dry good^ 172 main (see 


Marvin Le Gmnd di George L. att^s and oounselloYs 
office 168 mam 
^Mason Daniel, painter h union n eagle 
^ Mason John, bd D F Emory's 

Mason William, mariner h morgan n genesee 

Mason Alta wid. exchange c michigan 

Masson Nicholas, h chippewa near ellicott 

Masten John, firm Masten dz; Brown bd Jos O Masten 

XMasten Joseph 6. atty 4imtMaait0^Mii^^h9W9n0l^^'^^^^ 
^ Woak 

Masten dz; Brown, commisuon merchants 155 main 

Masten de Dudfey^ attys and counsellors office 188 main 

Masters Joshup>, h eagle near ellicott 

Mather Charles L. clerk at Hunter, Palmer dc co's v 

Matthews Kinyon, baker h sycamore e oak \ 

Matthews Sylvester, h pearl s court 

Matthewson CfaarleS) with Rumsey dz; Howftrd 

MatthewBon William^ do do 

Maurer John, mason h elm s sycamore 

Maurer Joseph, lab% german alley s genesee 

Mayer Andrew, dioemaker genesee near ellicott 

Mayer John, blacksmith h sycamore e michigan 

Mayhew Jonathan, h niagara c franklin 

Mayhew Thomas C. clerk P Garbutt's 

Mayhew William C. bd with Jonathan 

Maynard Eli^faa A. h seneca e ellicott 

Maynard Robert H. h seneca e eUicott 

Ma3mard William S. painter h s division c pine 

Maxwell Joshua, agent n y and bujQTalo line with Beech- 

er dc Johnson h eagle near ellicott 
Mead Hiram F. h oak s clinton 
Mead William, lumber yard eagle c main h dinton e 

Meech Samuel L» forwarding merchant h mohawk w 

finnklin ^ 

Menseh Valentine, bladcsmith elm s genesee 
Mensch Valentine, Jr. dq., do /^ ^ 

Mbntanl Doctor, genesee nbar ellicott y^ /tiJ^L/kA 

Merrill Albert S. AM^M^NMHimfl^Mk h cedavU6^Q| | 

n eagle 

lionitl Cuftias R. dfiik M Kinginaa ic oo 

Merrill Greorge W. firm Coit, Clark &i Merrill 

Merrill Willard, cooper h iMitavia e ellicott Jf 

Merritt Gilbert H. firm Cacfoll & Merritt h mmm n ^ 

Merritt Jesse, M. D. grocery mtm c huxoii 
^ Merritt William H. firm J & W H Merritt M Lamue} 

^kkAV-i. ±' Howard 

l^N»^'■i|MelTitt Jn^giKr »^^fmT»^KMno huron "i 

Mertel Freaerick, truckman spring near genesee ^ 

Metzger George, enquire mansion house , 
MejFer Adolf^tms, teacher ger^iaaii laBguaj^ office with 

Dr Scott h fraaklin near niagaim \ 
Meyer Francis H. joiner huron c blossom\ 
Michael Nicholas, at Rumsey ds Howard's 
Midleton William, seaman ohio c indiana 
Milay Ambrose, shop prime near canal 
Mijes Rebecca, wid. of Peter E. h buroa w peari^ 
Millard Henry, grocer no 5 ellieott square h hMrrington 

block pearl • 

Milleman Joiun, butcher 14 terrftoe maskel h eagle xnbar 

\ pin© 

Miller A. D. A. grooer c oak aad clintcm and rock and 

\ commercial 

Miller B. tailor cherry « michigan 
Miller Barnard H. tailor michigan op tu)>jpv 
Miller Charles, oil store 117 main bd amenean hotel 
Miller Charles F. city hay scales ellicott near seneca 
Miller Edward, butcher h fulsom near kiaoey's alley 
Miller Frederick, teacher goodell c maple 
Miller Frederick, bd G B Gates 
Ifiller Frederick S. noate s b buf!Uo 
Miller George H. F. barber ask Jo Adams 
Miller Gvegory, cordwainer ellicolt s huron 
Miller Harry, h frankjin c erie 
Miller Increase C« paii^r 15 wejister block h erie w 
^ pearl v. 

^j^L ' ^-Mill^ Jacoh. S. livery sts^ wariiingtoB bt swan and 



Miller Jacob, cordwainer h mohawk w main 
MiUer James C. cabinet maker bd eagle tavern 
Miller James, h c main and mohawk 
Miller John, mason h cherry bl micfaigan 
Miller John, grocer jersey c niagara 
Miller John, tinner with Stucki & c6 
Miller John, at Rumsey & Howard's 
Miller Levi, painter h court c terrace * 
Ifiller Lyman, baker Washington near scott 
Miller Michael, cap maker oak n genesee 
Miller Nicholas, mason h Washington ab chippewa 
MiUer Nicholas, Jr. do do do 

Miller Peter, mason genesee bt oak and ellicott 
Miller Philip, cap maker at Tweedy & Smith's h el- 
licott s genesee 
Miller Thomas, cornucopia recess 208 main h franklin 

n chippewa (see adv) 
Miller Thomas, lab h chippewa e franklin 
Miller William G. paihter 17 webster block h s division 

e oak 
Miller William T. h cold spring 
Miller Catharine, wid of William, h seneca e ellicott 
Miller Nancy, wid of David, h court c terrace 
Milliken Charles A. com merchant 7 webster block 
Mills Calvin J. law student at Rogers 6c Smith's 
Mills- James, blacksmith with William Morrison 
Milnor James, bd great western hotel 
Milo John, cab maker michigan s batavia 
Milton Patrickf inspeftor canal boats, assessor 1st ward 

erin harp boarding house 123 main 
Mischo Jd^, mason h seventh bl hospital 
Mitchell Ao^g^y ^ exchange near Washington 
Mitchell George B. with H N Walker 282 main 
Mitchell Henry, clerk J Sherman bd miss E Howard's 
Mitchell James, joiner h delaware s tupper 
Mitchell John, M. D. office 144 main bd mrs Reese's 
Mitchell John, at George Mitchell's ; \ 

Mitchell John, barfter pearl c terracer^ 
Mitchell Ellen, wid of John, h c morgan and niagara 




Mixer Harvey M. clerk Bugbee 
V Mixer Sylvester P., M. I), firm Warner & Mixer officse 

140 main bd mrs L Davis's 
Mochel Frederick, brewer with Heinrich 
Mochel Heinrich, biewer main ab mohawk 
Mofiatt James, brewer h mohawk ab morgan 
Moffat John, brewer with James 
MofTatt William, jeweller bd with James 
Molloy Willam L. ship carpenter h oak near eagle 
Monforte Joseph C. capt schr franklin h tupper near 

Monroe Charles J. 171 main 
Monroe George H. clerk 268 main bd mrs Reese's 
Monroe M. B. hatter ellicott n s division 
Moon RicHard, seaman steuben near hcunburgh 
Moone Asher, derk for Wm Tucker bd J Beardsley 
Mooney Lawrence, firm Hall &; Mooney h oak s clinton 
Moore Augustus C. h elk ab alabama 
Moore Alvin W. boot maker clinton e elm 
Moore Benjamin F. canal capt h morgan n court 
Moore George, book keeper and scrivenger 10 webster 

block bd miss Cutler's , 

Moore Greorge A. firm Geo A Moore & co h 4 webster 

Moore Henry, tailor 302 main h pearl e chippewa 
Moore John, painter h palmer w Caroline 
Moore John O. h 91 main 
Moore William, moulder bd O J M Cornish 
Moore Greorge A. & Ca produoe^ooerchants dock ami 

Moorhead Robinscm, auctioneer 148,main h^ ^gaia e 

del&ware ^; 

Moran Edward, lab at Gelston ^ EvaBs' 
Moran John, seaman h swan e hamburgh 
Moran Philip, truckman h pearl n eagle 
Morehofifer Jacob, tanner h potter e michigan 
I Morell Joseph H. barberS terrace 

Morgan Albert S. ^imikeeper at toll Wdgd 
Morgaa Afexaoder, alhv#'ft hotel 


Morgan Darwin E. cleric 304 main 

Morgan Harvey, joiner h n division e jchestnut 

Morgan John, perry ab hayward • 

Morgan Joshua, fanner south side creek 

Morgan Joshua P. hayward c perry 

Morley Jane, bd with Martin Fiynn 

Monnon Daniel, lab h morgan c genesee 

Moroney Dennis, joiner h court rear Staats' cab shop 

Morrell^ Joseph C. firm Castle 6c Morrell bd J Guild's 

Blornll Charles, at Heth dc Benson's 

Morris Henry, cigar maker bd lovejoy house 

Morris Joseph H. upholsterer bd miss £ Howard's 

Morris J, S. artist in fireworks at cottage gardon h gen* 

• esee near Washington 
Morris Ann wid. h oourt w morgan 
Morrison James, cordwa^r bd J Wilson's 
Morrison James, lab h seventh c hospital 
Morrison Horace H. at hydraulic saw mill 
Morrison Richard, fireman s b constelliition 
Morrison William, baker and grocer ellicott c clinton 
Morrison William, blacksmith Washington near scott 
Morrow John, lab h franklin n church . 
Morrow John, truckman h chippewa e franklin 
Morrow Thomas, clerk 3d4 main 
Morrow Elizabeth, bd N Lyman's 
Morse Charles B. clerk M Kingman &; co h elkc liberty 
Mortary John, lab white house block bl packet dock 
Mortimer Alfred, watchmaker long wharf bdWGOliver 
Morton John, on s b vennillion 

Morton William, stewaisd s b vermillion h peail s huron 
Morton W* F. coach maker h terrace w genesee 
Moseley ^pllliam A. 297 main 
Mosier James, olerk B Trowbric^e 
Moss Hozea, saddler h tupper w pearl 
Motsch Michael, maJMm h 5 ehn n genesee 
Mott Richard, lab h Virginia n twelflJb 
Motz William A. at cat house rook st 
Moulton James, lab whhe house blook bl packet dock 
Mount Foremaa» livevy atabfe ellicott cclinlon h oak e 


Mount George, agent for livery stable peari near ter^ 

race h oak near bata via 
Mower Joseph, lab walnut near genesee 
Moxley Henry, barber seneca c main h etlicott s olintoa 
Moyer Elizabeth, h deiaware ab chippewa 
Mueller George, cordwainer c mohawk and pearl 
Mugler Philip, potter with G Heiser 
Mugridge James, baker state c Washington h mphawk 

near ellicott 
Mullett James, atty firm Mullett & GrosvenoT bd nttui- 

sion house 
Mullett & Grosvenor, attys at law office over post office 
Munger Edwin H. grocer 2 main h oak n eagle 
Munroe William C. h niagara near morgan ' * 
Munse William, joiner spruce c sycamore 
Munshaur John, stone cutter h sycamore c elm 
Munson Salmon, bd Wm Kilgore 
Munson Stephen, clerk 172 main 
Murdock Granville T. rum pedler with J Delano bd 

Daniel Lee 
Murdock Jasper, bd Wm A Hart 
Murphy Sarah wid. h morgan w genesee 
Murray Andrew, boarding house lloyd near prime 
Murray Donald, dry goods 230 main h west seneea ab 

Murray John, firm Murray & Kennedy 
Murray John R. upholsterer at Stearns & White h elli- 
cott c swan 
Murray William G. paint and oil store 15 webster block 
Murray James <Sc Co. brokers and com merchants 164 

main (see adv) bd americMi hotel ^ « 
Murray de Kennedy, dry goods 210 main '<^ 
Murryhon Philip, lab bd Wm Flanratgan's 
Myer Andrew, shoe shop genesee e eliioott 
Myer Daniel, joiner h german alley s genesee 
Myer Francis, carpenter h huron near oak 
Myer Francis, Jr. n german alley s genesee 
Myer Friday, mason patter e michigan 
Myer Henry B. jeweller 215 main (see adv) h deiaware 

n chippewa 


Myer Jacob, clerk at Gmrdmr & PattMioa^s h<mk M 


Myer Catharine M. dress maker d02 maia up stairs 

Myers Capt bd J Guild's 

Naaf Barbara miss* bd Cbas M Woodward 

Nanne Michael, lab h genesee near elm 

Narrett Jacob, tanner h batavia e mi< 

NaBert Peter, Jr« do do do 

Nash George, recess and fruit dealer comiaercial near 

Nask Thomas* h pine s eag^le 
Nathan Theodore, rev. with rev A Pax 
Needham Charles H« clerk Leonard Wilson 
Needham Elias P. joiner h pearl n eagle 
Needham Joseph P. saleratus manu^aclory Uoyd ab 

prime- h s division e michigui 
Negus John G. clerk P L Pansons A; co h elm a s di- 
Needhart Charles, chirk S29 main 
Neidbardt Lewis, turner h main bl genesee 
Neidhardt Jacob, barber junction commercial and pearl 

bd J L Bates's 
Neidlander Frederick, firm J & F 
Neidlaader John, firm J & F 
Neidlander J. & F. ohairmakers 311 main 
NeLsKtti David, joiner h franklin ab chippewa 
Nelson Robert, carpenter do do 

Newbould Frederick W. firm J A ife F W 1B9 main bd 

mrs Reese's 
Newbould Hamor, moulder bufSilo steam engine works 
Newbould John A. firm J A & F W h in new york 
Newbould J. A. <Sk F. W. hardware and cutlery mer- 

charrthr 189 main 
Newcomb John C. auctioneer for S Davis h oak s tupper 
Newcomb Thonas, clerk T S Raaey's 
Newell Raphelt mm hole 13 main 
Newell Thomas, printer at Salisbury ds Clapp's h oak 

near eagle 
Newell v. C. firm Newell dz; Beaid 



NeweH & Beardy gfooers 9® main 

Newkirk Isaac W. inspector of customs h p^arl s court 

10 hartington block 
Newkirk John, sail maker bd Lorin Pierce 
Newland John, sexton park church residence basement 

Newman Frederick, saw filer main ab eagle 
Newman George L. clerk Joy & Webster bd at Walter 

Newman James M. clerk for John Newman 
Newman John, boiler maker dayton near main h niag- 

ara w franklin 
Newman William H. clerk for John Newman 
Newton John L. mason h pearl sr tupper 
Newton Robert, joiner h ninth ab Caroline 
Newton Robert, jr. joiner with Robert Newton 
Nichols Asher P. atty firm Clinton & Nichols bd G W 

Nichols Samuel, h seneca near michigan 
Nicholas Abigail, bd with Jas Runcie 
Nickl^ Frederick, tailor 16 and 18 main 
NigfaUuirt Charles, clerk H Rainey bd miss E Howard 
Niles Henry L. h s division c oak 
Ninon Frederick, shoe shop genesee « michigan 
Niquet Charles, tinsmith bd Edward C Niquet 
Niquet Edward C. cook Gage's recess h franklin n 

Nisbet Samuel, biadcsmith with C Delaney 
Nola Edward, at Evans' warehouse bd C Bickir's 
Norris Ephraim, bd Jas Norris 
Norris James, station keeper h carrolle Washington 
North Jacob, at Rumsey & Howard's 
North Pelet, do do 

Nt)rton Charles, h franklin s huron 
Norton Charles D. law student at H Sbumway^s 
Norton John, Jr. firm Payne & Norton h franklin n 

Norton Joseph G. agent and land dealer office 288 main 

h huron w franklin 


Norton Nathan, eogiaeer s b ben fianklm b fmnUin ab 

Nottingham Jeremiah, firm J Nottingham^ co bd mrs 

Nottin^aoa J. 6s Ca forwarders andcom merch'ts long 

wharf (see adv) 
Noye John T. firm Hayward 6c Co 89 main h Wash- 
ington c mohawk 
Noyes John, painter bd C Bickir's 
Noutts Benjamin, warehouse man A R Cobb & co 
CBrian Henry, teamster h couit w morgan 
(VBrian James, grocer seaeca c eliicott h swan e mich- 

O'Brian John, barber junc pearl and commercial h pea* 

cock near erie 
O'Brian John, Jr. grocer commercial near canal bd Jss 

O'Brian Patrick, lab h gcorgia near black rock railroad 
O'Connor Daniel, lab black rock railroad ab hudson 
O'Connor Eleanor, dress maker bd Samuel Lewis 
O'Grady Thomas, at Evans' warehouse 
O'Mealy Patrick, pedler h exchange e washin|^n 
O'Meara John, h beak s ezcheuige 
CNeil Patrick, lab towpath bl mechanic 
Obarmyer Enos, lab walnut near genesee 
Oberiat Sami^l, clerk S F Piatt d& co h fulsom e mich- 

Ogden Henry A. sutler u s barracks h north w main 
Olcott William, 100 main h mohawk 3 doors from ddar 

Oliver J^mes^ clerk 188 main 
Oliver Frederick, jeweller shop with Wm G Oliver 
Oliver —, mariner white house block bl packet dock 
Oliver William G. jeweller west swan h c pearl and ni- 

Opdyke John S. a bankrupt enquire assignees 
Organ Michael, chandler h swan e Washington 
Orr John W. wood engraver at the falls bd mansion 


Osboni Hansoiiy grocer main c daylon 

Osborn Stephen, firm Hodges & Osborn keepers amer- 

iean hotel 
Osier Gordon P. ship carp h eagle ab terrace 
Otis Nathaniel T. cab maJcer h delaware n tapper 
Ott Michael, lab h hamburg hydraulics 
Ott Michael, Ji^. do do 

Ott Samuel, lab h steuben n poUard 
Ottenot Nicholas, clerk J Dingens 
Ovens Robert, baker ipdiana near obio 
Overall Joseph, h elk near hamburgh 
Owen Anson, clerk 138 main 
Owen Asahel L. tailor seneca e main bd mrs Bowen's 
Paddleford Rodolpbus W. derk 184 main h s diTisioQe 

Page L. A. clerk H O Hood 
Page Charles R. saddler h Washington next doOT to old 

post office 
Pain Aaron, canal stable h terrace w peari 
Pain Judd C. s b agent do do 
Palmer Alanson, land office 274 main h pearl n ebip- 

Palmer Augustus C. clerk 194 main 
Palmer Darwin B. farmer h huron near niatgara 
Palmer Charles, lab b union n eagle 
Palmer Blias W. grocer 2d door bl liberty pole main 
Palmer George, firm J B Bull & co and Yaw 6c Palmer 

h Washington e goodell 
Palmer John, builder clinton eoak 
Palmer Merritt, carpenter h ki division e pine 
Palmer Nelson B. dry goods 194 main h franklin n hu- 
Palmer Rujfiis C. fiTm Hunter, Palmer ds go h seneca e 

Palmer Wadswortb M. joiner h niagara bl huron 
Palmer Susan mrs. boarding house Hodges' Mock eUp- 

pewa w mam 
Papeneau Joseph, state near water 
Pare Enos, keeper blue jacket recess main i^ Huff '|s 



Parish Jaaaes B. derk for S S Jewett 
Parker Anthonyt baiter dock w main 
Parker James, at John Place's 
Parker Judson, firm Churchill & Parker 
Parker Perry 6. atudentat law bd JohnB Butrick 
Parker Thomas L. capt schr lexington h csrroll c Wash- 
Park Harrison, a bankrupt enquire assigneefi 
Bark House, main c clinton by Geo R Smith 
Park Susan, wid of Joshua, h oak bl tupper 
Parks Horace, tmckman h n division e chestnut 
Parks William, mariner h Virginia ab palmer 
ParklHirst Lemu<$l, keeper ohio st house ohio c mam 
Farodl Edward, cordwainer 84 main 
Parsell Newton, foreman at N Randall's h s drrision e 

Para(» Timothy, dry goods B04 main h mohawk betow 

Parson William, h elm n clinton 
Parsons H. A. rev. h genesee e mortimer 
Parsons Moses, law student at TUlinghast 6& Smith's h 

clinton e main 
Parsons Peter L. firm P L Parsons & co h sefieca e el- 

Parsons P. L. 6d Co. forwarders and com'n merchants 

long wharf (see adv) 
Patchen A. T. ship carp at Bidwel^^Sz; Banta's 
Patchea A. M. joiner bd J M Smiwi 
Patchen Edward A. joiner h tupper ab delawmie > 
Fattee Eliphalet F. h Illinois c ohio 
Patridge Joseph, wood dealer h church ab franklin 
Patterson George, mason h tupper bl franklin 
Patterson George A. H. firm Gardner 6s Patterson h 

Washington n mohawk 
Patterson John, firm Patterson, Brot^rs h Washington n 

Patterson Robert, firm Patterson, Brothers h washing- 

t€»i n mohawk 
Patterson William, waiter h blossom near (^nesee 



Patterson, Brothers, havdware dealers 170 main 

Pattison William W. coppersmith h elm a eagle 

Pax Alexander rev. pastor catholic church h rear of the 

Paxon Ahaz, grocer 3 commeitsial buildings h seneca 

Lockwoods block 
Paxon Charles, grocer 3 commercial buildings h sene- 
ca Lockwoods block 
Payne Charles T. firm Payne ds Norton h church w 

Payne George, mason h huron e delaware 
Payne Greorge, boiler maker h exchange e beak 
Payne Hiram, Jr. clerk Payne & Norton's bd u a hot^ 
Payne Josiah C. clerk at Ramsdell's h franklin ab chip* 

Payne Thomas, baker h seneca w Hicks' tayem 
Payne ds Norton, wholesale grocers 14 webster block 
Peabody J. N. bd western hotel 
Peabody Nancy wid. h ellicott n mohawk 
Peacock William, h morgan ab mohawk 
Pearse Daniel, lab genesee e elm 
Pease Francis S. clerk 234 main 
Pease James, tinner clinton e ^Im . 
Pecise John, firm Coit, Kimberly & co h railroad 3d bl 

Pease Joseph, tinner h clinton e elm 
Pease Ulysses, cleiJi.Dr J Bliss h huron e Washington 
Pease William, ti^ Aop kremlin block h pearl bl swan 
Peat Thomas, mason h 12 towpath w mechanic 
Peck Charles E. firm W B & C E Peck h ellicott near 

Peck Daniel, seneca e michigan 
Peck Jacob, teamster h genesee e chippewa 
Peck Jesse, mason h jef^rson bt genesee and batavia 
Peck Jesse S. mason h oak c batavia 
Peck Sperry, with Daniel Peck 
Peck William, lab Geo A Moore dc co 
Peck William B. firm W B <Ss C E Peck h ellicott near 



Peck W. B. <Sc C. E. booksellers and stationers agents 
for Pomeroy & go's express 206 main (see adv) 
Peck Urial S. joiner h sixth c hospital 
Peckard Samuel, innkeeper 5 main 
Peckham Decius, tanner at Rumsey ds Howard's 
Peifel Stephen, h german w delawaie 
Pelo Joseph, h Pratt's alley bt swan and seneca 
Pelton Dolphin S. grocery ohio c indiana 
Pemberton Henry S. painter h vine e oak 
Penfield William, at stage office bd S Heminway's 
P&nnels Thomas, brickmaker hydraulics 
Pennell Peter H. carpenter h exchange w michigan 
Perce Hiram W. aid 5th ward grocer 275 main h frank- 
lin ab huron 
Peicel Thomas, truckman h fulsom e michigan 
Perkins Andrew, caulker bd J L Bates' 
Perkins Isaac B. clerk 154 main bd u s hotel 
Perkins John, mariner bd Francis Cronk 
Perkins Philetus, boarding house h pearl near seneca 
Perkins Thomas G. clerk 204 main h oak bl n division 
Per^iger John, blacksmith h elm s batavia 
Perry Israel B. shoe shop ohio near elk 
Perry Miles, firm Perry & Burroughs h georgia w nia- 

Perry & Burroughs, exchange brokers 141 main 
Petch P. P. botanic physician 241 stain 
Pete James, mason towpath bl meciianic 
Pete John, do do do 

Pete Thomas, do do do 

Peter Carad, builder n division c elm 
Peter Frederick, painter h n division e elm 
Peter Henry, painter do f do ' 

Peterkline J. shoe shop foot main h pearl n eagle 
Peters George C. cab maker h morgan n genesee 
Peters Jared, carpenter h n division c elm 
Peters John B. eagle furnace h indiana near elk > 
Peters William, mariner h terrace c genesee 
Peterson Matilda, wid of John, h exchange e beak 
Petrie Alexander, cabinet and lumber yard junction elk 
and ohio bd E Howard's 



Pettw Daniel C. mAchinist steuJoea near hamfaurgh 

Petz Adam, shoemaker h main n huron 

Peiz Jacob, chair maker at 2^1 main 

Petz Melker, h batavia near german church 

Peugeot George, firm George and Peter Peugeot h elii* 

cott s genesee 
Peugeot Peter, firm George and Peter Peugeot, h ellioott 

s genesee 
Peugeot George and Peter, whitesmiths and machinists 

121 main 
Pewtress Ebeneser B. book keeper S F Pratt 6p co bd 

mrs Granger 
Peysher Charles G. cab maker h fulsom near pine 
Pfanner Peter, furrier Washington c huron 
Pfeifer Frederick, tailor at E D Efner's 
Pfeifer Philip, grocer 366 main 
Pfitcenmeyer Mary A. wid. of Louis F. h tupper near 

Pfast Thomas, shoe shop commercial c water 
Pfricker Coonrad, lab h franklin near tupper 
Phelps Augustus, fruit dealer bd J L Bates' ^ 

Phillips Ira, clerk 94 main 
Phillips John, lab h tupper w franklin 
Phillips Samuel, atty and couns at law office no 2 Sid- 

way block h c Virginia and ninth 
Phillips Samuel, pedler bd at B Lichenstein's 
Phillips Samuel, bdH^maker hydraulics 
Phillips Solomon, painter h michigan n eagle 
Phoenix Hotel, main bt park and mohawk by William 

Pickering Charles, clerk 204 main bd mrs Kimberly's .. 
Pickering Edgar P. clerk H R Seymour <Se co bd mrs 

Pickering Mary Ann widow, bd mrs Kimberly's 
Piddington Joseph, firm Piddington & Humphrey h 6th 

bl hospital 
Piddington & Humphrey, tailors 2d9 main 
Piennig Philip, grocer genesee c walnut 
Pierce Charles S. h ^ <^ Chicago 



Pierce Francis, at eagle fumaoe bd miss Roath 

Pierce George L. clerk at Hunter, Palmer 6c co's bd R 

C Palmer 
Pierce James, cc^persmith eagle furnace 
Pierce John, constable h s division c chestnut 
Pierce Jonathan, ladies French shoemaker clinton rear 

Pierce Lorin, city sexton and poor master h franklin 2 

doors n huron 
Pierce Wellington, clerk 138 main 
Pierson Blias, confectioner 131 main h oak bl tupper 

Pierson , pattern maker bd Francis Conk 

Pillar William, at P T M'Collom's 

Pillsbury Jesse B. teacher atty at law office 242 main 

bd u 8 hotel 
Pinckney John, gardner william s alien 
Pinkney Joseph, carriage and waggon maker terrace w 

Pinney Austin, bd R L Robertson's 
Pinney Joel, h ellicott near swan 
Place John, truckman h n division e chestnut 
Piatt Anson B. wool dealer 2 terrace bd T Lavake 
Plimpton Luman K. firm Faulkner & Plimpton bd Leva 

Plogsted John F. barber under western hotel 
Hough Jacob, tailor h chippewa e Washington 
Plumb Rodney, h delaware n mohawk 
Pollard House, by Weybum & Colston no 9 terrace 

(see adv) 
Pomeroy Oliver, cab maker exchange e Washington 
Pomeroy Oliver, Jr. with Oliver 
Pomeroy Robert, cora'r u s surplus revenue with capt 

Champlin h swan c oak 
Pomeroy William L. clerk 177 main 
Pomeroy Lydia widow, with, capt Champlin 
Poole Augustus, 198 main bd R Poole 
Poole Rushmore, firm R Poole & co h ellicott c eagle 
Poole Rufidimore & Co. crockery store 198 main 
Pope Calvin, with T B Tilden 



Porter Dsridt barkeeper ptusaix hotel 

Porter Walter, builder h s division e michigan 

Post James R. joiner h green e beak 

Post William, joiner h palmer w Caroline 

Postal Franeis, joiner h oak s huron 

Potter Hemah B« firm Potter dc Spaukling h niagara 

square c delaware 
Potter William H. firm Potter & Beecher bd miss Cut- 
Potter Mary widow, exchange e Washington 
Potter 6d Beecher, oil dealers and grocers 58 main 
Potter & Spaulding, attys and counsellors office 270 main 

kremlin block 
Powell John, stone cutter h ninth w Caroline 
Powell John, brewer at J Rods' 
Powell Michael, lab h pearl n court 
Powers Bthoy, h beak s exchange 
Powers Jacob, carpenter h Caroline n niagara 
Powers Stephen, ex-u s consul attorney at law bd Mary 

Powle George, locksmith bd Matland White's 
Pratt Amos, capt s b gen wayne 
Pratt Blam G. clerk 189 main bd mrs Hall's 
Pratt Francis, bd american hotel 
Pratt George, coppersmith h eagle near ellicott 
Pratt Grorham F., M. D. office 12 swan h swan e mich 
Pratt L. F. h pearl n seneca 

Pratt Lucius H. grocfer 163 main h swan c michigan 
Pratt Pascal P. firm S F Pratt & co 
Pratt Samuel F. firm S F Pratt & co h awan bl ellicott 
Pratt Maria, widow of Hiram, h swan c Pratt's alley 
Pratt Sophia^ widow of Samuel, h swane michigan 
Pratt S. F. ^ Co. hardware 222 main and 2 and 4 

west swan 
Prescott William^ firm William Poescott ds co h eagle e 

Preseott William C. with Wm Preseott & m 
Prescott Lucinda P. widow of Alexandexy teacher h a 

division e pine 


Pneacott William de Ca blacking and ink factory no 5 

Birckhead buildings (see adv) 
Preston Charles, bd Lovejoy house 
Preston Charles, cab maker bd globe coffee house 
Priest Asa N. joiner h near head franklin 
Prince Alexander N. W. L. lab h german w delaware 
Prince £. R. music store 200 main 
Prince George A. music store 200 main bd George J* 

Prince George I. lake captain h s division e michigan 
Prince Henry, tailor blossom near huron 
Prince John R. clerk Bidwells dc Santa's h miami w 

Prior William, joiner h n division c oak 
Pritchard Richard G. joiner h pearl n court 
Probst Christian, basket maker oak n genesee 
Prothais J. grocer genesee c ellicott 
Prouty James, dk ab hamburgh 
Provoost David, sail maker at J P Pr^voost's 
Provoost James P. sail maker hanover near prime h 

Washington near exchange 
Provoost John S. soap and candle factory hanover near 

Provoost Samuel A. sail maker long wharf h seneca bl 

Purgar William, cordwainer h genesee e ellicott 
Purrington Alonzo, cab maker at Gkdligan's 
Purdy John, lab hydraulics near brewery 
Putnam James O. atty at law bd Geo Palmer's 
Putnam John S. silversmith swan c Washington bd J 

Quirouet Edward, distiller h niagara op clock fisetory 
Quirouet Kennie, do do do 

Quails William, firm Chew & Quails h clmton w oak 
Quelos J. P. shoemaker genesee near ellicott 
RadclifT Charles, engineer s b new england bd seneca st 

Radcliff Jerry, h delaware n church 
Radcliff Stephen M. moidder eagle fttmaoe 




Radcliff Woolsey W. cletk for Joy & Webster h dela- 

ware n church 
Ragot D. E. musical instrument maker genesee c oc(}c 
Rahm D* C. caipet weaver elm s batavia 
Raim George, cab maker h.niagara near mohawk 
Rainey Hamilton, grocery 2*29 main h eagle e ellicott 
Ralph Edward, brick yard eltb c goodell 
Ralph Thomas, butcher h fulsom near kinney's alley 
Ramsdell Alexander, keeper light house 
Ramsdell Alexander G. druggist and apothecary M6 

main (see adv) 
Ramsdell Charles, clerk 199 main 
Ramsdell Henry, clerk 199 main bd mrs Groesbeck's 
Ramsdell Orrin P. shoe store 224 main bd mrs Groes^ 

beck's ^- 

Ramsdell William G. h pearl c huron 
Ramsdell &; Co. boot and shoe store 199 main 
Rand Charles T. blacksmith h fulsom w michigan 
Randall Henry, capt s b Wisconsin 
Randall John, mason fa pearl s tupper 
Randall John, mason h oak near sycamore 
Randall Nelson, aid 4th ward, boot and shoe store 152 

main h oak c clinton * 

Randall Volney, clerk 152 main h seneca e ellicott 
Randolph William, at R L Howfell's 
Raney Greorge, joiner sycamore near genesee 
Raney Thomas S. coach factory mechanic near railroad 
Ransford Nathaniel, h huron w franklin 
Ransom Amasa R. firm Stillman & Ransom h seneca e 


_ • 

Ransom Elias, h huron near main 
Rathbone Samuel, with Joseph Clary 
Rathbone S. W. firm Smith & Rathbone 
Ratbbun Benjamin mrs. 267 main c n division 
Rathbun Charles, joiner h michigan e seneca 
Rathbun Elliott M. mason b carroU w michigan 
Rathbun Moses, boarding house Washington near n di- 
Rathbun Thomas, mason k exchange w michigan 



181 ^ 

Rathbun Bmeline, teacher bd T Rathbun^s 

Rathbun Mary Ann, teaclier bd T Rathban's 

Raubenheimer F. sausage maker genesee w elin 

Rawflon Samuel, h no 3 terrace 

Ray Thomas, bd E Clark^s 

Ra3rmond Charles H., M. B. office 159 main bd miss 

Raymond Seth, farmer steaben near hambargh 
Raze Joel S. brickmaker hydraulics 
Read Greorge H. firm Faxon 6c Read bd mrs Read's 
Read Henry, carpenter h niagara c virgima 
Read John, clerk with Wm Kilgore 
Read Nelson H. green e beak 

Read Robert, book binder Young & Brother bd 27 main 
Read William, book binder IIS main 
Read Mary *wid. boarding house s division coak 
Ream Gieorge, cab maker 307 main 
Ream Valentine, architect and builder h ellicott c n di- , 

Rebstock Artsurs, h elm near genesee 
Rebstock Conrad, taik>r michigaa c genesee 
Record James M. bd red jacket recess main c seneca 
Record M. h rear michigan ab clinton 
Recorder's Court Clerk's Office, 274 main 
Rectervanlt Nicholas, lab michigan n sycamore 
Rectervault Margarette wid. h maryland' near niagara 
Reed Charles M. long wharf 
Reed Charles W. shoemaker ellicott c keens' alley 
Reed James, n^orocco dresser bd J Rogers 
Reed John, watchmaker and jeweller 354 main 
Reed John Savage, atty h pearl n huron 
Reed Loman, ship joiner elk near michi^n 
Reed Lucius, mason peacock 
Reed Robert, clerk Rodney Lampman 
Reed Samuel, brick maker van rensselaer s seneca 
Reel Augustus, coach trimmer and grocer main c mo* 

Rees Charles, clerk M Kingman 6s co bd Sally Rees' 
Rees David, bd with Sally Rees 



Rees Sally, widow of David, boarding house Washington 

c seneca 
Reese Maria, boarding house Washington c eagle * 
Reeve Mary A. widow of John, h delaware n tupper 
Reeves London, porter 5 webster block 
Reichert George, tailor h elm s sycamore 
Reid James, joiner h s division e chestnut 
Reiley James, tailor h morgan ab niagara 
Reilly John G. tailor H commercial h seneca Lockwood 

Reilly T. C. & Co. lumber de^ders seneca c michigan 
Relf George, mason h Washington n chipp^wa 
Remington Edwin, blacksmith junction swan and sen^ 

Reinhardj C. L. tinner bd Michael Haberkorn^s 
Reynolds Agnus, currier at Rumsey & Howard's 
Reynolds Alpheus, Jr. druggist 154 main bd mansion 

Reynolds Hiram H. doctor, 154 main h pearl near c 

Reynolds Lambert S. druggist 220 main (see adv) h b 

division e oak 
Ribble Jacob, tailor over 348 main 
Riblep William, lab Stearns & White 
Rice Asahel Y. manufacturer root beer 135 main h n 

division e oak 
Rice Daniel S. waggon maker railroad foot church h 

michigan n s division 
Rice J. B. manager eagle st theatre h mohawk e Wash- 
Rice Jonathan, lab bd Patrick Brya 
Rice Joseph, lab s genesee near german alley 
Rice Charlotte, wid of Samuel, h franklin n mohawk 
Rich Andrew J. clerk 172 main 
Rich Charles, hat finisher 202 main 
Rich Gains B. gent h pearl n genesee 
Rich George H. grocer 120 main 
Richards Abel, driver at Huff's hotel 
Richard George, h s division c pine 



Richards Thomas, mate s b miasouri 

Richards Mrs. wid. of Thomas, h main near genesee 

Richardson James H. designer and engraver on wood 
2 west swan (see adv) bd Ann demons' 

Richardson Rufus, chair maker h oak bl batavia 

Richardson Robert, butcher h franklin n mohawk 

Richardson William, over 3 webster block 

Richart Jacob, book binder 206 main h miehigan bl ba- 
tavia I 

Richer J. M. shoemaker ellicott s genesee 

Richie James, broker 242 main bd a s hotel 

Richmond Daiiforth, h s division c oak 

Rick John, lab h franklin c tupper 

Riddle Charles, seaman south side creek 

Rider John, ship carpenter h elk near moore 

Riker Peter, tailor elm s sycamore 

Rilander Conrad W. basket maker german alley 9 gen 

Riley James, truckman prime c water 

Riley John, lab h near Mofiatt's brewery 

Riley Michael, at Huff's livery stable 

Riley Christine, widow oi William, h white house block 
bl packet dock 

Rinck Bartholomew, rope maker oak c genesee 

Rinck William, cooper ool taxes 4th ward h genesee near 

Rinck William, Jr» printeir at C Faxon'jr ' 

Rinald Christian* cooper bd C Bickir 

Ripont Jacques, Hailor niagara c pearl 

Ritt Nicholas, tailor h batavia near hickory 

Rix Jacob, lab h delaware ab tupper 

Roath Sophia miss, boarding house carroll e washing- 

Roberts Abraham, blacksmith main c chippewa h gene* 
see square 

Roberts B. S. law student at Jas Crocker's 

Roberts Elijah, joiner bd J Guild's 

Roberts Edmund P. joiner with John B Roberts 

Roberts Francis, lab h pearl s tupper 

Roberts Jacob,- h eagle c cedar 




Roberts John B^^j^ner h ehippewa w roaki 

Roberts Joseph, h elm n batavia 

Robert^kF^ul, olothing stove long wharf h morgaa bet 
eagle and court 

Roberts Samuel^ Washington near seneca 
I Robertson Charles, keeper olive branch s division 
1 ftobertson George W. bat faclory jnnc swan and sene- 
ca h seneca e Hick's tavern 
obertson Richard L. capt h pearl c seneca 
obertson William, atty at laW office Sidway bkx^k h 
ohio near elk 

Robins George, cab maker at Steams & White's 

Robinson Alanson, firm Robinson ^ co h georgia w 

Robinson David, bd farmers' hotel 

Robinson Erasmus P. aid 1st ward firm P L Parsons & 
CO bd u s hotel 

Robinson John, bd J Beardsley 

Robinson Thomas, h green e beak 

Robinson William, oak near genesee 

Robinson 4z Ca exchange brokers 1621 main 

Robison David N. dealer in fruit pine apples and oran- 
ges kmg wharf c commercial 

Rochester James H. notary public clerk Oliver Lee bd 
I T Hatch 

Rochester WQIbm B. clerk 160 main 

Rochester Mrs. widow of Wm B bd wi^ I T Hatch 

Rockwood Seymour A, h oak near battvia 

Rodney George, clerk with H N Walker 232 maki 

Rodgers Erastus, h first c sloan 

Rodgers John, marble cutter terrace bl seneca 

Roesser Jacob, bar tender eagle tavern 

Rogers Artemas, grocer op terrace maifcet 

Rogers E. C. with Artemas Rogers 

Rogers Henry W. atty and counsellor at law, distrkst 
attorney, firm Rogers and Smith, 278 main h 
harrington block court 

Rogers Amelia, widow of John,, h frankiia e chippewa 

Rogers & Smith, at^s 2T8 main 



Roggers Chester, ship carpmiter M mtB Datkee^n 

Roggers Joseph, h seneca near Simmoiis' tavern 

Rohtr Heiorich, capt h cherry w hickory , 

Roher John, tailor h elm near n division 

Roher Peter, potter h eagle e chestnut 

Roher Peter, lab h michigan near sjreamqre 

Roher Peter^ Jr; porter HoUisler &; 60 h michigan near 

Roher Philip, lab h walnut near genesee 
Roher Paul, lab h n division c elm > 
Roher Paul, Jr. sai^dler do do « 

Roher Elizabeth, "wid of Ajax h seventh ah geoigia 
Roherback Christopher, h oyprus e michigan 
Roherback Gregory, pedler medicines ^c h Cyprus e 

Roherback John, lab h cypras e elm 
Rollins Ai, book keeper 150 main bd u s h<^ 
Rolo Greorge, lab h goodell head hickory 
Rolph Camel, widow, oak c batavia 
Romer Aogustus, tailor at £ Burchard 
Roop Henry, h franklin c ohippewa 
Roos Jacob, brewery hickory near batavia 
Root Bdward, firm Root and Lewis h seneca e washr 

Root Francis H. at eagle furnace h elk e micbigan 
Root Henry, firm^ Oattm, Root ^ (t^Qmring h pearl e 

Root John, atty h morgan n mohawk 
Root WiUiam K brickmaker h seventh near majryknd 
Root 6c Lewis, produce and commission mensh'ts prime 

and dock ^ 

Roots Francis, derk John Roots ; 
Roiots John, grooer seneca e michigan 
Rose Edwin, grocery 360 main h pearl near gesesee 
Rose Henry, tanner hydraulics 
Rose Jacob, teamster at Moses Baker's 
Rose J. B. recess packet do^ 
Rose Walter, grocer 360 maia h Washington s huion 
Rose Christieen, widow of Martin, h pearl s tupper 




Rosenpkint Atithony, tftikyr cyprns e miofaigan 
Rosenpkunt Anthony, Jr. joiner h oak near geneeee 
Ross A. M'Kenzie, firm Jonson ' ki Ross and dep clerk 

recorder's court bd miss Granger's 
Ross' Schuyler, h carroll near miehigan 
Ross William, coc^ h'^eagie e oak 
Rother Horace, cab maker at Steams dz; White's 
Rowan Martin, grocer 124 main 
Rowell John, at Rumsey & Howard's 
Rowly James, painter bd Ira Darenport 
Royf Sophia, widow, south side creek 
Rubins Henry, tailor h n division c elm ' 

Ruble Jacob, tailor h pearl n chippewa 
Ruble Jacob, Jr. tailor h peari s tupper 
Ruberty F. shoemaker oak near batavia 
Ruden Emantiel, bd u s hotel 
Rudolph Jacob, cab maker at 281 main h ckk n gen- 

Rudolph Jacob* Jr. clerk for Churchill <Sc Pnrker 
Rudolph Jojin, cab finisher with Jacob Rudolph 
Rudolph William, cab finisher 281 main 
Rumrill Henry, mason h na 3 chippewa - ' 
Ramsey Aaron, leadier store no 1 Birckhead block h 

ellicott s swan 
Rumsey BvonsoQ* clerk for A Rumsey 
Rumsey EmmMPP. carrier at Rumsey ^ Howard's 
Rumsey Fayette, firm Rumsey & Howard h exchange 

e Washington 
Rumsey 6d Howard, taimers and leather dealers 14S 

tnain (see adv) 
Runcie James, saddler h no ^ terrace 
Runcie William, printer 194 main bd Jas Runcie's 
Rundell Ann, dress maker over 282 main bd Israel C 

Rundell Elizabeth, do do do 

Rusco Lydia K. widow h carroll e Washington 
Rush Joseph, painter ellicott near genesee 
Russell Daniel, h eagle e hickory 
Russell David, engineer h cedur n^eagle 


Ruaeell EdwAfd, wiiiter at O J M Corniah's 

RusmU Grdorge, bd amcrican hotel 

Russell Jared, bookseller 800 main 

Russell John, firm Cooiey 6t Russell 

Russell John £. at Dudley's furnace 

Russell Martin W. boat agent h jackson near ganesee 

Russell Perhan, at Burr & Waters^ 

Russell Robert, clerk 300 main h chippewa w main 

Russell William^ joiner bd S J Bumluim's 

Russell widow, aeoeca U eUicott 

R utter Thomas, with Thomas Rutter, Jr 

Rutter Thomas, Jr. grocery swan near junc seneca 

Ruxton Mrs. widow of William, h eagle w franklin 

Ruxton William & Ca produce mercnts dock and prime 

Ryan Michael* swan e Washington 

Ryan Patrick, at J C Vaughn's 

Ryan Thomas, rum shop dock w main 

Sadd James, soap beiler h jackson w genesee 

Saddler Philip, tanner at Rumsey & Howard's h 880 

main . ' 

Sage Reuben C. joiner seneca c pearl h eagle w dela- 

Sage John, hair dresser and bathing house 819 main op 

american hotel (see adv) h court w pearl 
SaHard Augustine widow, h court w main 
Salisbury Benjamin Franklin, printer com adv and jour 

office, sec'y bufialo typographical society, bd 

S S Case's 
Salisbury Charles P. printer theatricaller dec 
Salisbury Guy H. at com adv and journal office bdP A 

Salisbury Hezekiah A. com^ of deeds firm Salisbury & 

Clapp h genesee ab niagara square j 

Salisbury &; Clapp, book and job printers exchange i 

buildings main st 
Salmon Heman< cordwainer elHcott near clinton 
Saltar Joseph, firm Sears & Saltar h franklin n huron 
Saltsman William, mariner h green e Washington 
Samo Charley, h cedar n eagle 




Samo Charles W« constable bd Jas fi Samo's 

Samo James B., M. D. office main c seneea h oak ab 

Samson Joseph, grocer 968 main 
Sam ways William, waiter american hotel h chippewa w 

Sandfock Greorge, cordwainer h hnron near oak 
Sangster Arohibald, batavia near elm 
Sanner Gdorge, cordwainer with J Staub 
Santman Wendell, shoe shop court near main 
Sargent Greorge, fancy dyer oak near genesee 
Sargent Phineas, librarian- young men assodAtion bd 

Ann demons' 
Sassaman William H. bd Lova, Spencer's . 
Sauer Conrad, at L S Reynolds' h genesee c elm 
Sauer Joseph^ turner h goodell c maple 
Sauer Rudolph, mason h german w delaware 
Saunders Le Roy W« law student at Marvins' 
Saunders Riley, law student at Sherwood & Greene's 
Sauze David, ship joiner h Chicago e elk 
Sayage Thomas, farmer elk ^near alabama 
Sawin Philander W. tailor main c terrace h eagle w 

Sawin Silas, builder ^nd city collector h delaware c 

Sawyer Frederick, with Patrick Cannon 
Sawyer J. D. firm Hough & Sawyer h s division e elm 
Sawyer Sally, wid of John, h michigaii n eagle 
Saxton Douglas, foreman on canal bd Harvey Dennison 
Saxton John, clerk post office 
Sayre Samuel A. coach maker h oak s batavia 
Scally Peter, mason oak near huron 
Schall Andrew, mason h cherry near mortimer 
Schall Joseph, tailor main ab chippewa 
Schall John, musician h main ab chippewa 
Schantz George, lab h miohigan near sycamore 
Schantz Henry P. grocer genesee c Washington 
Schatler John, tailor sycamore w michigan 
Scheber Casper, joiner h german alley near genesee 


ScKeffer C. G. firm Frechette &^ Scheffer M Frances 

Seliefier Eugene F. driver at american hotel h pearl 

rear american 
Sohemerhorn Mrs. shirt maker over 315 main 
Sohenck Abraham, hatter 230 main 
Scbenck Jacob, hat store 230 main bd Rebecca Miles' 
Scbemar Henry, mason elm s batavia 
Schieber Lorentz, tailor genesee w spruce 
Schieber Jacob, do do * 

Schiefer John, joiner h genesee c spruce 
Schiels Charles, h vine e oak 

Schits Michael, stove finisher h franklin near tupper 
Schlink Leonard, shoe shop main op genesee 
Schmelzer Christopher, tailor h goodell c maple 
Schmiedel Albert, grocer genesee c oak 
Schmiedel F. B. tailor h ellicott s huron 
Schmidt Andrew, tailor chippewa e Washington 
Schmidt Frederick, dutch doctor genesee e elm 
Schmittschen William, shoemaker elm near batavia 
Schneider George, carpenter h franklin n chippewa 
Schneider Jacob, tailor do do 

Schneider John, lab do do 

Schneider Joseph D. teacher h main rear catholic 

Shoemaker Anton, tailor h Washington ab chippewa 
Schoenfiebe Cootfried^ cordwainer Cyprus e michigan 
Schoenthal Christian, joiner h genesee c spring 
Scboenthal John, carpenter h genesee e walnut 
Schorr Ernst, comb maker 369 main 
Schrack France L. teacher genesee w ellicott 
Schramer Gieorge, tailor pearl s chippewa 
Schroeder F. B. shoe-she^ seneca w hamburgh 
Schroeder John B. do do do 

Schryver Adam, lab at hydraulics 
Schryver Allen L. boot store 290 main h c chippewa 

and frankUn 
Schultz Peter^ tailor goodell c maple 
Schulster Frederick, cap maker h oak s genesee 



Schumka Jbhoi tailor Cyprus w noichigitn 

Schwiger Michael, lab h german w delawai^ 

SchwinD John, eordwainer h main c mohawk 

Schwinn John, Jr. do do 

Schwitzer Jacob, mason h franklin ab chippewa 

Scott Colin, clothing store under mansion hou&e main h 

ellioott n swan 
Scott Frederick, joiner oak bl clinton 
Scott G. W. clerk for Hiram Adams 
Scott Hugh, clerk 7 webster block 
Scott Michael, ostler at Stevenson's h pearl w church 
Scott Almira, h n division e oak 
Scott William K., M. D. office kremlin block k eagle c 

Scovill Matthew;, captschr Virginia h chestnut n s di* 

Scurr Henry, joiner h elm ab sycamore 
Sears Israel P. grocer 129 main bd Richard Sear» 
Sears Richard, firm Sears 6c Saltar jb franklin s eagle 
Sears Thomas P. bd miss E Howard's 
Sears Theodore, painter 15 webster block bd Gage's 

coffee rooms 
Sears & Saltar, forwarders on dock w mahi 
Seart Mary, teacheor bd Lovell Kimball's 
Seaward John, painter bd Nancy Knowles' 
Sedgewiok Stephen J. student bd John Drew's 
See Abraham, jorner shop ccM&mercial c creek. Jot dela» 

ware g tupper 
Sell Jacob, shoemaker 388 main 
Seibel John F. turner h oak n genesee 
Seibert Peter, joiner h goodell neasi cherry 
Seibold Jacob, grocesr 176 main 
Selkirk John H. joiner h frankliit ms. chippewB 
Seneca Street House, ^(Leidley's) 5 east aoneoa 
Sevems Oscar, pedler bd : pollaid; house 
Sewald Andrew, lab k ellioott near geneaee 
Sewald Jonathan, cutler h washingtixD aiearcfail|Bpewft 
Seward John, painter at WhitB>^> Smith's 
SewelL Jdm, dry goods :^92 wwol . 


Sewell Joseph, clerk 292 main 

Sexton Jason, grocer 225 main (see adv) it s dmsion 

near michigan 
Seymour George, cab maker bd C Brainard's 
Seymour Henry R, firm H R Seymour & co h pearl n 

Seymour Henry S. clerk W Ruxton & co bd H R Sey- 
Seymour Horatio, Jr. atty at law 202 main h niagara 

near the square 
Seymour John, teamster for T B Tilden 
Seymour William', at Burr & Waters^ . 
Seymour William H. with S S Jewett 
Seymour H. R . &; Co. bankers 244 main 
Shadrake Frederick, firm Kemp & Shadrake h dela- 

ware n huron 
Shaft Joseph, lab eagle furnace h franklin ab tupper 
Sharp A. P. pattern maker at eagle furnace bd elk st 

Sharp Benjamin, baker and grocer water st bd John 

Sharp John, baker and grocer water st h swan e mich 
Shattuck Charles T. firm C T dz; £ C Shattuck bd miss 

E Howard's 
Shattuck Edward C. firm C T & E C Shattuck bd Ann 

Shattuck C. T. & E. C< cabinet ware rooms 171 main 
Shaut Jacob, giooer genesee woiain 
Shaw John, turner bd J D Dudley's 
Shaw John F. cofi^ house long wharf h eagle w main 
Shaw John P. coppersmith h chestnut bt n mud s di^ 

Shaw Joseph, at farmers' hotel 
Shaw Melvin H. ship joiner dA D Waterman'^a 
Shaw Seymour D. keeper far^aers' hotel 195 main 
Shea Daniel, tailor bd widow Hsrty's 
Shearer 'Sextos, b "dcdaware c alten 
Sheflfer Peter, butcher 7 tomce market 
Shehan Michael, Isb hi Win Flaonmgttiii^» 


Sheldon ALsaftder, clerk 159 main 

Sheldon Jaiyes, atty 4 terrace h pearl c erie 

Sheldon James, Jr. law student 266 main 

Sheldon Otis P. h huron w franklin 

Shelp Mart, widow of Henry, h church w franklin 

Shelton Grandison B. professor of music hd cottage 

Shelton William, rev. rector st paul's church h main c 

n division 
Shepard George, clerk 66 main 
Shepard Jannes, with J D Stedman 
Shepard John D. clerk 66 main 
Shepard Joseph, painter enquire loyejoy house 
Shepard Sidney, hardware tin and copper store 66 main 

h seneca e ellicott 
Sheppard Christopher, cordwainer elm near tupper 
Sheppard James D. music storc 266 main h niagara c 

Sheppard T. R. clerk 266 main bd J D Sheppard's 
Sheriden Henry, cordwainer h seneca w tannery 
Sherman Isaac, stave and lumber dealer ohio junc elk 

bd miss £ Howard's 
Sherman John, carpenter h court c terrace 
Sherman R. D. dry goods 214 main bd mrs Reese's 
Sherman R. J. dry goods 214 main bd wid Davis' 
Shertis Michael, lab h franklin ab tupper « 
Sherwood Anson, farmer h swan e cedar 
Sherwood Merrill B. office 344 h main n chippewa 
Sherwood Thomas T. atty firm Sherwood & Greene bd. 

american hotel 
Sherwood W. C. with M B Sherwood 
Sherwood Alida, wid of James A. h franklin n chip- 
Sherwood & Greene, attys and counaellors 226 main . 
Shey Jacob, grocer genesee c elm 
Shillington Thomas, mariner h chippewa w delawaie 
Shinner James, lab niagara near Stoats' cab shop 
Shipherd J. J. rev. bd O P Sheldon's < 

Sholes 1 dbrk for Bonney bd lovejoy houie 

Shoitus Bdwanl H. derk for D Burt 

Shoe Anthony, cordwainer h Washington n goodell 

Shoop DanieJ, cab maker h hickory n eagb 

Short Franeisy lab south bide crock 

Short James, boarding house coromercial near water 

Short John, at ^gle furnace h elk near michigan 

Short Patrick, clothing store 118 main 

Shultos George W. joiner h franklin near eagle 

Shultz Daniel, cooper bd Hiram Welhaan 

Shultz Godfrey, grocer 848 main 

Shultz Philip, cooper bd Hiram Wellmau 

Shumway Horatio, atty at law swan c main h franklin 

n swan 
Shumway H. G. law student at H Shiftnway's 
Shumway J. B. bd mrs Reese's 
Sibley Edwin H. student at Doct BisselHs 
Sidway John, grocer 4 Sidway block commercial 
Sidway Jonathan, h washin^n n mohawk 
Sieflert Andrew, lab h cherry near mortimer 
Siefiert John C. cutler and surgical inst maker swan e 

main (see adv) 
Sieflert Lewis, tailor 9 main 
Sieflert Ludwig, h hickory near clinton 
Sieflert Nicholas, lab cherry st 
Sigwald J. & F. cutlers mohawk c main 
Sill Seth E. atly firm Barker & Sill h tupper bl pearl 
Silsbee Peter, clerk 10*2 main bd miss E Howard's 
Simcoe Hamiah, wid of G«orge L with John J Smith 
Simmons Edward B. grocer seneca e Washington h clin- 
ton e oak 
Simmons William M. keeper farmers' home seneca 
Simons William H. baker 205 main h delaware ab hu- 

Simpson John, waiter h vine near michigan 
Simpson William A. at blue jacket recess 
Singer Fi*ederick, mason h pearl s tupper 
Singer George, waggon maker h goodell e Vashington 
Sirret G. file maker and grooer genesee c ellicott 
Sizer David E. clerk bd J D Smedlev 

194 I 


Sizer Heaiy H. broker sidway Uoek commereial hnia- I 

gara squre c ddaware : 

Sizer Thomas J; atty at law 27§ main bd J SBrowa^s 
Skeiien Robert, prest buffalo steam engine works hohio 

w indiana 
Slade Hany, justice of liie peace tt^ce 13 ellicott square 

h Washington c mohawk 
Slaght Jeremiah, carpenter h oak ab batavia 
Slate William, cab maker 231 main h eim s balavia 
Slater Bolser, lab h genesee w main 
Slater John, bar keeper O J M Cornish 
Sleeper David, seneca e Washington 
Sloan Alexander, with Wm Knight 
Sloan James, clerk for Wm Sloan 
Sloan William, grocery terrace near main 
Slocum Monroe, boat builder h eagle w delaware 
Slote William, eab maker michigan s batavia 
Sloter Jacob, tanner at Rumsey 6s Howard^s h senecae 

Sluman John, bd ComeHa Brainard's 
Sly Betsey, widow of Henry, h court c terrace 
Slyter Abraham, tailor swan w main h oak c batavia 
Smedley J. D. salesman for Williiun Knight h seneca w 

Smelzer Christoph, tailor dock w main 
Smith Albert, swan op elm 
Smith Austin S. clerk 286 main 
Smith Barnard, tailor h delaware n chippewa 
Smith Benjamin R. h green e beak 
Smith Benjamin T. mason seneca c ellicott 
Smith Charles, cook at Huff^s hotel 
Smith Chartes W. clerk 188 main 
Smith Darius, ship joiner prime c hanover h Virginia ab 

Smith David, painter 113 main 
Smith Emory W. tailor 10 u s block h ellicott e eagle 
Smith Edwa/id B. joiner h eagle e michigan 
Smith Edwin, at Robinson & co's bd mrs Groesbeck's 
Smith Francis, lab Cyprus e michigan 


Smith Oeofge I. Itmier h mofaawk bi nmfjfltttt 

Smith Greorge R. keeper park house 

Smith George W. carp^iter h seneca op heacock'is 

Smith George W. dep sheriff h terrace c genesee 

Smith J. H. tinner at L P Hubbard's 

Smith Henry K. firm Smith dz; Warren bd ES Warren 

Smith Hiram G. keeper franklin houi^ seneca 

Smith Horace, truckman quay near main 

Smith i^aac, ship joiner h incUananear Washington 

Smith Isaac S. office at Chas Howland's bd mrs Kim- 

Smith Israel, clerk s b vermillion 
Smith Jacob, ship joiner bd mrs Durkee's 
Smilh Jacob, potter h twelfth near german 
Smith James, ftrm White & Smith painters 
Smith James, tinner bd Jos D Dudley's 
Smith James M> firm Rogers & Smith bd E A Bradley 
Smith John, clerk no 6 terrace market 
Smith John, stock manufactory d02 main (see adv) 
Smith John, joiner h delawsre n mohawk 
Smith John, coftdwainer with J Staub 
Smith John, tailor 92 main 
Smith John A. tobacconist h alabama s seneca 
Smith John B. lab h mohawk w main 
Smith John H. tailor at Wm Dodsworth's 
Smith John J. tinner h seneca e Hicks' tavern 
Smith John M. joiner illinois near ohio 
Smith Joseph H. plough maker shop mechanic h terrace 

w genesee 
Smith J. P. clerk 188 main 
Smith Lester, pedler h c first and sloan 
Smith Lyman B. law stud at Mullett ds Grosvenor's bd 

H Cummings' 
Smith Lysander, mason h ellkott ab chippewa 
Smith Owen, cordwainer harnngton's court rear eagle 

Smith Patrick, saddler seneca e Washington 
Smith Patrick, gunsmith no 7 Birckhead buildings h 

exchange bl Washington 



Smith Pe^Mb^iDcer geiiesee c jefierson 

Smith Phil^ A. grocer ^71 main 

Smith Philip N. mate schr ottowa h main M> chif>pewa 

Smith Philo; «tone cutter h ellioott n clmton 

Smith Samuel, firm Tweedy & Smith 

Smith Seymour, with Dr S Abbott. 

Smith Stephen, lab h ellicott s huron ' v 

Smith Thomas^ grocer 142 main h w swaanesr main 

Smith Thomas, straw hat manufactory .265 main opp 

Smith Thomas A. city scavenger and renovator of clo- 
thing elm near clinton 
Smith William, miller hydraulics 
Smith William, firm Smith &^ Rathbone > 
Smith William C. sail maker h n diTiskm & miciugi4ii 
Smith William H. cooper h ellicott near huron 
Smith William W. dry goods 188 main h dUen w main 
Smith William L. G. firm Tilliitghast & Smith h ter- 
race w genesee 
Smith Caroline mrs. dress maker 212 main 
Smith Elizabeth, widow of Sheldcm Smith h et^gle e deir 

Smith Susan widow, bd T F Le Bruns 
Smith & Harmon, grocers 5 commercial buildings 
Smith 6d Rathbone, grocers 142 main 
Smith & Warren, attys and counsellors 160 main 
Smyring Henry, teamster h n division e . pine 
Snow R. G., M. D. dentist office 1 east seneca h seneoa 

c main 
Snowr Peter, tanner at Rumsey & Howard's 
Snyder George, barkeeper J F Shaw's 
Snyder Jacobs taildr at ^rton & Dubois' h frailUin ab 

Snyder William, fina Wm Snyder & co bd u s hotel 
Snyder widow of Charles, michigan s batavia 
Snyder William & Co. forwarding and com merchants 

dock w main 
Sodoo John, finisher 'at eagle furnace h elk near ala- 


Soger Crottnc^ lab h A)rcamoro v 

Soggs Nelaoo, biacksmith h oier 82 

Solmi Jacob, morocoo dresser h exchaii|pe e beak 

Soner Conrad, clerk 220 main h elm c genesee* 

SoTg Nicbolas, clerk J H Koons 

Sooler David, h sixth bl ko^tal 

Souter John, tailor Washington near soott 

Sottve John, mariner h niagara near maryland 

Spalding Frederick D. carver c main and chippewa h 

tupper c delawaie 
Span Andree, at Rumsey & Howard's 
Sparrow Erastus, bd John L Talcott's 
Spaulding Elbridge G« firm Potter & Spauldiiig h vasl^ 

ington e s divisixNi 
Spaulding James D. joiner h franklin n chippewa 
Spanlding Rebecca A. widow of A H h seaaca e ellioott 
Spell William, grocery eagle c eliicott 
Speaoer Abel B. bar keeper for Barker & co 
Spencer James, baker Uoyd near prime 
Spencer Lova, widow of Elihu, h niagara ah pearl 
Spicer Thomas, coach maker genesee c maia h chureh 

w pemrl 
Spioer CSebe, widow of William h s division e midii. 

SpinneMorn Gottleib, cordwainer genesee c spnioe 
Sprague Addison S. clerk 306 uaan 
Sprague AldenS*, M. D. office 306 main h court w 

Sprague Hiram N. cooper water st h Mathews' alley 
Sprague Noah P. caaaiy clerk, office Washington cclin* 

ton h mohawk e Washington 
Squibb George Washington, prinler commercial <rf5k» h 

eagle e michigan 
Sfuier Abiiam H. capt s b fie witt clinton h' black rook- 
Staats Jeremiah, with Pamelia Staats 
Staats Pamelia, cab ware< rooms 317 main 
Btabai Josefph, lab h franklin ab topper 
StaeUftr George, cab maker at Staats' h franUinc gen» 




Stacy Francis, tia and «op smUk 86 main h oak s ctiotcMi 
Stagg Heni^ Anders, M. D. h niagara near dolaware 
Stainthorp George, firm J & GStainthorp 
Stainthorp John, do do 

Stainthorp William, clerk J & G Stainthorp's 
Stainthorp J. dz; G. soap and candle factory scott e wa»h* 

Stambach Francis, tailor main c seneca h michigan n 

Stambach Henry G. clothing store long whaxf h frank- 
lin n swan 
Stambach William P. clerk H G Stambach 
Stamm John, machihst at eagle furnace 
Standish Samuel P. waggon maker jacksoa near rail 

Stanfield Charles, h white house block bl packet dock 
Stanley Julia A. F. wid. of Frederick G. bd P Perkins' 
Stannard Walter W. pattern maker eagle fumaoe h 

fulton ab hayward 
Starr A. J. clerk 140 main 
Staring John A. auctioneer with B Campbell 
Staring Sylvanus, engineer h s division e pine 
Starkweather Rodman, firm Starkweather & Brown h 

Washington n seneca 
Starkweather & Brown, office 164 main up lE^airs 
Staub Joseph, shoemaker Cyprus near mi<^gan 
Stanch Deabold, tailor 11 u s block pearl 
Stane Joseph, shoe shop genesee c main 
Steams George M. h huron bl Washington 
Steams J. Hascall, clerk 178 main 
Stearns Samuel, firm Steams dc White bd A Cutler's 
Steams & White, cabinet and chair warehouse 6 eUkott 

square (see adv) 
Stobbins Augustus Q. dep Soil us revenue h franklin c 

Stebbins C. B. h franklin n chippewa 
Stedman Joseph D. stoughton bitters manufactory sene- 
ca op Crooker's tavern (see adv).h seneca e mi- 



Steele Austin L. h oak n geneoee 
Steele Oliver G. aid 4th ward, piiattng qffioe and book 
bindery, and paper warehouse 396 inain» h mich- 
igan op dinton 
Steele W illiam, lab h niagaca near jeraey 
Stefan Michael, shoe ^lop main op catholic church 
Steimal Augustus, joiner h oak s huron 
Steimmets John, lab Colson & Brace's 
Stephan FranGis,^lab oak n geneaee 
Stephan Joseph, lab elm n genesee 
Stephan Joseph, Jr. lab oak n genesee 
Stephenson Thomas, firm T Stephenson & co h pearl 

near tupper 
Stephenson T. & Co. jewoUers and watchmakers SOO 

Sterling Ambrose S. coal dealer, yard water near ship 

canal office 3 Sidway block 
Sterling H. F. nuurble cutter bd D Belden's 
Sterman William, brickmaker elk c hamburgh 
Stern William, tailor with Franci»&; Garrett 
Sternberg Pearl L. h michigan n s division 
Steven Hobe, joiner h elm c batavia 
Stevens Frederick P. atty and counsellor, judge erie oo 
courts, firm Stevens & Vanderpoel, office 190 
main bd mansioi^ house 
Stevens Horatio, bd miss Cutler's 
Stevens Milo, cle^k 137 main bd J Guild's 
Stevenson Edward L. stage office american block h ea» 

gle c elUcott 
Stevenscm George P. agent niagara falls railroad office 

depot on terrace h main ab genesee 
Stevenson James J. firm Stevenson, Brothera 
Stevenson John S. firm Stevenson, Brothers 
Stevenson, Bro^rs, livery stable pearl rear amefiean 

Stever Joseph, at Rumsey & Howard's 
Steward N. shoe shop exchange under mansion house 
Steward William H. carpenter bd W Merritt's 
Steward Caroline, h terrace near lock 

Stewart Daniel J. barkeeper J F Shaw's 

Stewart Davids eityiiuise oak shnron 

Stewart Henry, truckman h elk near hamburg^ 

Stewart Joho, joiner h seneca near michigan 

Stewart John W. dep sher^bd D Kenney 

Stickley John, tailor h topper near elm 

Still William, joiner bd R Dumont's 

Stillman Horace, firm StiUman & Ransom bd miB Birds 

Stillman 6ti Ransom, hat and cap store 169 main (see 

Stilwell Cornelias, tavern keeper main c hnnm -, 
Stttweli Hiram, wi^ Cornelius Stilweil 
Stimer August, h oak near huron 
Stimm John, finisher at eagle furnaee 
St John Margaret, wid of Gamaliel, h pearl near huron 
Stockail Sebastian, ktb michigan e lupper 
Stocking Jared, Jr. clerk 221 main 
Stocking Thomas R. hat and cap store main c swan h 

swan op oak 
Stocking Sarah B. wid. of Joseph, h ellicott n seneca 
Stockton John, firm Waiing, Stockton <Sc co h Sdarrow 

block ellicott 
Stoddard Goodwin, clerk 286 mam bd Ann Olemons' 
Stoddard Moses, with Stephen G Walker 
Stone Ira C. hatter 147 main 
Stone William P. second mate s b buffalo 
Stone widow, h pearl c huron 
Storrs Lucius, secy buffalo and fire marine ins co office 

138 main c terrace h sen e ellicott 
Stout William, cab maker h genesee c franklin 
Stow George, bd B Wilcox^s 
Stow Horatio J. recorder, atty and counselior office 280 

main h pearl ab huron 
jBtfash Frederick, lab genesee c moftimer 
Strauharber Henry, lab h palmer ab Caroline 
Strickland Van Rensselaer, joiner h huron w pearl 
Strohasser Jacob, friction matdi ^Mtory h ffench Uock 

Strong Bushnell, ta?eni7 main 


Strong D. A. tinsmith bd mrs Potter's 

Strong John M« bd P Perkins' 

Strong William H. bar keeper 7 main 

Strong Sarah, wid of Joseph, h over 3 eagle block 

Strong Samuel •& Co. grocer 6 Marvin block water st 

Strow Betsey, wid of John, teneoa near michigan 

Strup Theobold, dyer and stocking weaver main near 

Stubbs Abner, grocer elk c michigan 
Stucki J. & &. Go. tin shop 344 main 
Stuber Harmon, oak near genesee 
Studwell George, office \)ver 190 main 
Stum'pt G. A. tailor Washington ab mohawk 
Stutzman Frederick, lab genesee e elm 
Stutzman Feederick, Jr. do do 
Sullivan James, mason h mill c alabama 
Sullivan William, grocer water w commercial 
Summers Thomas, coach maker bd W F Morton's 
Sutherland William, firm Sutherland &; Jones 
Sutherland 6c Jones, merchant tailors exchange build^ 

Sutton Joseph C. lab oak^ eagle 
Sutton N. E. shoe shop Washington c swan h franklin n 

Sutton Would, shoe shop Washington c swan h franklin 

n mohawk 
Sutton William, clerk Kinnie, Davis <Sz; co bd R H 

Sutton William A. superintend't of canal, h 2 chippewa 

w franldin 
Swan Greorge W. cordwainer 84 main 
SwanlMro Matinda, wid of Richard, h church w franklin 
Swartz Abraham, joiner h tupper w franklin 
Swartz Frederick, carp and jomer with Weils 6e Hart - 
Swartz G6<»rge, caip h michigan n goodell 
Swartz Jacob, ship joiner h spruce near batavia 
Swartz John, joiner oomraexcial c long wharf h frank* 

lin ab huron 
Swartz John, joiner h michigan d goodell 


Swartz Joseph, joiner' !i ostk hear getiegfee 

Swartzenburg Jacob, at Dennis Tayloi^a 

Sweegles William, h terrace w church 

Sweegles William M. boatman foot chttwih tiear caniif 

Sweeney James, cordwainer h oak n^ar genesee 

Sweet Albert, joiner bd A S Kingsley's 

Sweet Garret, bd Martha Walt 

Sweet James, shoe shop main c chippewa h pearl c 

Sweet William, boiler maker h exchange ^ miohigan 

Sweetland Joel, cab maker h Dou^erty's alley c fuj- 

Swift Asa R. capt s b geo w clinton h rail road c me- 

Swift J. U. lieut u s navy h chippewa c deiaware 

Swinger Frederick, lab at cottage garden 

Swrausbrook Anthony, at Ramsey & Howard's 

Taber Benjamin, forwarding merchant bd miss C Web- 

Taber William D. clerk Chas Rowland's 

Taff Richard, jackson w eagle 

TafF Samuel S. pump and blotk maker fly c le couteulx 
h georgia w niagara 

Taff Manuel, block maker h fifth ab georgia 

Talbot George, bd Ann demons' 

Talcott John L. firm Talcott dc Houghton h Washington 
n mohawk ' 

Talcott & Houghton, attorneys and con»selk>rs office 
exchange buildings 

Tanner Henry, lumber dealer main op Webster block 

Tanner William, h pearl s chippewa 

Tate Robert, tailor shop niagara f door-w mam k c 
pearl and niagara 

Tate William, tailor with Robert Tate 

Tatum Thomas T. barber 190 main h etlieott # oUn^ 

Taunt Emory, music teacher h wasfafngtonn'moliMlt 

Taylor Calvin, grocer 94 main h wseneeanear. main 

Taylor Charles, cle!& 180>tnain> bd ind Say 

Taylor DenoiMllbok nmkBr B^rent plotw &c swan e 

'main hifnohaintk e main 
Taylor Guy C. driver at Huff's hotel 
Taylor Joim J. oierk s b new ^iglaad bd mrs Masgaret 

Taylor John^ ageat line boats h ea^^e ab terrace 
Taylor Jonathan, seaman h elk e micbigan 
Taylor Samuel M. bd mrs Margaret Taylor's 
Taylor Stephen, lab h franklin n chippewa 
Taylor V. D. pastor bethel ehurcb h chippewa ab 

Taylor William F« P. agent buffalo and attioa railroad 

o&em and h lerraoe w pearl 
Taylor William R, bd J Guild's 
Taylor Elizabeth, dress maker 271 main 
Taylor Margaret, wid of John, h w seneca near main 
Tefft William H. clerk S Shepard bd P Perkins' 
Teller George D. firm Teller & Femald bd C A WaU 

Teller 6c Femald, looking glass and clock store 213 and 

215 main (see adv) 
Terry Joseph, «hip josnec^ bd miss Eloath's 
Terry Lucian B. clerk O Terry h eagle w franklin 
Terry Orrin, firm Terry & Hunt h eagle c delaware 
Terry & Hunt, wholesale grocerrand produce eom'n 

merchants no 1 Sidway batkiings (sec adv) 
Terry ds Hutchinson, leather dealers 2 Sidway build- 
ings commercial 
Tkamer Jacob, lab h genesee w main 
Thayer Edward S. clerk canal collector's office bd Joel 

Thayer Hiram P. canal eolleator h nooliaiiirk near mun 
Thayer Joel, h dmreh c franklin 
Theobold George, tailor h batavia e michigen 
Theobold Joaftph^labih-iiiagam c york 
Theobold Kossemery-laikirmiGliigaii siiatBvia 
Theobold Petsrv gardner hcfaetry neartupper 
Theobold Peter, Jr. lab do do 

Thorn 4AJexiaiider,"fiiin 6 WAlen & oo 80 main 


Thomas Alanwm S. with Horace Tho^fiS 

Thomas Benjamin W. turner raeehanio st bd H H Rey« 

Thomas Calvin F. S. book and job printer 146 main 

h s division e oak 
Thomas £ben, red jacket main c west seneea 
Thomas Daniel, mason h peacoek near rock 
Thomas Giles G. turner swan near main h eagle near 

Thomas Horace, keeper Washington coflSee house main 

2 doors ab american hotel 
Thomas John T* mason h ellicott n genesee 
Thomas William, teamster h seneea e michtgan 
Thomas William B. looking glass maker at C H Car 

Thompson Alexander C. cterk 164 main bd M L Faulk-' 

Thompson Augustus P. clerk Coit, Kimberly & co bd 

mrs Kimberly's 
Thompson Benoni, atty and couns'r adsigaee in bank* 

ruptcy office 175 main h chippewa head^morgan 
Thompson Hugh, truckman K pearl s huron 
Thompson John, truckman h c german and delaware 
Thompson John, truckman h huron c pearl 
Thompson Perry, shoemaker bd Margaret Taylor^s 
Thompson P. S. clerk Coit, Kimberly de co bd at mrs 

Thompson Sears P. book keeper for H D Huff 
Thompson Sheldon, firm Coit, Kimberly & co bd £ S 

Thompson Thomas, clerk 70 main 
Thompson William, with Hugh Thompson . 
Thompson Mary miss, school teacher chippewa bl 

Thomson Robert H. clerk 9 webster bk)ck 
Thomson Thomas, 9 webster blocsk 
Thomson William A. hardware and cutlery 9 webster 

Thorp Martin, printer 146 main bd with C F S Thomad 

Thornton G^ga^ clerk l«r Dorfetf d? Lee 

Thurber Edwtrd E« book keeper maReion heuse h elii- 

cott Darrow block 
Tibbits Charles, bd Lovejoy house 
Tibbits William, silversmith at J S Putnam's 
Tice Bdward J. fanoj* dyer c niagara and peari 
Tieboid Chrietiaoy joiner h ekn n batavia 
Tier William, moulder eagle furnace 
Tiflimy Augmtus J. stage steam a»d ownal boat ^^seKci* 

tor'' h n division e michigan 
Tiffany Daniel Doct micfaigan 8 batavia 
Tiffany Lucius F. exchange broker notary public 163 

main bd americam hotd a 

Tilden Thomas B. grocer and builder s division bt nnda 

and Washington h fifth near court 
Till Morris, tailor with Francis is Grarrett 
Titlinghast Dyre, atty firm Tillii^hast ds Smith h main 

ab chippewa 
Tillinghast & Smith, attys and counsellofs o&k& 1621 

Tiiiotson Levi, agent ded-oit line boats at M Kingman 

dzj co's 
Tiiiotson Sylvester H. joiner h seventh e hospital 
Tyiotson William H. clerk for Levi Tiiiotson 
Timmerman ' Benjamin, firm Hersee ^ Timmerman h 

goodell e Washington 
Tinney Michael, cooper white house block bl packet 

Tiphaine V. & Co. french store 187 main 
Tirnay Margaret, wid. of Thomas, h court w morgan 
Titus Ordn B. dry goods 140 main bd manmon house 
Titns Thomas J. capt s b constellation h eagle ab ter- 
Todd Justice B. silver plater bd J L Bales' 
Toles Benjamin, builder 
Torrence — -*-, teacher pub school no 14 h maki ab 

Torrence Jared L. law stud i^t TaJcott &' Houghton's bd 

«irs Reese's 

Torry Uriel, tavern keeper" hy^muHo^^v 

Tower Reuben W. 8tew»rd u s navy 

Townsend Alexander Ck nia9on> h miohigan n genesee 

Townsend Charles, firm Townsend & Coit h niaiv c 

Townsend David T. joiner with Jofl^iia B Townsend 
Townsend Hosea W. stave and lumber yard ohio w 

Townsend Joshua B. mason builder h seneca c michi- 
Townsend Robert G. butcher h seneca e michigan 
Trace Nicholas, lab h Cyprus e ehn 
Tllacy Albert H. hon. at western hotel 
Tracy Charles & atty 240 main bd Washington next c 

Tracy George H. forwrnrdJag and commis'n merchant at 
Kinne, Davis & co's h Washington nextmohawk 
Tracy Michael, truckman terrace n genesee 
Traver Robert L. clerk for E H M unger 
Treat Henry H. forwarding and cora'n merchant dock 
and prime (see adv; h west swan 2d door from 
Trier Nicholas, tailor h 13 french block elm 
Tripp Joseph^ painter h seneca e Hicks' tavern 
Tripp J. M. foieman for B W Smith 
Trowbridge Benjamin H. grocer 13 ellioott square 
Trowbridge John S. med student J Trowbridge 
Trowbridge Josiah, M. D., ofiice main comer eagle 

h franklin n church 
Truman John H. clerk for C D Delaney 
Truscott George, agent exchange broker 244 main fo^ 
merly firm Truscott ^ Green, Toronto, U C h 
Washington n mohawk 
Tucker William, tailor commercial c canal h court c 

Tucker William« mill stone cutter h green op beak 
TunnaclifiT Thomas, with E W Smith 
TunneclifT Abigail, wid of Epfaraim, h over 386 main 
Turner C. P. pump and block maker h n division e pine 

Turner Dcm Ghriosy ship joiner h n dirition e pine 
Turner James, shoemaker bloaaom n koond alley 
Turner John, butcher at J Lamb's 
l^umef Thomas^ butcher for C Alberger h porter near i 
<^'tsiN» 'vai^renssellier n^ 

Ttttee? WiWm S. bd P Perkins'. 
Tuthill Samuel, marble cutter at D Belden's 
Tuthill William, inspector of leather h gay near mich- 
^\ igan 
. vTweedy William, firm Tweedy & Smith h delaware c 
\ tupper 

TWeedy & Smkb, hat and cap store 173 main 
Twichell Abram, assessor 5th ward h main near tupfer 
Twicheli Samuel, h genesee c main 
Twig Patrick, lab bd Henry O'Briea's 
Tye Thomas, lab bd Patrick Guy's 
Tyler Alexander S. h Washington n genesee 
Tyler Charles R. hatter 202 main 
Tyler Elisha, gardner prospect hill c york and railroad 
Tyler Thomas, bd S Packard's 
Tyler Joseph K. keeper u s hotel 
Ugero Francis, lab hydraulics near canal 
Umpleby Robert^, carpenter h pearl s m(^awk 
Urlmn Lewis, brewery main op catholic church 
Udey Horace, firm Ulley ^ Burdett bd T Spioers' 
Utley dz; Burdett, piano forte and dock makers 167 

Vail C. keeper livery stable rear farmers' hotel with J 


Vail John, capt schr barcelona 
Valentine George, mason h german near twelfth 
Valentine George, Jr. do do do 

Valentine Jabez, mason with George Valentine 
Valentine WiHiam, mason h cottage n delawaie 
Vandenburgh Stephen, cigar maker michigan n eagle 
Vanderpoel Isaac V. atty firm Stevens & Vanderpoel bd 

mansion house 
Vaaderpool Daniel M. & Cow' marble mantle and chim* 

ney ware house h michigan n eagle (see adv) 

Vamierpool Jcdm^ maible entter hsmmsm e imcbigva 
Van Dttzee WiUkiBif student U H Duiming h geneaee n 

J Vanhouten Israel H. upholsterer at 281 main^ . 
piVdih Kleeck W. H. confectioner 260 main hy 'MIM'^(^ 
Vanname Rachael, wiibw of Wiliiam^ h seiieea e nuoh- 

Van Orman Daniel D; mason fa ellieott n geneeee 
Van Orman John D. butcher h swan near pollard /\ 
Van Orman Richard, shoemaker hydraulics ' ^^ 

Van Slykc C. A. ship carpenter h morgan s eagle / 
Van Tine Geoi^gei W. hat and citp ston» 84 main b%x- 

change w miclttgan < 

Van Velsor Benjamin, court near main 
Van Wie John, jeiaer h seTeoth c niehawk 
Varey W. L. C. joiner h pearl « huron 
Vaughn George G« jewelkr stand foot oommercial h 

franklin near tupper ■ '■ < 

Vangfan Mm, clothing 9tore and grocery lk)yd near 

Vaughn Maurice, cloth^g store ^ terrace h dlkott s 

Vaughn (Stis, shoe stee 34 and 141 mam h court aaar 

niagara square 
Vedder Edward B. firai Austin, Lave^ Vedder attys 
Veder Madison, clerk' Clapp & Huoaason bd J Guild's 
Veidenman James, gunsmith h main near genesee 
Vence Robert, grocer h oarroli near michigan 
Vesterhouse Frederick, joiner h franklin n chippewa 
Viele Henry K. atty office 146 main bd Doct Winners ^ 
Viebl Abraham, b elk ab hamboi^h 
Vickery William R. sheet iron worker h ellieott near 

Vogt Maytin, frictioQ match faelory h michigan s ba- 

Volliner C. grocer main c mohawrk 
Voltz George, grocer 392 nftiin 
Vodbixrgh Nathaniel,, saddler fitm VosbuTgh^Cook* h 

pearl c eagle 

VoiriNirgh <Sz; Cooks, saddlers harness and tiiiiA makers 

298 main 

Wade Janaeb, truckman h morgan n mokawk 

Wade James, h huron c eilicott 

Wade Thomas, truckman h huron c eilicott 

Wade WHlkim, truckman h franklhi s boron 

Wadsworth Daniel, watchmaker b s division e michi- 

Wadsworth Joel B. with D Wadsworth 

Waford Liewis, ship carpenter bd Mablon Waford's 

Waford Ma h Ion, ship carpenter h terrace bl church 

Wagoner Micj^ael,. milkman h s maryland w niag falls 

Wagoner Michael^ Jr. mason do do 

Waite Calvin, cleris: for Theodore Chapin 

Wakelee Clement, clerk 179 main 

Wakelee Eleazer, cordwttner h eagle e Washington 

Wakelee Henry P. bd Blias Ransom's 

Walbridge George B. firm Walbridge <& Hayden h eili- 
cott n s division 

Walbridge Samuel D. at 183 main bd miss E Howard's 

Walbridge Wells, clerk 28 main 

Walbridge <Se Hayden, wholesale gvocers 28 main 

Walden Ebenezer, h main n tupper 

Waldfon A. G. stage agent office mansion house h mil- 
road c mchanic 

Waldron Cornelius A. constable h Washington near s 

Waldron Winn, cordwainer Washington s seneca 

Waldron Elizabeth wid. exchange e Washington 

Walker David, firm Walker & Ludlom^ bd mrs Reese's 

Walker E. E. with H N Walker 

Walker Horatio N. general agency office 232 main 
(see adv) h Washington near huron 

Walker Jesse, atty at law master in chancery office 148 
main h eagle w franklin 

Walker Julius, watchmaker 191 main bd E Howard's ' 
'Walker Samuel G. builder firm S & S G Walker bd 
Stephen Walker's 


^Walker Stephen, firm S ^ B G Walker h mohieiwk w 

Walker Thomas, clerk 288 main bd mrs Reese^s 
Walker Thomas, chandler h koons' alley e blossom 
Walker William, clerk 140 main 
Walker William, truckman h s division e chestnut 
Walker William B.. a bankrupt enquire Judge Conklin 
Walker & Ludlom, dry goods 288 main 
Walker S. & S. G. builders c erie and railroad 
Wallace William, mason h alien near main 
Walley Heniry, mason bd J L Bates' 
Walser T. mason h michigan n sycamoie 
Walsh John, clerk R Codd's exchange ofiice 
Walt Martha, wid. of Hiram, h niagara bl franklin 
Walton Alexander, cigar maker bd Lovejoy house 
Walter Frederick, lab h goodell near elm 
Walter Rokey, clerk G C BristoFs 
Walter Tiebold, mason h sycamore e michigan 
Wandell Timothy, stone cutter h fulsom e michigan 
Ward Francis B. " typogV to the Directory, h chip- 

pewabet franklin and delaware 
Ward W illiam R. L. bd John Langdon's 
Wardman William, milkman h michigan n sycamoi^ 
Ware George, carpenter h s division e chestnut 
Warehouse Benjamin, Jr. with John Sage board Mary 

Warehouse Mary, wid of BenjamiUi h sycamore w elm 
Waring Harry, firm Waring, Stockton & co bd man- 
sion house 
Waring, Stockton dc Co. forwarders foot Washington 
Warner Harvey, h main c lloyd 
Warner Hartman, blacksmith h hick near german alley 
Warner Jonathan D. clerk 160 main 
Warner Noah H., M. D. firm Warner & Mixer 140 

main bd Elias Green's pearl ab huron 
Warner dc Mixer, physicians 140 main 
Warren Edward S.. firm Smith & Warren h Washington 

near mohawk 
Warren Henry J. clerk H Hamilton 


Warien Horaliot h batavia c elm 

Warren Joho, stone cutter h franklin bl tupper 

Warren Norman D. carpenter michigan c n division h 
elUcott s Huron 

Warren Eliza Ann, prime c haaover 

Warriner Israel C chair maker h s division e oak 

Washburn Samuel, bd J Inman's 

Washington Alexander, enquire H N Walker 

Washington James, h eagle e oak 

Water Jacob, milkman genesee c mortimer 

Waterman Dariua^ W. ship joiner prime c lloyd h frank- 
lin e tupper 

Waterman Jesse, lab h tupper bl franklin 

Waters Levi J. firm Burr & Waters h seneca op elli* 

Waters William, elk e michigan 

Waters William S. bd eagle tavern 

Waterworth Thomas, mariner h genesee c franklin 

Watson Gilbert, stone cutter bd mrs Peter Adams 

Watson Richard, recess commercial near water 

Watson Catharine, widow of John, ohio near Illinois 

Watson Ellen mrs. h first e church 

Wattels Mytle, firm T Lamb & co butchers h swan e 

Watts Joseph, lab h rear green e Washington 

Waud Edward, seneca e Washington 

Waud Matthias M. 190 main bd mrs Hardiker's 

Waud Robert, cleric at M'Clevey's 

Waver Osmus, building mover near ohio and michigan 

Waver Philip, at Rumsey & Howard's 

Weaver Jacob, joiner h pearl n chippewa 

Weaver Jacob, cap maker oak n genesee 

Weaver John O. bd seneca st house 

Weaver Nicholas^ cap maker T R Stocking's h pearl n 

Weaver Philip, lab h pearl n chippewa 

Weaver Christian, lab tupper c elm » 

Webb Amos, joiner h chippewa e delaware 

Webb George J. typo h erie near main 

Weber John, lab michigan s genesee 


Webb Joseph, truckman h- pearl n court 

Webb Joseph, truckman h s division e chestnut 

Webb William R. at J W Harris' livery stable 

Weber Frederick, cordwainer franklin c court 

Weber John, cordwainer at G Miller's 

Webber C. miss, boarding house harriington block li^t 

door s court 
Webner August, butcher mohawk market h genesee w 

Webster Alanson, h union n eagle 
Webster David B. engineer h seneca near miehigan 
Webster George B. firm Joy & Webster agent Hartford 

insurance co h swan c terrace 
Webster George C. with George B Webster 
Webster Hugh, firm Hamlin & Webster 9 seneca 
Webster John W. h green e beak 
Webster , teacher public school dist no 9 bd J 

Webster & Holmes, grocers 4 s division 
Wechter Joseph, grocer 399 main 
Weed Dewitt Clinton, clerk S F Pratt & co 
Weed Thaddeus, office main c swan h 4 west swan 
Weed William, h eagle e main 
Wehan Henry, tailor at A L Owen's 
Wehser Charles, tailor h elm s sycamore ' 
Weiher John, sycamore s spruce 
Weishuhn Cyrenius, at P H Wishuhn's 
Weishuhn Henry, jnate s b rocfieste^ 
Weishuhn James A. on s b constellation 
Weishuhn Martin, on brig itidiana 
Weishuhn Peter, with P H Weishuhn 
Weishuhn Philip H. h ohio junc elk 
Weiss Abraham, bakery rock near commercial 
Weiss Theodore W* boarding house water w comraer'l 
Welch John, lab h terrace hi franklin 
Welch John, book keeper h eagle block no 1 
Welch Patrick, truckman h mill e alabama 
Welch Samuel, clerk 158 main 
Welch Thomas C. derk 156 main bd J F Shaw's 
Welch William W. med stud with Benjamin & Flint 


Welch Elisa, regbter for fiervanUr Washington near sen^ 

Weldon John, franklin cofiee house 294 main 
Welter Christopher, lab mortimer c genesee 
Weller Leander, tetnperanoe hotel 98 main 
Weller Peter, bkieksmith h elm bl tapper 
Wellman Hiram, cooper h eagle w delaware 
Wellman Manly, cooper do do 

Wells Aldrich, joiner h terrace w church 
Wells Chandler J. joiner firm Wells & Hart h swan e 

Wells Horace, Jr. h Washington s eagle 
Wells William, ex-collector h eagle c michigan 
Wells & Hart, builders swan near chestnut 
Wellsworth mrs. widow of William, h franklin s tupper 
Wenig Sebastian, waggon maker sycamore near gen- 

Wentworth Delavan, with U S Peck 
Wentworth Lucius, clerk 58 main h exchange near mi- 
Werie Anthony, tailor h elm n tuf^r 
Werle Michael, tailor h franklin n chippewa 
Wershy William F. saddler genesee near oak 
Wert Hiram, clerk for Edwin Rose 
Wesley George W. joiner h niagara c Caroline 
West Frederick, tailor genesee e michigan 
West Peter, genesee c elm 
West Joshua, joiner over 3 eagle block main 
West Welcher, cooper with Hiram Wellman 
West William H. cooper do do 

Weston Edwin W. clerk for T B Tilden 
Wetter Peter, lab elm near genesee 
Weyble John, recess commercial bl terrace 
Weyburn Lorenzo D. firm Weybum <& Colston keepers 

pollard house 9 terrace 
Weybarn & Colston, keepers pollard temperance house 

9 terrace op market (see. adv) 
Weyland Francis J., M, D. bd eagle tavern 
Whale Philip, lab h german w delaware 



Whalin Maria, widow of Thomas, c york and oanal 
Wheaton Samuel W. lab swan e Washington 
Wheeler Alfred E. clerk 170 main bd mrs Groesbeck'0 
'•' Wheeler Charles, grocer rock st h green e Washington 
Wheeler Francis, keeper farmers^ home 9 commercial 
Wheeler Hugh, joiner h 5 chippewa w franklin 
Wheeler Ira Parker, printer commercial adv and jour- 
nal office, vice prest buffalo typographical soci- 
ety, h fulsom e michigan 
Wheeler Isaac, assessor 4th ward h washingtonfe mo- 

hawk ^ 

Wheeler Joel, firm Wheeler <fe Growans h mohawk c 

Wheeler John Russell, clerk P L Parsons & co bd mrs 

Wheeler Rufus, printer 156 main bd u s hotel 
Wheeler Rebecca, widow of Smith, swan e pine 
Wheeler & Gowans, soap and csuadle factory niagara w 

Wheelock Charles, clerk 208 main bd L Lyman's 
Wheelock C. W. straw bonnet importer east seneca near 

main h s division c elm 
Whitaker Harry, capt s b north america h n division e 

Whitaker John, harness maker state e rock 
Whitcomb Nathan W. currier with Geo Palmer 
White Andrew F. joiner h tupper junc Caroline 
White George C. firm White & Williams bd american 

White Gilbert, h 10 u s block 
. White Henry A. firm Stearns 6d White h pearl ab 

White Henry, editor mercantile courier 
White Henry G. firm White & Smith 
White Hollis, gent bd american hotel 
White Isaac D. book keeper 231 main bd Cutler and 

White James P., M. D. office 230 main h s division c 


White Joel S. chair maker h swan bl sycamore 
White Nathan S. cordwainer h michigan s genese 
White Nicholas, candy man h white house block bel 

packq^ dock ^^^^ 

White William C. grocer 271 lAm lT 

White Williston, clerk 174 main " ^l 

White & Smith, painters 119 main 
White & Willis^ma, brokers 146 main 
White Matland, boarding house terrace near lock 
WhjApan Burr, carriage driver h franklin s niagara 
Wj^Hld George S. barber s b ben franklin 
WflPeld James, bd S Packard's 

iimiore Asa, engineer s b sandusky 
hitman Philip, et Rumsey & Howard's 
hitney George, h s division w^^hestnut 
hittell Elizabeth, wid. of James, h terrace near eagle 
Whitwell Benjamin, painter at T S Raney's h terrace c 

Whitwell Seth, painter h ninth ab Virginia 
Wibert William, firm Wibert & Battey bd miss E ' 

Wibert & Battey, grocers 3 ohio e main 
Wibert Jacob, stone cutter cherry near mortimer 
Wilber John, tavern keeper seneca e michigan 
Wilbur Joshua M. joiner n division h easle e pine 
Wilbur Lorenzo D. joiner bd G B Gates's 
Wilbur Philip, constable h terrace near genesee 
Wilcox Birdseye, h church w pearl , 
Wilcox Charles H. med student at Dr J P White's 
Wilcox Curtis J. clerk 157 main 
Wilcox John, at buffalo steam ennne works 
Wilcox Catharine H. teacher bd D Belden's 
Wilgans Christian, cab maker h ninth c Caroline 
Wilgus Alfred W. bookseller and bookbinder 203 main 

h s division c elm 
Wilgus Charles H. clerk A W Wilgus 
Wilgus William J. portrait painter bd A W Wilgus 
Wilgus Nathaniel, painter swan e main h washingtoii n 



Wilkeson Arthur, lab bd Wm Flannagan's 
Wilkeson John, aid 3d ward, office ohio near washing- 
ton h niagara square 
g^Wilkeson Samuel hon|^h niasara square « 
j!^[Wilkeson Samuel, Jr.^cky att'y office 150 main h niag- 
'^ ara squaTe \ 

Wilkins Thomas, capt s oVnissouri 
Wilkins Willikm, mate s b oonstellation 
Wilkinson William, mason h twelfth c tupper 
Wilkison David, capt s b com perry 
Willard Nelson, grocer *2 main h Washington s 
Willert Anthony, basket maker h cherry near m( 
Willey Benjamin R. blacksmith junc swan and 
Williams Charles, engineer h illinoisc ohio 
Williams Douglass W. clerk 188 main h church 


Williams Creotge, lab h lock hi terrace 
Williams Greo^ge S. grocer h seneca w michigan 
Williams Gibson T. firm Atwater, Williams & co h ex- 
change e Washington 
Williams Gurdon, firm Kinney Davis <& co bd mansion 

house *' 

Williams Isaiah F. law stud at Smith dc Warren's 
Williams Jacob, mason h oak ab goodell 
Williams John,«boat builder ship canal hcarroU e Wash- 
Williams John ^ with his mother, Angelina Williams 
Williams Levi,.h eagle w michigan 
Williams Oliver H. P. shoe shop 2 a division h s divis- 
ion c michigan 
Williams P. cl%rit collector's office bd E W Palmer's 
Williams Ralpti, sexton trinity church h clinton c mi- 
Williams Thomas, type founder at N Lyman's bd W 

Williams Thomas, mate brig toledo bd capt Hasknis' 
Williams Thomas, painter h Washington n chippewa 
Williams Thomas P. clerk Coit, Kimberiy & co bd mrs 


WiiIiajn»T. W. female, school peairl nearc seaeca 
Willlama Watkins, coach factory main ab chippewa h 

tupper ab franklin 
Williams William 1st, drags and giocerioB 160 main h 

pearl c seneca 
Williams Willian 2d, shoe shop 86 main 
Williams William 3d, firm White & Williams bd wes- 
tern hotel 
Williams William G, capt u s topographical engineers h 

Darrow block Washington 
Williams Angeline widow, milliner 209 main 
Williams D. fz J. R* grocers under old post office 
Williamson Eli, manager buffalo steam engine works h 

green e beak 
Williamson Joseph, h ohio near elk 
Willrich Michael, cordwaiaer with C Kellar 
Willrich Peter, shoe shop genesee c main 
Wilson Algeron J. clerk J J Cliase 
Wilson Charles A. reporter commercial office h michi- 

gan near batavia 
Wilson James, h terrace bl church 
Wilson James, tobacconist bd Jos Bayette 
Wilson Jefferson, h seneca e main 
Wilson John, porter s b gen wayne , 
Wilson Leonard, groceries and provisions 227 main h 

court c pearl 

Wilson , tailor with T M'Murray 

Wimer Greorge, cordwainer with John Schwinn 

Wing George F. firm G F Wing ds co h carroH near 

Wing John, joiner bd E P Needham's 
Wing George F. & Co. last factory 2 terrace 
Winger Barnard, genesee w elm 
Winn Tristram, constable and grocer clinton c elm 
Winne Charles, M. D., h and office west eagle 3 doors 

from main 

finslow Edward T. bd Geo Coit 
inslow James, truckman h near ship candl 
Winslow Thomas J joiner h chippewa near delaware 


Winter M ichael, tanner h exchange near harabur^ 

Winter Michael, lab h elk n goodell 

Withers William, shoemaker h plinton e oak 

Witt Henry, dry goods 282 main h oak n eagle 

Wit^en Peter, carpenter h genesee near oak 

Witter Crandall, doctor h sycamore c«ak | 

Woicott Nelson, firm Wolcott & Marston 

Wolcott & Marston, dry goods 238 main ' 

Wolf Christian, saddler 298 main h huron n oak 

Wolf Jacob, porter 1 webster bkx^k 

Wolf John, lab genesee near walnut 

Wolf Philip, shoemaker with Nicholas Lower 1 

Wolf Samuel, rat catcher sandy town ! 

Wood Martin S. h niaeara 1 door w main 

Wood Anna, widow of Benjamin W. h court w main, 

Woodhams Isaac, clothing store 12 u s block h seneca e 

Woodruff Israel C. lieut u s topograph engineers office 

with capt Williams bd J Mayhew^s 
Woodruff Joseph, cab maker h clinton e main 
Woodruff Samuel, bread man h morgan c-mohawk 
Woods David, joiner with Wm Woods 
Woods Thomas, mason perry near alabama 
Woods Stephenson, mason h franklin n church 
Woods William, lab h franklin s mohawk 
Woodward Charles M. mill feed and grain court w main 

h harrington^s court rear eagle tavern 
Woodward Joseph, h franklin c seneca 
Wooodward Stephen W. ship joiner h elk c louisiana 
Woodworth Chester, clerk A S Kingsley's 
Woodworth Philo rev. pastor meth epis church bd Levi 

D Ayres 
Woodwoith O. bd mansion house 
Worcester C. H. cordwainer bd eagle tavern 
Worcester Jacob, grocer prime c lloyd bd u s hotel 
Wormwood Charles, clothing store commercial c water 

h morgan near genesee 
Wottinger John, grocer foot commercial ^ 

Wright Chauncey L. clerk Gelaton 62; Evans h church 

w pearl 


Wright James, joiner h s division e pine 

Wright John E. inspector of lumber h alabama s sen* 

eca (see adv) 
Wright Maiden, at buffalo steam engine works 
Wright Seneca, driver u s hotel h terrace w pearl 
Wright ThomaSf gardner, h morgan n mohawk 
Wright Thomas H. ornamental painter 231 main bd J 

Wright William, mariner bd Moria Whalen 
Weight William P. carpenter h michigan s clinton 
Wymon Bethany, widow of David, elm s eagle 
Wymer Philip, lab Washington n mohawk 
Yale William L. clerk 289 main bd pollard house 
Yates Philetns, milkman toll bridge 
Yaw Ambrose P. firm Yaw 6c Palmer h Washington c 

Yaw & Palmer, grocers 62 main 
Yax Darius, joiner h near seventh and hospital 
Yax Jacob, cake and bread pedler h near 7th de hospital 
Yax John, mason do do 

Yax Nicholas, mason do do 

Youngs Abram, lab h court w main 
Young Anthony, brewer at J Roos's 
Yoiing Charles E. firm Young 6& Brother bd Foster 

Young Foster, clerk market h swan c chestnut 
Young Francis H. firm Young & Brother h s division e 

Young Hugh, truckman h chipp^wa w pearl 
Young James, baker at James Spencer's 
Young Joseph B. swan e michigan 
Young Michael, cook american hotel h court w main 
Young Peter, clerk H Lamb bd H Lamb's 
Young William F. hatter 173 main h swan e michigan 
Youngs William P. h 22 swan 
Young Loreniz, widow of, h franklin ab chippewa 
Young F. H. & Brother, book binders 158 main ex- 
change building (see adv) 

280 \ 

Zahm George, editor and prmter Der Wehburgef and 

german bookstore, 373 maia 
Zahm John, tanner with Gardner 
Zahm John, tailor with Michael Zahm 
Zahm Michael, mason h seventh ab hospital 
Zahm Michael, joiner h tupper w delaware 
Zahm M. teacher h sycamore c oak 
Zahm Peter, brick maker h michigan ab baiavia 
Zeige Charles, coirdwainer with J Hanschk 
Zimmer Jacob, lab h sycamore c spruce 
Zimmerman John, cab maker h oak bl geiiesee 
Zimmerman Joseph, lab h elm n geneaee 
Zink Frederick, rope maker majn op cath dfiureh 
Zinns Frederick, tailor h tupper w delaware 
Zinns John F. tailor h elm s batavia 
Zinns Martin, tailor h ellicott n genesee 
Zinns Peter, tailor h washingtcm s huron 
Zrid Joseph, friction match maker h sycamore w mich- 



Blatchford Daniel, h ellicott near seneca 
Camp Orrin S. with Merlin Camp 
Chadboume John S. editor and proprietor Literary Mes- 
senger, 194 main 
Clark William, painter at Kemp dz; Shadrake's 
Qobb widow, h ellicott n eagle 
Dale Richard, wh^lwright swan near alabama 
Durkee Harrison, banker 74 main 
Fry Henry, clerk 282 main 
Fulp Valentine, lab h franklin ab chippewa 
Gardinier Volkert, horse dealer at Jos Harris's 
Gardner A. M. law student at Smith & Warren's 
Hewson William, carriage maker at T S Raney's 
Knight Lydia Ann miss, teacher bd Wm Preacott's. 
Lansing Phoenix, barber under Huff's hotel 
Linchcum Brazil, barber h n division bl elm 
Smith S. C, M. D. office 2 Sidway block bd pollard 

Stedd Joseph, tailor with N B Johnson 





The Bubecribers respectfully inform the • 
Buf&lo and the travelling commuoity generally, that 
having leased the above well itnown ealabJishment for a 
tarni of years, and haying completely repaired, painted 
and le-furnished it in the beet manner, they are now 
prepared to accommodate travellers and boarders at 
prices in accordance with the times. 

Their table will at all times be furnished^with the 
choicest delicacies of the season, as well as the more 

Polite and accommodating waiters will be in attend- 
ance, and no pains will be spared on the part of the 
proprietors to render the house agreeable. 

Commodious Stables are attached to the premises, 
for the accommodation of travellers. 


For all Stages which leave Buffalo, kept as above. 

No. 226 Main st Ellicott Square. 




Agents for a Line of Steamboats and Vessels on \tMe 
Lakes ; Clinton Line and National Line on the Erie , 
Canal, ^^*w^ 

Foot of Washington street^ Buffalo, 

H. M^CoUum, Agent Clinton Line, 

113 Broad street New-Yorit. 

William Monteath, Albany. 

John Allen, Rochester. 

S. L. Meech, Agent National Line, 

9 South street, New York. 

Horace Meech, Albany. 

Rufus Meech, Rochester. 


Has on hand a general assortment of 

among which may be found 

Tea, Sngtr, Coffee, Biee, Hams, Flourj Pork, Cheese, Butter, 

LARD, SPICES, &ۥ &c. 
N. B. Also, a quantity of very old 


for medicinal uses, well worth the attention of physi- 
cians and invalids, as the article is very scarce* 


Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 



Number 172 Main street, Buffalo, 

Where may be found the most extensive, best selected^ 
and cheapest stock of fresh imported and domestic Dry. 
Goods ever offered in this market 

N. B. Country merchants are requested to give us 
a call before going east to make their purchases. 

£. Marvin, > 
P. Bennett. 5 

tj JL" 9jt ^ai^^K'oKXixxfnxxKKt 

P. L. PARSONS & 00. 



Agents for Steamboats 





Also, on Erie Canal, for the Pilot Line, Traders' 
Line, Erie Line and Ohio Line of Canal Boats, forming 
the American Transportation Company. 

The subscriber is prepared to execute every kind of 

SHIP ^ m^mE ^Amm% 

in the best style, at the corner of Main and Chippewa 
streets, Buffalo. 

ff?* Steamboat work done at short notice. 




On the Dock, fool of Wasbmgton at 

Agents for Steamboats 

CoNBTBLLATiON, Illinois, Rocbestek & Lexington. 

Also on Erie Canal, for the Merchants'^ Line, New- • 
York and Chicago Line, and Meichants' Transporta- 
tion Company. 

jnuttber 113 JCailti atreel, BulVtolo, 

Having completed their arrangements for Book Pub- 
ishing, are now prepared to contract for the publication 

on the most favorable tertns, the style and execution of 
which shall challenge competition. 

Constantly on hand, a complete assortment of Blank 
Books, which as agents for the sale of paper, they are 
able to oSer at wholesale or retail, on such terms as 
cannot fail to please. 


They are prepared to execute all orders for Bode 
Binding, Ruling and Blank Books, in the best manner, 
and with despatch. 

Hotel Registers, Shipping, Record, Mortgage and 
Deed Books, printed, ruled and bound to any style or 





(tJ**All at prices corresponding with the times, 
George Gage. William Gage. 

Rooms eorner of the Kremlin Block, No. 266 Main street, 



Continues, as for nearly two years past, at the above 
place, to give practical instruction to those desirous of 
learning to operate successfully, according to the latest 
improvements in Daguerreotype. He also furnishes ap- 
paratus of the best construction, and adapted for use in 
an ordinary room or elsewhere. Inquiries or orders by 
mail, POST paid, will meet with prompt attention. 


From 8 o'clock A. M. to 6 o'clock P. M. clear or 
cloudy weather, in the most approved style, and of su- 
perior execution. 

Particular pains taken to secure them from future 
injury, and to give entire satisfaction in every instance. 

FINGER rings. 

For sale at Number 26 Commercial street 

It is a principle which the shrewd financier holds 
most sacred, and the learned statesman will not dispute 
the policy, that when domestic enterprise shall rival the 
production of foreign countries, that it is the true policy 
and duty of every admirer of home prosperity to give 
home manufactures his preferences; therefore, the un- 
dersigned would respectfully solicit the favor of those 
persons wanting any thing in the way of Window Shade 
Curtains, or other Transparencies, Landscapes, Fire- 
boards, in Oil or water colors, or walls decorated with 
any desired design or style, to give your humble servant 
a call at his rooms in the Birckhead Buildings, Com- 
mercial street, where he is ever on hand to execute all 
orders which may be tendered him in the line of his 
profession. Prices with the times. 



(^Late the Travellers^ Home,) 
Number 83 Main street, near the Canal, Buffalo. 

f,Mi THIS well known establishment is situated 

lljll near the Steamboat and Canal boat landings — ha- 
ving undergone extensive repairs and the addition of 
the large brick block adjoining, rendering ample room 
and convenience for Boarders by the day, week, or 

Travellers will find every attention paid to their 
wants, and have themselves and baggage taken to and 
from the different boats and railroads free of expense. 

Price of board to suit the times. 

N. B. In connection with this House, is an exten- 
sive LIVERY STABLE, with the best of Horses and 

This preparation has now stood the test of several 
years' trial, and is safely recommended as a safe and 
effectual medicine for expelling WORMS from the sys- 
tem. For sale at Apothecaries' Hall, 806 Main st. 


R. HEOORHEAl^, Aaetioiieer. 

ELIJAH M. MARTIN has taken the spacious store 
No. 148 Main street, where he will be happy to receive 


}o be sold at Auction or on Commission. 
Liberal advances made on consignments if required. 


Messrs. Marvin ^ Bennett, Buffalo. 
" Field, Thompson & Co. j 
" S. Grosvenor & Co. f j^ y . 

•• Stone, Swan & Co. I ^®^" ^ ^'*- 

** Cowing, Richmond & Co. 5 

rorRrarding dc, Oammission Mereliaiits, 

Dock, west of Main street, Buffalo. 

Agents for the New- York and Buffalo Line, Erie 
Transportation Company, Merchants' and Millers' Line, 
and Phoenix Line on the Erie Canal. 




. Nos. 1 and 2 Webster Buildings, Bufialo. 

■ Bud CoDunisslon 


>r Sleamboata and Vessels on Lake 

Buffalo Xiiiia on Erie CaoaL 

HiBAH Jot, New-York. T. Jot & Co., Albui;. 



Where may be found a choice and general assort- 
ment of 


EPIBffilFTSfliaiHia^, &®n 


Buudell'i CelebnUd Camphor LonnzM, 
the only safe and effectual cure for sick headache, tow- 
nees of spirits, and all nervous diseases. They are 
mild and pleasant to the taste, and can be taken at all 
timea with perfect safety and success. Try them ! 

N, B. Physicians' prescriptions put up, and Medi- 
cine dispensed at all hours of the night 



CotmmereUU Street, SunUlo, 

Where can be found always od hand and for Bale, 
CASH, aa will convince all who may favor ua with 
a call, that we do not mean lo be UNDERSOLD by 
New-Tobe or BosTONiAK manufacturers or jobbers. 
The reputation thai Frescott'e 

BlacUnff, Intc and I.eatber Vamifh 

N. B. Every article manufactured at this establish- 
ment is warranted, and taken back and the money re- 
funded, if any paid, when goods do not fully answer 
the recommendation given. 




195 Main ttrett, Buffalo. 
M% This old established House is now open for the 
lj|| reception of Travellers and Boarders. The pro- 
prietor will spare no pains lo furnish htaBar and Table 
with the best the city affords. 

The Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern Sta- 
ges leave the house daily. 

(t?* Travellers, with their baggage, carried to and 
from the difieient Canal and Steamboats and Railroads 
fi«e of expense. 



Are now prepared to make Caflh advances on Goods 
consigned for sale. Manufacturers, merchants, and 
others, will iind from our experience in business and 
facilities, a good opportunity to dispose of Goods, of ev- 
ery description. 

N. B. Sales attended to in all parts of the county. 




L£ ROY FARNHAM, Auctioneer. 

Thos, Farnham, has taken the Store recently occu- 
pied by H. Bacon, No. 171, east side Main street, Buf- 
falo, where he is prepared to receive Goods of any de- 
scription to sell on commisBion. Liberal advances will 
be made on consignments. 


/ HoUister ds Brown, Bufialo. 

,j Coit Clark & Merrill, « 

Townsend & Coit, «* 

Curtiss, Root & Cowing, *< 

J. H. Ten Eyck, Albany. 

Robert Hunter, «« 

Comaoy Hopkins ds Co. New-York. 

No. 177 and 179 Maia street, Buffalo, 



CilMa, Pattf , Powder, Shot, Bar I.ead, Dmca, 


N. B. They keep constantly on hand a general as- 
aortment of 

Among vhtch will be found Opodeldoc, Batsman's, 
Godfrey's British and Harlffim Oils; Turlingtoa's; Bri^ 
IoI'b Sarsaparilla } Bristol's Hoiehound; Euen's Plas. 
ters, Sic &C. 

AgeaUfor fiAerman'* Lacejig», S[c. 


FoTMiIe at No. 9t ConoKmal alreeL 




W. B. & C. E. PECK, 

^ d06 MAIM STR££T, 

WilUam B. Peck, > 
Charles £. Peek. 5 







» I 

igiBti for tmmfi Jibuy ud Inffilo Fiekige Expmi. 


(I#te Cutler, White &, Co.) 


No. 6 Eliicott Square, 131 Main stieet, Bufiato, 
Have on hand as large an assortmenl of 


as is to be found west of New York city. Also, 

Mahogany, Rose and Satin Wood, 

Boards, Plank, Veneers, Copal Varnish, 

Glue, Sand Paper, Finishing Blocks, latest fashions. 


in all its branches, done at the shortest notice* 


Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Fringes, Cords and Tassels, 

constantly on hand. 
Country dealers and others, supplied on reasonable 


Auction and Commission Merchants, 

manufacturers* agents, 

And wbriewle deaierd in 
Foreign and JD0nn€Mc MH^ €tood9f 

No. 150 Main street, Buffalo. 

Liberal advances made on all Goods for actual sale. 


No. 190 Main ^reet, 

Frederidi P. SteTens, } 

Isaac V. Vanderpoel. I BUFFALO, 


Brdwage Ifcpoker JL Oommlwian Agmty 

164 Main street 

(C^ Liberal cash advances made on consigBinente of 
Produce; will purchase all kinds of uncurrent funds. 
Collections made and Drafts for sale on favorable 
terms on New-York, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, 
Milwaukie, Chicago, St Louis, New-Orleans, Mon- 
treal, and on Great Britain and Ireland. 


« < 

(Sncoessor to J. W. Orr.) 
Office, West Swan street, two doors from Main street, 

(t?* Large Job Type cut to order. 

Manufacturers of 

No. 169 Main street, Buffalo, 
(t^ Cash paid for Shipping Ftws. 


i deon flouth of the American Hotel, Ameriean fi 
* 302 Main street, BuabOo. 




Continues to manufacture and offers for sale, Fine Cut 

Cheieing, and JFine Smoking TObaceo, 


0. A. would respectfully call the attention of western 
and Canada mercluints to his manufactory, assuring 
them that they can at all times purchase their stock of 
Cut Tobacco, of a better quality, and on better terms, 
than can be bought elsewhere in the slate. Having 
been 17 years in the manufacture of Tobacco in Buflalo, 
he would refer only to that steady course to recommend 
his articles and business to those who have not before 
been purchasers. On hand at all times, 

liae Cat Chewing, Braoliiig Cut, Spacish Cnt, Cigars, and Bnnff, 


(C^ The undersigned, merchants of Buffalo, do moat 
cheerfully jecommend the above manufactory to pur- 

HoIluier&Co. 177 and ITU Mdn st.; Smith &, Htnnoa, 
CoinmereialBailduigB; John Drake, near foot MBinitreet; Wiii> 
WlUianu, 160 Mtun ■(.; Atwater, WtllUiai Sl Co., for. Prime 
■odlJoj^Bli.; Ptiyiie & NorlOD, 14 WebHer Block; H. Rutr 
& Co., 1 and 3 Wcbitei Hock; Wm. n^e, 5 Webit«r mMJk 




Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of 

381 Main st., (5 EUioott Square,) 

'' /« there any new thing under the sun ?" 



By which any lady or gentleman can effectually re- 
move from their clothes, whether of silk or the finest 
broadcloth, in three minutes' .time, without injury to ei- 
ther cloth or color, the worst spots of 

Grease, Oil, PiUhf Painii Tar, tfc. 

Is manufactured and now first offered for sale by 

No. 231 Main street, Buffalo., N.Y.- 

ft?* To those who have seen it tried, it needs no re-? 
commendation. For the benefit of those who have not, 
I append the following: 

Buffalo, Oct. 1841. 

We, the undersigned, hereby certify that we have 
witnessed the application of *^ Dresser's Chemical Re- 
no vaTino Spirit Soap," for extracting Grease, Oil, 
Paint, Tar, &c, and we believe it to be preferable 
to any thing heretofore oflered to the. public. 

Late Proprietor of the Buffklo Exchange. 

L. D. AYERS, • 
• 239 Main street^ Buffido. 

IS Br Lackqr <<.>»>», 1^ 

^thia u Todi of the Stemiboat LuidiBg, uul ten rods tJ 
the Picket bdiI line Boat Luidingi, 

muww^M.o, jf. X*. 




Exchange Buildings. Main street. 

Dub and Mo&tgaok Books printed and bound to 

PiuoDicALB, Mmic Books, and ever; description 
of old work re-bonud in the best manner. 

MUSIC PAPER on hand, or bound up to order. 


on hand, or ruled and bound to any pattern. 

BLANES of every description, including Bills of 
Lading, &&, nded and printed • 


Washington st, 5 doors above Seneca st, rear of the 

Farmers' Hotel. 



BaroBclin, Busies, 6igi, Sleighs k Gotten, te. 

which for speed, elegance and comfort, are unsurpas- 
sed in the Union. {^ Terms modbhate. 

This establishment has been long conducted in such 
a manner as to give general satisfaction, to a generous 


Washington street, in rear of the Farmers' Hotel, 




at the shortest notice. 

Horses taken at Livery, at prices to suit the times. 




PiMx$lud nery Friday, at No. 363 JKnn fttwt, BiffaU, 



executed at ehorl notice, and on reaeonable terma. 


The public is rcBpectTully infoimed that WARM 
and COLD BATHS, are ready every day at No. 819 
Main street, opposite the American Hotel. 

The bathing rooms have been refitted, and the Baths 
put lii the most perfect order. Every attention will be 
paid to those who favor the subscriber with a call, and 
every comfort and accommodatioa will be found, that 
can be sought in such an establishment 




Fine Cntlery, Chirorgical Instrmneiito and Tnuses, 

East Swan street, between Main and Washington sts. 


''Bieliard'0 himMlf acwbt!" 

The dreary Winter's past and gone, 

Now comes the joyous Spring, 
When every housewife, ricn and poor, 

Her dwelling ought to clean. 

Soon as the frost has left the walls, 

Vermin begin to lay their eggs; 
Whitewash your rooms and stop the cracks. 

Then bugs can never bite your legs. 

Then now's the time to kill the bugs, 
Shake your carpets, beat your rugs; 

Whitewash kitchens, bed-rooms, halls. 
And brush the spiders from your walls. 

Rooms whitewashed, papered, colored nice, 

R. HupD will do it in a trice; 
Patrons! you'll not think it stkanos^— 

When the work is dmie, he wants the eha^jfi^f 


North Dtotcion ttreet, 4 doort helow (kA street. 


TcrwBrding jSc CommiMdiea IHerchaiitSy 

Foot of Lloyd st, Bufialo. 


Troy and Erie Line, and Tmj and Oloo Line, on the Erie Canal, 


Gleveland, De Wftt Cliflton, Sokrt FnltDB k N^w-Eiigliiiid, 

on the Lakes. 

1842. ffiB(S)"ar (S isiBiiiB iLasriBo \uh 


Western New-Yorkj Ohio^ Mtekigan^ lUinoiSy hMana 

and WUconsin. 

J. S. Ide, Agent, Troy. 

?'h^W^us \ ^^^^y'^^ CcBnties Slip, New-York. 

Ship by the Old Line Troy Tow Boats, daily, from the 
west side of Ccenties Slip, New-York. 

(t^ Please mark packages ** Troy and Erie Line." 




No. 1 Sidway Buiiduig8» Coimnercial^ Pearl and 
Terrace street^, Bufiab. 



J. 1, CARTER & CO., Proprietors, Albany. 

T. P. Waters & Co. and E. F. Norton, Agents, 
23 Watef st., corner of Broad, New- York. 


J. I. Carter & Co., foot State street, Albany. 

H. H. Treat, Buffalo. 

George A. French, Dunkirk. 

J. Eason, Barcelona. 

J. F. Wight & Ca, Erie, Pa. 

Chard, White & Co., Cleveland, O. 

J. Rowe & Co., Portsmouth, Ohio. 

J. Fleeharty & Co., Huron, Ohio. 

H. C. Williams, Sandusky City, O. 

Peckham & Co., Toledo, Ohio. 

Pratt & Brownlee, Maumee City, O. 

Martin Wilson, Detroit, Mich. 

Dousman & Brown, Milwaukie, W. T. 

Bristol & Porter, Chicago, III. 

Sleight & Gould, Michigan City, Indiana. 

Wheeler & Porter, St. Josephs, Michigan. 


A genei*al assortment of French, English and Ger- 
man Accordions, for sale cheap, at 191 Main st. 


HARTFORD, (Cokn.) 

Thomas K. Brace, Pres't. S. L. Loomis, Sec'y. 

JOHN W. ^EALS, Agent. 
Office, 163 Main st., Buffalo. 



1842. H. H. TREAT, 1842. 



Warehouse fonnerly occupied by Einng & Co., on the 

Dock, Buffalo. 

RINGS ! RINGS ! ! RINGS 1 ! ! 

Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Garest, Amethyst, Sa- 
phire. Topaz, and Cornelian Stone Finger Rings, for 
sale cheap. CASTLE & MORRELL, 

191 Main street. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Leather, Hides, Oil, Currier's Tools, 

Number 143 Main street, Buffalo, 
(t/* Cash paid for Hides. 


Have constantly on hand a general assortment of Sil- 
ver Tea, Table, Salt, Mustard, 

Ice Cream and Cream Spoons. 

Also, Silver Soup and Gravy Ladles; silver equal 
to dollars. 

C?* Lettering done in the best style, free of expense. 

N. B. Old Gold and Silver taken in exchange. No. 
191 Main street 

For all ages, cheap, at 191 Main street, Buffalo. 

H. O. HOOD, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 


Grerman Silver Ware, Cutlery, Watches, Spoons, 
Music Boxes, Accordions, Violins, and Fancy Goods 

of various descriptions. 
Gold and Silver Spectacles, for all ages, Grold and Sil- 
ver Pencils, Watch Keys, Rings and Breast Pins, 
of the latest patterns, bought for cash very cheap, and 
for sale at the eastern prices, from 10 to 15 per cent less 
than the common prices in this section of country. 

No, 26 Commercial street. 


Watches, Jewelry, Silyer Ware, Pistols, Fine Cutlery, Hunting Knives, 

No. 191 Main street, Buffalo, N. Y. 

As good as any in th^ world, warranted; Patent Steel 
Pens, Quills, Fine Jewelry, &c. for sale wholesale and 
retail, at reduced prices, at No. 26 Commercial st. 

H. O. HOOD. . 




Manufacturers of the above articles. Hydraulics, near 
5th District School House, Seneca st 

Orders from the country thankfully and promptly atten- 
ded to. 


For sale at the lowest cash prices, at No. 26 Convneij- 

cial street. 


No. 9 Terrace Square^ opposite the Market^ 

Offers to Country Merchants and Pedlers, a large as- 
sortment- of NEW GOODS, just received, consisting of 

Broadcloths, Hardware, 

Cassimeres, Cutlery of all kinds, 

Boots and Shoes, Violins, 

Hats and Caps, Guitars, 

Clothing, Accordions, 

Bleached Sheetings, Guns, 

Brown do Pistols, 

Bleached Shirtings, Siik Handkerchiefs, 

Brown do Suspenders, 

Woollen and cotton Hose, Family Bibles, 

do do h do Hemming & Sons best dril- 

led eyed Needles, warranted. 

With a variety of FANCY GOODS, too numerous to 
mention. Also, an assortment of 

both American and English, of all patterns and prices, 
all of which have been purchased this spring, expressly 
for this market, and is now offered at a large discount 
from regular prices. 

W. K. will, as usual, sell for Cash only, and assures 
his customers that he has the cheapest stock of Goods 
in the market 

Credit customers are invited to call and save at least 
25 per cent in purchasing for cash, as goods sold on 
time pay a large profit and may be easily reduced 26 
Iter dent by cash dealers, and lose nothing by bad debts. 
Call at Cheap John^s Cash Store, and see tor yourselves. 





This preparation has been in use several years, dur- 
ing which time the demand for it has increased very 
rapidly. It is undoubtedly the best medicine sold for 
Coughs, Colds, Hooping Cough, Pain in the Breast, 
&;c. It is prepared of the Iceland Moss, (*' Lichen 
Islandicus,'') with several of the vegetable expectorals, 
and unlike most of the cough remedies, it is pleasant to 
the taste, and children may use it all times with perfect 
safety and success. 

This Confection promotes a mild ezpectoraA>n, 
soothes the cough and allays the tickling and irritation, 
which if not checked, so often leads to serious and fatal 
affections of the lungs. 

Wherever this article has been introduced, it is used 
fn preference to any other Cough Medicine, and the 
first physicians in the country use it in their practice. 
As a recommendation^ it is only necessary to refer to 
the hundreds who are daily benefitted by it 

Prepared by 


Chmnistand Apotkuaary^ 
Number 157 Main stteet, Buffalo, N* Y. 
Sold by his agents throughout the United States. 

0^ See that the pr(^rietor^s wriiten signature is at- 
tached to each wrapper. 
' (Signed) S. J. HINSDALE. 


Of difierent patterns, for sale cheap, at No» 20 ConH 

mercial street 




WMtem Tramvortation Company. 




Barnard & Card, New-York. 
Noyes & Prosser, Albany. 
Northrop & Hayward, Rochester. 
Gelston & Evans, Buffalo. 
L. Mi Hubby, Cleveland, Ohio. 


S. B. Ormsbee, No. 15 Long Wharf, Boston, Ma^s. 
Brainard, Card & Co., No. 117 Broad st NewYork. 
Noyes & Prosser, Albany. 
#Notthrop & Hayward, Rochester. 
Gelston & Evans, Buffalo. 

L. M. Hubby, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Gray & Lewis, Detroit, Michigan. 

Smith & Webster, Chicago, Illinois. 

Hitchcock dz; Co., Michigan City, Indiana. 


D. W. Clark, Pres't - William Conner, Sec'y. 

J. W. BEALS, Agent, Buffalo. 
(I7» Office, No. 163 Main street 

^tiiea anS ^wuueECca at ^^a«^• # 
Office Terrace Market, up stairs. 

At 26 Commercial street 

H. B. MYER, 

Respectfully informs his friends and 

the public, that he lias removed from 
the Kremlin Block to 215 Main street, in the Looking- 
Glass and Clock Store with Messrs. Teller. & Fernald, 
where all orders in his line will be thankfully received 
and punctually attended to. 

Clocks and Watches, of every description, carefully 
repaired, and warranted, as the subscriber will do the 
work himself entrusted to his charge, and will endeavor 
to give entire satisfaction. 

The subscriber has on hand and will be receiving 
during the season, 

Jewelry^ of every description^ 

and of the newest patterns, on commission, together 
with other Goods usually kept in his line; all of which 
will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms. 


Main street, near the Barracks. 

J. D. STfiDMAN, 
Manufacturer of 


Vegetable Bitters, Bine Writing Ink, fce. 

East Seneoa .street, opposite Crooker's Tavern, Bufialo. 

A superior article of Silver and German Silver Butter 

Knives, for sale at 

Number 26 Commercial street 

A. R. COBB & CO. 


Ijong Wharf, near Commerc^ial st. 

* Agents for New- York and Ohio; New-York; Albany 
and Michigan, and Western Navigation Company, on 
the Erie Canal — and for Steamboats and Vessels on 
the Lakes. 


All kinds of Watch Repairing done in the best man- 
ner, and warranted, at 191 Main street. 




At the junction of Pearl and Commercial streets, in the 
old Pollard Teifaperance Hall. 

N. B. Walls landscaped at the shortest notice. 


— ■ ^ r. ' '" ' ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ .■ ■ 1—- 

Have constantly on hand a |^neral assortment of 
Gold and Silver Patent Lever, Anchor, Duplex, 


. which will be warranted for time, and sold low for cash. 

Of various patterns, for «afe cheap, at 101 Main street* 



The subscribers would inform Hieir friends and the 
public, that they have opened the Pollard House as a 


where they will at all times be happy to accommodate 
those who may favof them with a call. 

During the summer months, the Saloon will always 
be supplied with Coffee, Confectionary, Ice Cream, &c. 

Good stabling, for those who come with their own 
teams, and every comfort, convenience and requisite 
that can be called for, always except alcohol in any 
shape. L. D. WEYBURN, 


{I7** The undersigned take pleasure in recommend- 
ing to their friends in the county of Erie, as well as 
abroad, the Pollard Temperance House, as an establish- 
ment every way worthy of their patronage. It is con- 
ducted on the '* total abstinence plan," and we have no 
doubt that all who resort to it will be satisfied both with 
the excellence of the fare, and the moderation of the 

G. W. Clinton, Preset Y. Men's Temp. Society. 
Clark Robinson, Preset Sailors' & Mechanics' T. Soc. 
Alex. Randall, V. Pres't Pollard Temp. Society. 
Doct C. W. Harvey, V. Pres't Young Men's T. Soc. 

A. M. Clapp, Sec'y do do do 
C. F. Butler, Sec'y Sailors' and Mech. Temp. Soc. 

B. G. Irish, Sec'y Pollard Temp. Society. 



)\Uyuietv and ^o-uiueiXot at J^aiu, 

MILWAl9klE, W. T. 




* « 

Auction ^ 4Iommi5i0ion iHerrlittut, 

Nos. 11 and 12 Ellicott Square, opposite the Banking 
House of H. R. Seyniour & Co. 

Main st, Buffalo. 

Merchandise of every description, received at his 
Ware Rooms, for Auction and private sale. He will 
make liberal advances on Goods of every description, 
deposited with him for sale, and is ready to purchase 
stocks of Goods from those wishing to sell out, at the 
shortest notice. Out door sales promptly attended to. 

J. G. Newcomb, Auctioneer. 

Rack and Pinion, and Detached Le- 
Ivers; Repeating, Lepine, Horizontal and 

Vertical watches. 

Musical Clocks, Watches, Boxes and Keys repaired 
in the most careful and workmanlike manner, at No. 26 
Commercial street, next door to the old City Hotel, by 
the canal bridge. 

N. W. A"DA^S. 

By the dozen or single pair, for sale cheap, No. 26 

Commercial street 




Long Wharf J near 8hip Canals Buffalo. 

Agents for the Rail Road Line and other Lines of 
Canal Boats on the Brie Canal. 

N. B. Liberal advances made on produce for sale 
at this place or any eastern market. * 



Clinton st.j comer of Washington stj Buffalo^ 

Continues to manufacture BLACKING nolito be out- 
shone by Day & Martin, Goslin, or any oiher made in 
the world. 

Bine, Black, Red and Indelib^ lak,* 

uilbqualled for brilliancy and durability. Purchaser^ 
are referred to the numerous certificates of the first men 
in the country in recommendation of the articles made 
at this establishment. 

(KT* Orders may be left at T. FOSTER'S, Agent, 
2^ Main stieet. 

IDCDCS^o So (S(S)£GIPV(S)S; ssmi'sisid 


Readence—Pollftid H<rafe. 









To and from the following places, viz: 

Albany, TJtica, Syracuse, Auturn, Rochester, Batavia, Loclcport, 
Bufialo^ sjoA tb«. iaterm»JLiate places. 

And in connection with the Messrs. HARNpK.t d& Co.'s Express 
Line, Boston, New- York, Philadelphia, and the inter- 
mediate places. 

And to Erie, Cleveland, Detroit, Mackinaw, Green Bay, Chi- 
cago &c. in Connection with Messrs^ Hawlrt's 
Western Express. 

Messrs. Fomeroy & Co. will promptly attend to the coUeotion 

and payment of 



Piiekue usA Sab of 6aedi ssd Piddace by lample^ 

and all other business that may be entrusted to them. 

Pomeroy & Co. will also forward daily by their Expressioes, «U 

articles entrusted to them, to Ithaca, Owego, &c. 

This line of Express connects with the steamer Simeon De Witt, 

Capt. Wilcox, at Caynga Bridge. 

POMSROT & Co. will forward all articles entrusted to them, 
to and from any of the places BMBtioaied above, and 


and the intermediate places, 


Orders left at either of the Offices or Agencies named below, 

will receive prompt attention ; and gentbmea may be 

assured that returns will be in this manner more 

speedily than in cfcy other possible way. 

€>?i^0OS^ AMD A^\Kmmm9a 

PomeR>y Sl Co. 5 Ez'ge, Albany. 
Thomas A.Smith ...Syracuse. 

A. G. Smith Auburn. 

John Fargo Oeneva. 

J. G. Shepherd.. .Canandaigua. 

David .Hoy t Rochester. 

J. A. Clark Batavia, 

Nickoson & Paine Albion, 

John M'Kenster Lockpprt. 

W. B. &C. C. Peck....Bulilo. 

Hamdea&Co. 3 Wall, N. Yorib 

" "8 Court sf.Boaion. 



Toronto. 4 



Having fitted ap two large 8 story brick buildings, 
is now prepared to acocmiinodate Families and Single 
Boarders with good rooms and board with all the dain- 
ties of the season^ in an attentive and accommodating 
manner, and on very resisonabie terms. 

N. B. Transient boarders accommodated by the 
day, week or month, with separate rooms, and every 
attention required. 




■ ■■■ ■ ' 

* Pearl street^ between Seneca street and the Terr ace f> 

adjoining the Western HoteU 

Is now prepaved to furnish^ at the shortest notice, the 
best of 

He hopes by moderate charges and an effort to please 
all Ibat may favor him with their custom, to merit a 
share of public patronage. 


N« B. Horses and Carriages taken at Livery on 
iroasonable terms, and the be^t of attention from good, 
sober and experienced ostlers. 




BlAii^ Gliths, Mill Inms, Screea Wke; Flasbu; Water Lime, iltir. 


-**BT On the Canal, BuffalO. ^ 



m^L • 

Tin, and Sheet Iron Worker, 

IFraWs Suildinffs, ConunercieU Birtei^ 


Opposite the Packet Dock, B U F FA LO . 

O* Steam and Canal Boat Work made and repaired at ahocl 
N. B. Stoves put up at the shortest notice.. 


The subscriber respectfully ioforms the public, that 
he has rented the splendid Mansion and Grounds of Dr. 
Johnson, on 

Delauirare st. above Chippeuira, 

where it is now opened as a PLEASURE GAltDEN. 

This Garden, in beauty and extefit, has probaBIy no 
rival in the State. About four acres are beautifully 
laid out in parterrers and walks, interspersed with ar- 
bors and rustic seats, and a collection of the most tplen- 
did native and~ exotic plants, adorn the whole. The 
efforts of a practical gardner have for the last seven 
years been devoted to this spot, and it has beeii 
brought to B^xigh degree of cultivation. 

Attached to the Garden is an extensive PARK, where 
shade walks and sylvan groves, agreeably interspersed 
with rustic couches, all invite fhe admiration of the 
visitor. • 


of about one third of a mile in extent has helte been 
erected for exercise and amusement. 

The Cottage abounds in spacious and airy parlors, 
where refreshments of every kind (with the single ex- 
ception of ardent spirits,) will be served up. Private 
parties can be accommodated with separate rooms if 
desired, and no pains will be spared on the part of the 
proprietor, to render this at once the most agreeable 
and fashionable summer resort in the state. 

Every fine evening the garden will be brilliantly 
lighted up, and a band of music will be in attendance to 
enliven the scene* 

Admittance to the garden 12 i cents. Season tickets 
giving free admission to the garden at all times, for a 
Gentleman and Lady, $2 50, to be had at the Garden, 

CC^ A few gentlemen with their wives, or single 
gentlemen, can be accommodated with Board, on mod- 
erate terms. 



SEASTfilf A BBOWlf, 



No. Hi Iain street, 

John Masten, > 

Moses Brown. ] mWIS?^^<S>m 

jM. B. Liberal advances on consignments. 



JlPumber 145 Main sireei^ BuffMo, 

Where are kept constantly on hand, at wholesale or 
retail, a general assortment of GUN WORK, finished 
and unfinished, viz: 

Double and single barrelled guns. 

Belt and duelling pistols, 

Pocket holster pistols. 

Cast steel uncfer cock pistols, 

Gun locks, limbs, springs and tumblers, 

Cocks, scars, tumblers, cock pins, lock vices, 

Patent breeches, break-off, triggers, plates, 

Rifle barrels, ribs, nipples, and wrenches. 

Rods, tips, loops, worms, sight ornaments. 

And Gun furniture complete. 

Percussion caps and pills, cap primers, 

Wash TD(k, wad cutters, shot belts, 

Shot chargers, powder flasks, game bags. 

Powder, snot, &c. &c. 

All kinds a[ Gun Work finished in the best manner. 



No. 118 Iain street, eorner of the Terraee, 

Printing in all its varieties, done in a style not sur- 
passed by any other establishment in the State. 



And every other article in the usual compass of the 
trade, furnished to order. 

N. B. Be particular as to ihe Number, as the sub^ 
scriber has no conoection with any other establishment 



Inform their friends and the public, that their Store 
is constantly supplied from their manufactory, with a 
large and full assortment of CANDY of various kinds, 


Dealers supplied on reasonable terms. Every thing 
usually kept at Confectioners, can be found at this es*- 
tablishmenty and as. cheap as at any store west of New- 


Wholeid* ftnd retail dealer in Totdg^ and DoAeatie 

Wo, 160 SEaiit ft. Biatal#« 

Wholesale and retail dealer in 


Paints, Oils, aiass, 

jn»> 930 JBTcrtn «(.« comer or Swattt 


French and American Paper Hangings, Borders^ 
Pire Board Prints, &c., in great variety, constantly on 



The subscriber having opened a Recess on Main st 
under the Farmers' Hotel, would suggest to the citizens 
of Bnflklo, that their convenience and comfort would be 
fully consulted by calling at his establishment He will 
veEturc to promise every variety of game, poultry, pas- 
try, &c. dressed according to any mode his customers 
may require, American, French or English. 

The best Oysters are always to be found at his es- 
tablishment, and his Cigars possess a fragrance seldom 
to be found. 

Two excellent Ball Alleys are always open to benefit 
the health of his isustomers, to sharpen their appetites, 
and to brace their nerves. 


Near foot of Main street, JBufTMo^ Jlf\ W\ 

(E7^ Repairing done on the shortest notice. 



Additions of Names, - - - - • 991 

Bouadaries of the City WaMis, • * • 17 
Banks, - - - -'- - -28. 

Baffalo, its History, -.-..- 7 

Canal, amount of tolls collected, • - - IS 

" number of boats cleared, - - - ** 
Courts, -------45 

Churches, - - - - - • 49 

Canada, duty on imports, - - . - ^61 

Counting-House Calendar, for 1892, - - - tW *^ 

«* " " for 1843, - - - 2t» 

City officers, list of, - - - - - 18 

Dispensary, -..-.- 37 

Explanations, - - . - . 76 

Fire Department, ----- 3^ 

Freight lines and Agents (Erie Canal) - • 63 

Insurance Companies, ----- 29 

Justices of the Peace in Erie county, - - 26 

Meditations, ------ 5 

MiUtary, U. S. 57 

*' U. S. Topographical Engfteers, - - '< 
** N. Y. S. - - ^ - - 58, 59, 60 

Newspapers and Periodicals, . - - - - 47 

Names, residence and occupation, - . - - 77 to 220 

Officers, under the city charted, - - - - 18 

" State and county, - - - - 20 

«* U. S. Revenue, &c. - - *' - - 22 

" " Naval, - • - - - «' 

Opening of lake navigation,' - • - - 12 

Pre&ce, ---..- 3 

Post offices and postmasters in Erie county, • - 23 

Post office, &c. in Buffalo, - - . - 24 

Population, - - - - - - I 

Receivers o#Bai|^, - - - -' 28 

* Railroad companies, - • > > • ■ 30 


.Stcambcnte^ list of, ■ 

' " comparatiTe nambei of urivtU, 

SlneU, lUl of, 

Snpervimrs and Town Clerks, names of^ 
Schools, public and privale, - 
" teachers, - 
High Bchool Awociation, - 
ieties — RetigiouB, 


Orphan Asylnm, 

Erie county Aericultaral, 

" Medical, 


Saint Andrewe', - 
Temperance, - . • . 

Toung Men's Association, 
L O. of O. r., - 

Towns of Ei*e coooty, names of, 
n^tapikr. uid Road Companies, _